Predictions of dukes season?

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  • DooksucksV3 Jan 1, 2013
    Sports Legend

    First team to lose to a 16 seed.

  • Banned by Sissies Dec 31, 2012
    All Star

    I predict pain. And a relentless yearning for "next year". After the reality that the football team is going to SUCK again.

  • 903 mens national championships Dec 31, 2012
    Sports Legend

    I thought fans of other schools were "totally obsessed" if they posted about another school? Thoughts?

  • still heelman1973 Dec 31, 2012
    Sports Legend

    I predict they'll win at least 12 games.

  • rx74u2nv Dec 31, 2012
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    Who will they beat before that streak?

  • kato_karma.v4 Dec 31, 2012
    Sports Legend

    kato predicts dook will end their season on a 5-game losing skid (giving up an average of 50 points per defeat).

  • SteveR Dec 31, 2012

    I predict an elite 8 run with 4-5 losses.

  • fearthewhiteguy Dec 31, 2012
    All Star

    i predict they will be flawless i dont know why i feel this way but i think they will

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