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Old Dominion Monarchs vs. UCF Knights
Old Dominion223153
Officials:  Bill Covington, James Luckie, Steve Pyatt Attendance:  4621
Chris Cooper220100002810250120
Nick Wright26170022325030204
Trian Iliadis26070500011221100
Marquel De Lancey25361122314302409
Kent Bazemore3251529470332412016
Dimitri Batten2451214122350310012
Donte Hill18270222213030106
Nayquann Mitchell10000000011100000
Richard Ross14340000202150126
Anton Larsen3000000000010100
TEAM TOTALS200195942111151621371126513453
PERCENTAGESFG: 32.2%3PT: 19%FT: 73.3%  TOTAL TO: 13
P.J. Gaynor20130124022040104
Keith Clanton36814334879161021423
Josh Crittle12030000101030000
Marcus Jordan3838249120444105017
Isaiah Sykes15130012011050203
Rod Days3000000000100000
Tristan Spurlock26252322044220218
Dwight McCombs23330001011020226
Jeff Jordan25010102011412100
Kasey Wilson2000000000000100
TEAM TOTALS20018407121831926351218415761
PERCENTAGESFG: 45%3PT: 58.3%FT: 58.1%  TOTAL TO: 15
TECHNICALS: Old Dominion 0, UCF 0

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