Well It Ain't Third Vice President But.......................

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  • kato_karma3.8 Jun 5, 9:50 a.m.
    Towel Boy

    kato doesn't see what that has to do with athletics or the athletic director. kato suggests you attempt to think before you type so you do not continue to embarrass the real UNC alumni.

  • TarheelDynasty Jun 4, 11:28 p.m.
    Towel Boy

    White has taught graduate-level classes since 1982 and currently teaches a sports business... View More

    Cheaters never win.

  • modukev5saysbyebye Jun 4, 10:00 p.m.
    Bench Warmer

    It ain't bad

    Duke University athletic director Kevin White, the 2013 Athletic Director of the Year

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