NC senate proposes strict sports agent laws

Posted June 8, 2011
Updated June 9, 2011

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— A bill advanced unanimously in the Senate Wednesday that aims at curbing improprieties by sports agents in their relationships with college athletes.

The Bill, initially filed on March 3 and sponsored by Sen. Charlie Dannelly (D), calls for sports agents to file for an application in North Carolina, keep extensive records, make those records available to the Secretary of State and refrain from providing benefits to their representing athletes.

The initiation of the bill, Senate Bill 224, stems from an ongoing investigation with the University of North Carolina, part of which involved an NFL agent and a then-player with the school.

Former UNC assistant coach John Blake resigned on Sept. 6 after he and the University met and felt he was becoming a distraction. It was revealed that the investigation into the football program, that began on June 12, had begun to focus on him and his relationship with California based agent Gary Wichard.

After being notified of the investigation involving UNC's football program, Secretary of State Elaine Marshall launched an investigation of her own looking into athletic agents across the state. That investigation, which began July, 22, did not focus on any particular school, but rather the climate of agents in the state as a whole.

In addition to the application and records keeping processes that include notarized contracts be provided to the Secretary of State, the Bill calls for $100,000 be paid by the agent and kept by the state for as long as the agent is registered in North Carolina.

The agent will pay $50,000 in the first year, and $25,000 in each of the second and third years of being an active agent in the state. The bond will be used to satisfy any financial punishments an educational institution  is held accountable for due to transgressions by the agent.

Agents also would have to keep five years worth of documents that record all communications between the agent and athletes.

The Secretary of State may issue civil penalties against any agent found to be in violation of any part of the Bill. The penalties may be no less than $10,000 and may not exceed $25,000. Further relief within the realm of the law may also used to ensure the articles of the Bill are upheld.

The measure now goes to the House where, if passed, it will continue to the desk of the Governor. If passed in time, the act will go into effect December 1, 2011.


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  • devildj Jun 10, 2011

    Agents? Which kind? At unx , ya gotta be more specific. DEA or NCAA? unx mentality = lose-at-all-costs. At least when the fball factory schools cheat , they win. Of course , they don't get to throw "Beat Duke" parades or stomp inflatable helmets either. Given that Duke has MORE ACC fball titles and a more RECENT one than UNcLV does ( more NFL and collegiate fball HoF'ers too )I'd think twice about bashing Duke. Heck , at least il now ) Duke hasn't been trying. They had a reason to stink. What was unx's?

  • GhostofSmitty Jun 9, 2011

    View quoted thread

    Is it legit because it is a state supported school, sure. Does the RBC center get some state money? More than likely. Since the Smith Center is used for quite a few sports other than football, wait, it's not used for football, and it is also used for other student activities why would defunding the Smith Center be so important to the football team. Oh, I get it, you want to punish all the sports no matter what and the entire university. Rage on man. Last question, link please?

  • Riddickfield Jun 9, 2011

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    It comes from the taxpayers... to the tune of a $million a year.

  • GhostofSmitty Jun 9, 2011

    View quoted thread

    Never said that bath house boy. Read some before sticking your foot in your mouth. This is a story written by WRAL about the legislation and we are commenting on it. Get a clue. I have freely admitted UNCs transgressions so your post is really off. Watch that Blue Devil Rage, it can really cause you to overheat.

  • GhostofSmitty Jun 9, 2011

    Pointless post. Has the heat gotten to you? I've manned up and taken my responsibilty as a Tar Heel fan and have stood the post. His comment about every other program in the state being clean was very head in the sandish.

  • GhostofSmitty Jun 9, 2011

    My point is your post indicates if UNC had not had the tutor/Blake/Southbeach Agent Fling all would be well. Boy, I'll bet USC and OSU would love to hear it's all the Tar Heels fault. Thus, head in sand by your comment because it is so ridiculously misleading. Blaming everything on the Tar Heels is just another form Rage, that would be Blue Devil Rage. Yep, UNC and NCAA investigators have become closer than anyone would want. Kind of like meeting with the IRS, you just have to deal with it.

  • Ken D. Jun 9, 2011

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    Actually, he is correct, in that while donations were used to build the Dean Dome (with leftover money building the natatorium), the Ram's Club was smart enough to immediately donate the building to UNC, saddling them with the annual cost of maintaining it. I'm not sure if the money for maintenance comes from general revenues, or whether it comes from athletic department profits.

  • cussmeoutmike Jun 9, 2011

    You and I know this is not going to happen. College football is competitive and all colleges want to be competitive in football. All fans want their teams to be winners. What most of them won't admit is, but has to be happening is they to are taking gifts also. The number of schools and the number of investigators makes this a NCAA crime that is so hard to enforce. The best college players aren't going to be from the best socieconomic back ground, and the agents know this. It's nice to be able to discuss this in an intelligent way. However, the haters will always jump in to try and hijack any intelligent conversation. TBK, I know you are and intelligent man. You maybe even an instructor at NCState, but you have some serious psychological problems. Go see someone about your hate and obsession, before it's too late.

  • BeastOnTheHill Jun 9, 2011

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    what are you talking about, the Dean E Smith Center was built entirly on donations. No tax $'s.

  • Objective Scientist Jun 9, 2011

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    "The only way would be to recruit players that are going for just the purpose of being students, or that aren't talented enough to be NFL players."

    This has to be part of the solution! STOP RECRUITING those players who are only - ONLY - enrolling in a college for the express purpose of "playing ball"!!! STOP RECRUITING those players who are attending and playing at the college level only because it is, for all practical purpose, a requirement to advance to the NFL... or in the case of basketball, a means to continue to get instruction/coaching, additional playing experience, have everything "paid for", and be treated like royalty until they are "NBA eligible".

    Bottom line... institutions of higher education are primarily institutions for the latter word in the term - EDUCATION. They do NOT exist to prepare athletes for a higher draft position or a bigger paycheck in the NFL/NBA. Just because a kid coming out of high school can run, jump, kick, pass, shoot, dribble, block, tackle, etc., etc. better than most - does NOT mean he is "entitled to" or has a "right" to take up a seat in a college classroom. To "reserve" that seat for an athlete who is using college ONLY to advance to and/or increase their draft position and paycheck in the NFL/NBA and who care little or NOTHING about being a student - that is the real travesty in this situation. Such individuals have NO business being in college, and our Universities should NOT admit them!!!




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