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DePaul Blue Demons vs. Marquette Golden Eagles
Officials:  John Gaffney, Michael Stephens, Mike Nance Attendance:  15194
DeJuan Marrero5010000101110000
Cleveland Melvin3581558121123203022
Sandi Marcius11030000314050000
Billy Garrett Jr.2741427000332514010
Brandon Young34090301033722300
Tommy Hamilton IV6000000000040100
Edwind McGhee1000000000000000
Forrest Robinson11241300000130005
Durrell McDonald20352211213311219
Peter Ryckbosch22110000101030002
Charles McKinney17330000112010106
Greg Sequele11120000101011102
TEAM TOTALS20022571023241214261728516156
PERCENTAGESFG: 38.6%3PT: 43.5%FT: 50%  TOTAL TO: 16
Jamil Wilson313701893474416214
Juan Anderson10000000000100100
Davante Gardner359140010113361301028
Chris Otule16130022347110334
Jake Thomas36262500044122106
Todd Mayo294512120442121010
Derrick Wilson31010026112321202
Deonte Burton12130001011233222
TEAM TOTALS20020393823311022321516917766
PERCENTAGESFG: 51.3%3PT: 37.5%FT: 74.2%  TOTAL TO: 17
TECHNICALS: DePaul 0, Marquette 0

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