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  • eYore Oct 31, 2013


    Go Donkey!

  • unc4realz Oct 30, 2013

    Oh LEHIGH!....

    Every time you try to scootch on down the page we're gonna scootch ya right back to the top!!

    Scootchie Scootchie!! heeheehee

  • unc4realz Oct 29, 2013

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    I'll forever have a warm place in my heart for those scrappy lads.

  • kato_karma2.6 Oct 29, 2013

    The Lehigh men's basketball team continues to progress as a young squad looks to gel leading into the season opener on Nov. 9 at Minnesota. Seven of the 15 players on the Mountain Hawks' roster are newcomers, but a talented and diverse group looks to fill the holes left by a senior class that combined for nearly 5,000 career points and 2,000 rebounds.

  • abcershateme Oct 27, 2013

    vt now knows how dook felt.

  • unc4realz Oct 27, 2013


  • abcershateme Oct 26, 2013

    got to get to 145coachK

  • unc4realz Oct 26, 2013

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    It just keeps going. WRAL must be lovin' them some Lehigh. I know I am!
    heee heee heee heeee heeee heeeee heeeeee!

  • unc4realz Oct 24, 2013

    heeheehee! We've just passed 144,000 views!! (Hurtful, painful ones for some!) heeheehee

  • BluedevilLIFER Oct 23, 2013

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    Wow, I guess since things aren't going to well over at Cheater Hill you are obsessed with trying to bring everyone else down to your level.

  • tarheelfan41 Oct 23, 2013

    This thread will still be first page when your grandkids retire!


  • UNCTaproot Oct 22, 2013

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    How about dook looking for win #2 This Century against the Flagship.

    Not going to be this year, unfortunately for "EWE".


    Matt Do-boy's 8-20 will always be saying hi from a distance but to hole fans it can always be heard!!!!!!!!!!

  • 903 Oct 17th and 1 win Oct 22, 2013
    All Star

    UNC looking for win #2...

  • UNCTaproot Oct 21, 2013

    >903 living in mom's basement
    >903 trolling the Daily Tar Heel for Flagship U. tidbits
    >903 Fighting Terrorism
    >Lee saying Hi
    >24 > 14

  • 903 Oct 17th and 1 win Oct 21, 2013
    All Star

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    for all eternityAnd the way things have gone and continue going since that game, that's all UNC fans will have to celebrate for all eternity...

  • RomeoJonez Oct 21, 2013

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    Just like Weber State says hi from 99' lol

  • UNCTaproot Oct 21, 2013

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    Oh Lee will be saying Hi for all eternity.

    Don't you fret about that LOL

  • erob1967 Oct 21, 2013

    kind of clinging to the Lehigh thing for a long time-- must mean that is all ya got!! SAD

  • fouroaksboys Oct 20, 2013
    All Star


  • UNCTaproot Oct 20, 2013

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    Aint she a beaut?

    WRAL.COM apparently thinks so.

    Heee heee he he he he he he he eeeeee!

  • tarheelfan41 Oct 19, 2013

    Great topic.

  • UNCTaproot Oct 19, 2013

    Wonder if The Swoff is working already to put Lehigh back in dook's bracket for the upcoming tournament?

    Or will dook flameout (again) before they even get the chance for a rematch?


  • Prof. Swahili Oct 17, 2013
    Sports Legend

    So what if Miami spanked our tail tonight, we've still got LEHIGH!!!!!

  • uncpwnsyou Oct 16, 2013

    Wow 143,000 hurtful, painful, remindful views.

    Just in time for basketball season LOL

  • katokarma2.5 Oct 15, 2013

    Be on the lookout, Lehigh...

    the hurt you inflicted on those dookies runs deep -- real deep.


  • uncpwnsyou Oct 15, 2013

    Still pushing to 150,000 views...heh...shouldn't be long now.

  • uncpwnsyou Oct 14, 2013

    Dookies so hoped this thread would just fade away into the background...

    (They thought wrong. LOL)

  • uncpwnsyou Oct 12, 2013

    Too valuable to let this thread slip to page 2.

  • abckiller Oct 7, 2013

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    thanks for the bump.

  • kmorrevenge Oct 7, 2013
    All Star

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    and the first thing on your mind of a new work week is Duke.....awesome!!!

  • abckiller Oct 7, 2013

    love to see the topic lehigh on the forum list to start off the work week.

  • Prof. Swahili Oct 6, 2013
    Sports Legend

    If LEHIGH could only beat dook again this year. That would be the best thing to happen to us since the Durham DA chose to not fingerprint PJ's gun, average out the drugs, and drop the no drivers license charge.

    GO LEHIGH!!!!!

  • kato_karma2.4 Oct 6, 2013

    The Lehigh men's basketball team kicked off preseason practice on Friday, beginning preparation for its season opener at Minnesota in five weeks. It marked the program's first-ever September practice as the Mountain Hawks are taking advantage of a new NCAA rule allowing teams around the country to begin earlier than previous years.

    "I'm really excited to start off the year," said Brett Reed, who enters his seventh season as Lehigh's head coach. "Being a son of a coach, this time of year was always my dad's favorite. I have a lot of the same feelings. It's about teaching, instructing and seeing a team grow and evolve. I love competition and love games, but this is a time when we're in the classroom together, growing and developing our individual talent and collective system."

  • eYore Oct 4, 2013

    This is free entertainment. I think Sofanator can have as much fun as he can afford.

  • kmorrevenge Oct 4, 2013
    All Star

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    you are the only one that posts up here and you have no money to spend....how can it be a "money maker" for WRAL?

    oh boy.

  • The Swoffinator Oct 4, 2013

    Yeppers!!! hee he heeeheheheheh hee he heheeh!!!

    It's a money maker for WRAL.com for sure!!!

    And makes the rest of us GRIN REAL BIG!

    heeheh hh eh heehehehe hehe hehee!!!

  • Prof. Swahili Oct 3, 2013
    Sports Legend

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    ...and the day after that....

    ...and the day after that....

    ...and the day after that....

    ...And so on and so on until we get something positive to post about our heels.

    Sure looks like we'll be posting here for a loooooooooooooooong time to come!

    So get used to it.

    GO CAROLINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The Swoffinator Oct 3, 2013

    Nighty-nite LeHigh!

    See you tomorrow!

    ...and the day after that...

    ...and the day after that...



    ...and the day after that....

  • kmorrevenge Oct 3, 2013
    All Star

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    awesome....a UNC fan calling out his boys over their obsession.

  • abckiller Oct 3, 2013

    thurs leHIGH 85.

  • The Swoffinator Oct 2, 2013

    Still makes us grin. hee hee hee!

  • The Swoffinator Oct 2, 2013

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    Hee hee I see what you did there.

  • abckiller Oct 2, 2013

    Wednesday leHigh 85.

  • TB from WF Oct 2, 2013
    All Star

    If one REALLY wants to see the definition of obsession, here it is. Sheesh.

  • The Swoffinator Oct 2, 2013

    141,000 hurtful, painful views has been reached.

    How long before 150,000?

    Hard to believe dookies are still hurt by this, but there ya go. hee hee hee!

  • The Swoffinator Oct 1, 2013

    141,000 hurtful, PAINFUL views right around the corner.

    Hee hee!

  • abckiller Oct 1, 2013

    Tuesday's leHIGH low 80's.

  • BluedevilLIFER Sep 30, 2013

    View quoted thread

    Deflection must be a major at UNC!

  • backpainfaker Sep 30, 2013

    might as well put it at the top on monday.

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