ACC Tournament

Only Tar Heels survive Triangle trifecta at ACC Tournament

Posted March 10, 2012

NC State fans watch at Sammy's

— Fans all along Tobacco Road had something to cheer about Saturday as the three Triangle college basketball teams earned spots in the semifinals of the 2012 ACC Men's Basketball Tournament.

Inside Philips Arena in Atlanta, the noise was deafening. Each team's fan base was well represented. Game-day attire ranged from team T-shirts to wacky wigs and full-on face paint. Hickory NC, Feb. 10, 2012 Triangle fans show their colors

"I came down here with my 'Beat UNC' shirt because I had a feeling we'd be playing today, so we're ready," said Chandler Thompson, student body president at North Carolina State University.

The Wolfpack fell just two points short against the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 69-67.

"It was knee-knocking. It was teeth-shattering. It was on the edge of your seat, but we pulled it out. It's amazing," said Carolina fan Brooke Pitt.

In the second game of the day, Duke University played Florida State. In another close finish, the Seminoles sent the Blue Devils home, 62-59.

"It was close. We tried. We'll get them in March Madness," said Sidney Stockton, a Duke fan who made the trip from Raleigh.

While the Blue Devils' 27-6 regular season record all but guarantees a spot in the NCAA Tournament field to be announced Sunday, State fan Carnell Smith has hopes his team's season will continue as well. "The disappointment will get eased tomorrow when we get our tourney bid," he said.

Florida State's win pits the Seminoles against UNC on Sunday for the ACC Championship. That game begins at 1 p.m. on WRAL-TV.


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  • jdupree Mar 12, 9:03 a.m.

    Late news, the baby blue patient died on the way to the championship! They need a better coach!

  • Elem-Teach Mar 11, 10:06 a.m.

    Well one thing for sure, there's must have been pizzed Karl Hess wasn't there, because they sure took it out on state! And no I am NOT A STATE FAN!!

  • jam3 Mar 11, 9:38 a.m.

    Crow today tarheels and cry tommorrow...Go Noles..

    — Posted by 3forme

    explain just how the tarheels would be eating crow? even IF they lose State has NOTHING to do... View More

    — Posted by ugottabkiddinme

    What about the two fouls on Leslie 30 seconds apart. Neither was a foul and the foul called on Wood when Barnes jumps backwards to shoot. The refs bailed UNC out. Plain and Simple! It's been going on for years. Next year we'll be beating you guys by 30 points, so they can't rip us again. Go Noles.

  • CarolinaTim Mar 11, 9:20 a.m.

    Crow today tarheels and cry tommorrow...Go Noles..

    — Posted by 3forme

    Confucius say-Better to cry tomorrow than to cry today.

  • ugottabkiddinme Mar 11, 9:04 a.m.

    Crow today tarheels and cry tommorrow...Go Noles..

    — Posted by 3forme

    explain just how the tarheels would be eating crow? even IF they lose State has NOTHING to do with it FSU is actually a good team that doesn't whine after every single call, good or bad.
    3 reasons state lost yesterday...1. YOUR great coach didn't take out his key player when he picked up his 4th foul, POOR coaching, even he admits to it. 2. State had the ball with 42 secs and a tie ballgame and just threw it away. and 3. had ANOTHER chance to tie it with 5 secs to go BUT your hero Woods throws the ball away AGAIN.....SO please look at you teams poor execution at the end of the game and stop whining about the REFS

  • bubbba Mar 11, 5:55 a.m.

    Geeesh it's no wonder why we idolize sports figures, pay them ridiculous amounts of money, and treat them like kings. It's only a game people. While I would have preferred State to win, I will be pulling for Carolina in the tourney if they make it to the final brackets. Refs. are just people doing a hard job. Would have been a great win for any team. Go ACC!

  • 3forme Mar 11, 1:28 a.m.

    Crow today tarheels and cry tommorrow...Go Noles..

  • CarolinaTim Mar 11, 12:43 a.m.

    Lots of call that I didn't like that went against the Heels, especially if someone looked at Leslie wrong BUT the last two no calls were at the end of the game and no time to recover. I understand the frustration of the Pack fans...specially after the foul-a-thon in the 2nd half against Duke. When I feel we are on the short end of the ref stick I tell myself that we shouldn't have let it be so close that one or two no call cost us the did have a 7 point lead. Just saying.

  • drma1975 Mar 10, 11:38 p.m.

    State fans are quick to call out the refs on the last few minutes. How about calling out your players for folding and turning the ball over twice in those same few minutes!

  • rdl73162 Mar 10, 11:26 p.m.

    a lot of menstrual red colic babies today




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