Hurt Feelings

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  • Leave it to Beaver Reruns Nov 26, 2012
    Sports Legend

    I know the feeling....still don't know what caused the last ban. All it did was cut down on the amount of web hits I give this site and the amount of articles I read.

  • The Texas Butler Nov 26, 2012

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    Darn Pastel pansies at it again

  • fearthewhiteguy Nov 25, 2012
    All Star

    duke duke duke duke duke duke

  • Banned by Sissies Nov 25, 2012
    All Star

    Been posting for years. I have NEVER reported someone for language, comments, etc.
    You gotta be real shallow to go there. never the less, I WILL continue. I will NOT be silenced!

  • Banned by Sissies Nov 25, 2012
    All Star

    Apparently fragile little pansies got beat up in the wind storm following the puke beating. So one or more pansies cried to momma and tried to calm the wind storm. But the wind will reach tornado force winds now.

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