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McAdoo: 'We were all done wrong in this process'

Posted September 7, 2011
Updated September 8, 2011

— The University of North Carolina has asked a judge to dismiss a lawsuit filed by former football player Michael McAdoo.

The school and Chancellor Holden Thorp filed papers in Durham Superior Court on Tuesday asking that the lawsuit be dropped, contending that McAdoo is ineligible to return to the Tar Heels because he signed a contract with the Baltimore Ravens.

A hearing is scheduled for Oct. 11.

McAdoo sued July 1, after the NCAA ruled him permanently ineligible to play college sports.

Asked Wednesday about the suit, McAdoo said, "I feel I was done wrong. I should go on with this."

Listen to the entire Michael McAdoo interview with Mark and Mike, The Insiders, on 620 The Buzz

McAdoo also said North Carolina mistreated former defensive coordinator John Blake.

"I feel like he was done wrong as well. What he went through, I just feel like he was done wrong," he said. "We were all done wrong in this process."

McAdoo's lawyer, Noah Huffstetler III, says he is not surprised by the request. Huffstetler has said McAdoo was found guilty of only one of three violations reported to the NCAA.

Last week, one of McAdoo's former professors, Julius Nyang'oro, resigned as chairman of the Department of African and Afro-American Studies amid a UNC investigation into "possible irregularities with courses that included undergraduate students."

Nyang'oro taught a class in which McAdoo wrote a research paper that later led to accusations of plagiarism.

McAdoo, who spoke with The Insiders on 620 the Buzz Wednesday, said he's done his best to put the situation at North Carolina behind him. 

"Everything is behind me now," he said. "I'm just looking down a narrow path and not looking back."


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  • cussmikemeout Sep 8, 2011

    On one last thing. What it's like to be a student athlete.

  • cussmikemeout Sep 8, 2011

    View quoted thread

    me too.

  • Objective Scientist Sep 8, 2011

    View quoted thread

    cussmikemeout... I'm not sure you've read any of my posts thoroughly. It is either that or I did a very poor job of expressing my thoughts... perhaps that is it. Nevertheless... if collegiate football and men's basketball continue down the road it is now going, I will cease to be a "fan". I'm not going to watch and/or support a team "representing" my University that is largely not students in any sense of the word.

    But, regarding this discussion... I'm done.

  • cussmikemeout Sep 8, 2011

    If there are professors at UNC that think Kenan Stadium should be torn down, the they should be fired. You don't really think that applying standard as you say, will go nation wide. People love their college football. Your firm stance that all athletes must be student athletes won't happen. If it does we will be at the bottom of the ACC each year, which will not make a lot of people making their contributions very happy. I am very familiar with what football players are. Most of them are strong, violent young men. They are not even the C student you would claim should exist at UNC. That model you suggest can't be successful. UNC will be bottom hugger in a football league of teams that are playing at a different level than UNC. The model you mentioned will not work. Show me where it has. The Ivy League? Give me an example where it has worked? What you are proposing will destroy football at UNC. Maybe that's what some of the professors would like. I know it would make the Wolfpack happy. Maybe the "tipping point" for Butch was Thorpe wanting a fall guy for his own inadequacies. The players know the deal, too bad some of the fans and professors don't.

  • Objective Scientist Sep 8, 2011

    View quoted thread

    I'm NOT suggesting we "return to the 50's". I highly respect W. Friday for many reasons and value highly his thoughts and ideas, but would not agree 100% with everything he says. I thought I clearly stated that I was NOT suggesting that UNC go it alone with setting and applying standards. In ALL of my posts on this and related topics I have continually said that the application of standards must be nationwide... for all Universities. I have no problem with legitimately "helping" athletes by providing tutors and other academic support services... to a point. If a University has to hire someone to follow some athletes around each day to insure they actually attend class - and THAT IS BEING DONE - those athletes, who obviously lack motivation to be a student, should NOT have been admitted. You suggest that there is a "line of athletics and academics"... I'd suggest there are actually 3 "lines" - academics, football and men's basketball, and all other sports. Our "issues" are primarily, virtually all, with football and men's basketball. I agree that success for both is important to all Universities, but my very firm stance is that ALL athletes MUST legitimately be true STUDENT-athletes... note the order of those two words and the capital letters for one. And we can have successful, competitive, skilled and entertaining performances from our football and basketball players that we would have even if some of the truly academic deficient athletes were not admitted. THAT model can be "successful"!!! And... it is likely that if that model were in place and the clear message to the high school athlete is that if you can't cut it academically... you are not admitted - we'd likely begin to see more academically motivated high school athletes. Nothing personal against Butch... but I believe that a true "tipping point", enough negatives had accumulated, at the time of his firing that there was no other choice... he had to go.

  • gaineycarlton Sep 8, 2011

    View quoted thread

    i'm sure there are more beans to spill.. and this dig by unc might prevoke some spillage.

  • cussmikemeout Sep 8, 2011

    There is no actual belief that returning to the 50's is an option. W. Friday's era is over. There's no real reason to think that we will be on an equal playing field with any other university, if we incorporate what you are asking for. These player that are you listed as C types,or less will go to another university and play. If we can help them achieve there goal, then we are better off than having them go to another university who may not give them the support of UNC. I guess there is a line of athletics and academics. I think we have to remember that success for both are important. Butch did the best he could with staying within that narrow margin. In my opinion UNC turned their backs and accepted pressure from media and outside sources, rather than supporting him until proven otherwise.

  • Objective Scientist Sep 8, 2011

    View quoted thread

    cussmikemeout.. I do NOT suggest that UNC be the "Lone Ranger" and go this alone. If UNC instituted the changes and applied standards that no one else would apply - UNC would be at a great disadvantage. What I propose is that ALL Universities simultaneously apply the SAME standards. I recognize that some "professors" on the UNC campus would have no problem with Kenan being demolished and a parking deck built in its place.. or a classroom/research lab building... just as there are similar professors of the same ilk on all University campuses. I AM NOT IN THAT GROUP!!! And professors who think that way are very much in the minority! I agree with you that what has gone on at UNC could and likely does go on in other Universities. I agree that in many high schools students are "allowed" to get away with what you describe as "cut and paste" plagiarism. BUT - I have NEVER been one to tolerate something that is "not right" simply because EVERYONE ELSE IS DOING IT! And I make NO apologies for my value system that includes the notion that if you are going to do something - DO IT RIGHT!!! I am NOT willing to say simply "we love our football" and that love is so great that I'm willing to "tolerate" any compromise to academic standards. I agree with you that an expectation that all athletes should be expected to be the proverbial "rocket scientist" is unreasonable... we don't have that expectation of non-athlete students. We know we can and do have students graduate with what was once known as the "gentleman's 'C'" average. I have no greater expectation of an athlete.. but the athlete, when admitted, must have the academic capability that gives him a reasonable chance at making the "C". Some athletes being admitted DO NOT have that capability and the ONLY thing they want to do is "play ball". I'm not willing to turn our football and basketball programs into something not consistent with the tenants and purpose of higher education.

  • FAN72 Sep 8, 2011

    View quoted thread

    Not to be picky, but I think you meant a very small minority...not a very small majority.

    Is McAdoo's statement a threat to spill the beans like Austin threatened to do? I presume there are no other beans to be spilled.

  • TAGS Sep 8, 2011

    Mr.McAdoo is CORRECT! And Butch Davis is NOT the cause of the problems!

    Before Butch Davis, the UNC football program provided winning seasons, occasional bowls, and a reason for ALUM to come to Chapel Hill for the weekend before basketball season.

    Then they decided they wanted to be to the level of an SEC school in football. Butch did exactly that. He went out and got the recruits that it takes to reach that level. Problem is, the UNC elite wanted them to be "Alabama" on Saturday and "Harvard" the rest of the week.

    For years, UNC and Duke has "look down their noses" at the likes of FSU, Miami, and others, for being "s." And even NC State and other ACC schools for doing it the wrong way. "They're winning, but look at the kind of players they have to recruit to do that. But WE, win AND we do it the RIGHT way."

    Well now, they think they can fire Butch and seemingly deem it as "it only happened during Butch's era." Well, the professor who fixed the grades and taught the class has been around much longer than Butch. Butch just said that he would get the players there, it was someone else's job to make sure they qualify. The UNC alum are afraid this may touch their beloved basketball program too, which many of them were taught by the same professor.

    I understand that it goes on every where. Duke too (do you think ANY of the basketball players could qualify academically to be admitted if they couldn't play basketball--NO!).

    UNC, you have been doing it the same way you have accused others....and now, YOU GOT CAUGHT!! So now, you can't sit back point your fingers at everyone else.

    That's my whole "heart-burn" with the whole situation. I know everyone does it, it's just now, even though they got caught, the UNC elite still want to claim, "we've won,and won the RIGHT way."

    Well....the evidence points out something entirely different.




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