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Decade removed, Thomas cracks 5-second 40

Posted February 21, 2013

— Eleven years removed from retirement from the NFL, former NC State tight end Mark Thomas felt like he still had enough in the tank to run a sub-5 second 40. Turns out he did - barely.

After a morning of hype, a good stretch and then a pep talk from Duke head coach David Cutcliffe, Thomas hit the starting line the on Pascal Field House turf at Duke University.

Wearing the same combine T-shirt and shorts - if they were even that long - Thomas ran with the grace of a man that had not worked out in a decade. When he crossed the line, there was Cutcliffe with the stopwatch in hand revealing the time.

4.97 seconds.

It was not the 4.6 he turned in back in 1998, but suffice it to say the emotion after the fact was real. The pain tomorrow will be real too.

Mark Thomas clocks in at 4.97 seconds Mark Thomas clocks in at 4.97 seconds


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  • StunGunn Feb 21, 2013

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    Yes it IS impressive. I didn't think he could do it. As for their "sprint", I wish it was from 10 - 12, so we could have more local sports instead of ESPN national sports news. Oh, and FM, not AM.

  • gkgreene Feb 21, 2013

    40 feet in 5 seconds pretty impressive.

    Coach Cutcliff must have behaived like the home team clock operator when home team is behind at end of the game - start late and stop early.

    Actually congrats - sure do wish you two morning guys would sprint to a late afternoon broadcast

  • StunGunn Feb 21, 2013

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    That's a GREAT idea, and I bet it could happen. The TV and radio personalities were on Brain Game last year. I think if you email WRAL, they might go for it as they are very active in giving back to the community.

  • StunGunn Feb 21, 2013

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    You mean the ones that get lighter with each rep?

  • hkwilcox Feb 21, 2013

    Where's the video?

  • Frizz Feb 21, 2013

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    My fear is that he'll talk about the Big 10, or Big 14, or Big Whatever. And I care less about the Big Whatever than I do about Maryland (if that's possible).

    If somebody wants to make all this into a fundraiser, how 'bout have a produce company donate rotten fruits and vegetables, then charge lots of money to throw the rotten fruits and veggies at Adam as he runs the 40?

  • Barely Feb 21, 2013

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    What will Adam talk about once we have no reason to care about Maryland (as if we had a reason before)?

  • dbretz Feb 21, 2013

    Would have loved to have seen this morph into something for charity involving all the on air personalities. Fun stuff, though, and good for Mark for pulling it off.

  • Zaknow Feb 21, 2013


  • Frizz Feb 21, 2013

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    I'd give a 100 bucks to see Adam Gold go away!




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