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  • My Name is Harr Dec 8, 1:14 p.m.

    Good year for ECU

  • cooperitis Nov 19, 12:47 p.m.
    Bench Warmer

    I can come off as half empty, but I am defintely a half full kind of guy. The positive is that... View More

    — Posted by tcoutouzis

    I like your comments on ECU's strength of schedule and the stats on our competition's win/loss record of the wins we have had this year. I think it gives a true reflection of what ECU's record truely represents.

    However, I don't agree that CUSA will get better next year. If anything, I see it getting worse next year with the teams leaving and the ones that will be replacing them. They are all pretty much FCS (Div. II) type teams moving up to the next level. If ECU remains in CUSA, I don't see things quite as dissmal as you stated. I see things pretty much on par with where we are at currently -- beating up on the lesser competion of CUSA and getting creamed by the good teams outside the conference we continue to schedule. And yes, heaven forbid if we should start losing to these "Div. I want-a- bees" that will then occupy CUSA.

    I am still hopeful that Ruff and his staff will be able to recruit and coach us to the next level and get us out of this mediocre program exsistance. But as you said and has been stated several times before -- we are going to have to beat some good teams as well as win the games against lesser competion in order to break this current pattern. And our upcoming bowl game will be a good test to measure and see if we are moving in the right direction.

    Also, a quick comment on the upcoming game with Marshall. I think (regardless of their record) it will be another good test for Ruff and ECU. This will be a very dangerous "trap" game for us. Marshall has a great deal to play for in that they will need that win to become bowl eligible. And I also remember several times over the last few years that Marshall has had our number and actually messed us up at the end of the season. I remember they have either kept us from playing for the CUSA Championship or even becoming bowl eligible ourself on more than one ocassion.

  • tcoutouzis Nov 18, 9:13 p.m.
    Sports Legend

    I can come off as half empty, but I am defintely a half full kind of guy. The positive is that we are winning against the losers. Heaven forbid we fall to the teams we have beaten this year.

    Our strength of schedule this year is 119. the teams we have defeated are a combined 15-52. It is the worst I have seen in all my years as a Pirate. The best we can do is 8-4 in the regular season with this SOS. I know that we can do better than that. My other gripe is how we have been dismantled by .500 teams and better.

    When CUSA gets better next year I think that we are going to be in trouble. My problem is that I am a planner so I look at the long term rather than the short term success. I don't think Ruff will be putting out 8-4 record when CUSA gets better or if we get into the Big East. I don't think we will go bowling. We will become the doormat. I hope that I am wrong, but if we can't beat good teams or at least be competitive with them meaning that we are in the game to the very end, then I see this scenario playing out in the next couple of years and we will be looking again for another coach.

    You measure the strength of your team by how you play against good competition, not the bad. So far, we are 0-4 against good competition losing 48-10, 27-6, 40-20 and the infamous 56-28.

    I agree with what was said above that both the optimist and the pessimist have valid arguments. Time will tell who is right.

  • lazydawg58 Nov 18, 4:16 p.m.

    Now if we can win on Friday!

  • cooperitis Nov 18, 3:39 p.m.
    Bench Warmer

    Well we are 7-4 with two games to go. Few people, save super fans that post on internet boards... View More

    — Posted by lazydawg58

    Ok, I'll take the "glass half full" approach for a change. I do think it's great that we have a winning record and we're going to a bowl game for a change. And I guess things could easily be a lot worse -- we could be losing games against a bunch of losers.

    But just imagine of how much greater a season we'd be having if we could actually beat somebody good. I mean, after UCF lost yesterday -- we could be actually sitting on top of our division and playing for the CUSA Championship and going to a real decent bowl game. That's the difference between being able to win just one game against a good team and our glass not only being half full -- but all the way to the brim. How much better would recruiting and bowl scouting be if we were in that position?

    But, I certainly agree with you -- winning games (no matter who it's against) can and will build confidence. After a year or two of "confidence building", who knows, we might even be able to beat a good team. Is that positive enough?

  • hovis Nov 18, 9:56 a.m.
    All Star

    Btw, here are Tulanes team fbs standings. And please keep in mind that these stats were made against some of the worst teams in the fbs.

    39.3 123rd Overall POINTS FOR 21.8 102nd Overall POINTS AGAINST 38.3 118th Overall Just saying, nothing wrong with reserving judgement.

  • hovis Nov 18, 9:31 a.m.
    All Star

    Well we are 7-4 with two games to go. Few people, save super fans that post on internet boards... View More

    — Posted by lazydawg58

    I think the glass half full view is fine. However the glass half empty people have a point too. I think everyone can agree with the half full thing if ecu can get a win against any team from a bcs conference in whatever bowl they go to. Correctly, the glass half empty people are trying to appraise if ecu is capable of such a thing and it is hard to tell. Not to dismiss the recent wins but it is hard to appraise the team based on these wins as they have been at the expense of what are, bar none, some of the very worst teams in all of the fbs. But a win is a win and much better than a loss. I think the half empty people are just awaiting proof that they can believe in.

  • lazydawg58 Nov 18, 12:55 a.m.

    Well we are 7-4 with two games to go. Few people, save super fans that post on internet boards and/or call in to radio shows, pay that much attention to the records of the teams they beat. There has to be something to be said for winning games period! Fans want to pull for winners, recruits want to go to schools with winning records, bowls want to sign teams with winning records. Teams start believing in themselves and even winning some games against teams with better talent and/or that they aren't suppose to beat, when they have winning records. Like I said earlier, the glass is half full. :)

  • Ken D. Nov 17, 10:58 p.m.
    Sports Legend

    I'm not sure why Duke isn't clamoring to get ECU on their schedule. When the games are in Durham, they would have a rare sellout. In fact, all four ACC teams would likely sell out against the Pirates.

  • hovis Nov 17, 8:16 p.m.
    All Star

    The schedule ACC teams comment was a joke, but with a touch of truth to it. If we are going to... View More

    — Posted by lazydawg58

    We need to schedule all bottom feeder BCS schools. Let's put South Florida, Boston College,... View More

    — Posted by tcoutouzis

    ...and it is worth watching.

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