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Devil's AdvocateDevil's Advocate

Calling all Cameron Crazies and fans of the Duke blue persuasion. We have a forum for you. And we expect you to show your true colors and team spirit, unlike the whine and cheese crowd a few miles down the road.

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Myles Turner by BlueDeviIs00 Nov 19, 2013 32 1926 Last post by Whistling Dixie Apr 3, 2014
Marquette targeting Duke assistant Steve Wojciechowski by 903 Free Paul Frampton 2 Mar 30, 2014 29 1010 Last post by JamesRamBond Apr 3, 2014
I am ashamed: GM bankruptcy and deaths happened under watch of Duke grad Rick Wagoner who is still on the board of trustees by moduke Apr 1, 2014 6 415 Last post by Guitarzan Apr 2, 2014
Grayson Allen - Perfect score in McD's AA Dunk Contest by 903 Free Paul Frampton 2 Mar 31, 2014 10 671 Last post by ClassyTarHeel Apr 1, 2014
Coach K visits Mercer locker room by 903 Free Paul Frampton 2 Mar 22, 2014 31 975 Last post by RaginCajunNCSU Apr 1, 2014
the Duke pep band and cheer leaders have been ask to bring the victory bell to wilmington Azalea festival by bluedukefan Mar 30, 2014 3 291 Last post by ClassyTarHeel Apr 1, 2014
Kentucky's Calipari does more with highest rated recruits than coach k. by Mary is a liar Mar 29, 2014 14 585 Last post by unbiasedaccfan Mar 31, 2014
UVa Fan Bluffed His Way Into The Huddle At The ACC Title Game by 903 Free Paul Frampton 2 Mar 30, 2014 3 358 Last post by JamesRamBond Mar 30, 2014
Tommy Amaker Update by 903 mens national championships Mar 11, 2013 37 3406 Last post by 903 Free Paul Frampton 2 Mar 30, 2014
Congrats Grant!!! by kato_karma3.5 Mar 25, 2014 3 286 Last post by kato_karma3.5 Mar 28, 2014
This one if for markie by heelraiser3 Mar 27, 2014 5 319 Last post by heelraiser3 Mar 28, 2014
Okafor says two years possible at Dook by sportznutv2.11 Mar 26, 2014 13 625 Last post by TTCP Mar 27, 2014
Jimmy Fallon -Dook by sportznutv2.11 Mar 26, 2014 6 530 Last post by Guitarzan Mar 27, 2014
Looking at national TV last night I learned where the students at unc are having trouble with their Dr. Seuss books so I thought it would be a very nice jester if we take some time out and try and help these students to read before graduation. At least read their diploma. by bluedukefan Mar 26, 2014 6 306 Last post by ClassyTarHeel Mar 26, 2014
Chicago Tribune article "Two Words to Jabari Parker - Get out!" - dude dogs Coach K by sportznutv2.11 Mar 25, 2014 6 511 Last post by BB5 Mar 26, 2014

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