Coach K does not throw people under the bus. I know Huckleberry feels like he has been run over by a bus every time he plays duke

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  • halstevensaa Nov 12, 2013
    Sports Legend

    The truth is Coach K is too much of a gentleman to do such a thing.

  • Hosscat Nov 12, 2013

    Huckleberry must be a nervous wreck knowing the the bus is rumbling in his direction again.....

  • hoodwinked82 Nov 12, 2013

    He should have already thrown pj under the bus, woulda saved him a lot of drama and bad press. Proves the man is only worried about his win/loss record.

  • MoDukev3 Nov 12, 2013

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    PJ already threw carolina's reputation under the bus.........oh wait, nevermind.

  • hoodwinked82 Nov 12, 2013

    Takes one to lose one I suppose Mo.

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