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  • Ken D. Apr 26, 10:05 p.m.
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    I must say, if you Google West Virginia fans, there is no shortage of critical stories along the lines you guys speak of. Of course, they always include the usual disclaimer that this is a small group of fans, and they aren't representative of the entire fan base, but it sounds like more than just a few, and it goes back a long way. And it seems to have followed them from the Big East to the Big XII.

    I defer to your judgment here. If half of this stuff is true, I wouldn't want them in my conference either. Let them rot in the Big XII.

  • tcoutouzis Apr 26, 12:31 p.m.
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    West Virginia from what others have told me is a dangerous place for visiting fans. Their... View More

    — Posted by lazydawg58

    You do not lie. They have the worst fans. I remember a few years ago that a fan from an opposing team was pulled out of his car on the way out of the parking lot and beaten to within an inch of his life in front of his pregnant wife. I may be mistaken, but I believe they threw her to the ground and she took some blows trying to help her husband.

    I was in school from 92-96 at ECU. I had friends that would road trip up to the games we had in Morgantown and barely escape with their lives. The fans would come up to them unprovoked and would try to start a fight with them while they were tailgating. Needless to say they stopped going to Morgantown. That place is not a good place to visit and thus the reason why the ACC and any other conference wants nothing to do with them. I will never visit that place.

    It is funny because when we go to Marshall the fans have always been kind. Makes me believe Marshall should be the flagship university of West Virginia.

  • lazydawg58 Apr 25, 10:30 p.m.

    West Virginia from what others have told me is a dangerous place for visiting fans. Their reputation for this might have more to do with the ACC not wanting them than their academics. I've heard stories of visitors going to eat after a game and being turned away by management for their own safety. Fans being attacked in the parking lot, and drunk WV fans threatening and driving off people in the stadium. In short, it is a place you don't want to go. Now I know good and well that every school has their share of j&rks, dr*nks and fools, but their fan base seems to be way over the line.

  • Ken D. Apr 25, 3:40 p.m.
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    ^ If the ACC picked up West Virginia (a great fit with Louisville, Pitt and Virginia Tech)... View More

    — Posted by Ken D.

    I could not agree more, Ken. WVU would be a steal for the ACC and a better fit all-around than... View More

    — Posted by Wolfpocalypse Now Redux

    But would the Big XII let them go?

    I've heard it suggested many times that the ACC would never invite West Virginia for academic reasons. That the presidents are determined to protect their reputation as the number one conference in the FBS academically speaking. I've even heard that said after Louisville was invited. Everybody has his own opinion about where any school fits academically. The USNWR has an opinion, too. They rank Louisville #160 and WVU #165. The way I figure it, this situation is a little like virginity. The ACC already lost theirs with Louisville, so they may as well continue having fun playing the field.

    I was surprised to see that Cincy was ranked higher than both of them, at #139. The problem there is with size - market size, stadium size, fan base size. They don't stack up well for either the ACC or the Big XII. And in the Big XII, they would be even less competitive than West Virginia.

    BTW, I also found it interesting that Skip Holtz was the head coach at three different AAC schools. Wonder if that's happened in any other conference.

  • tcoutouzis Apr 25, 1:42 p.m.
    Sports Legend

    I think we are much better off than we were before. We got $1 million dollars a year from our CUSA TV deal. Now we are getting 2 million a year plus money from the exit fees. The football competition is better than CUSA and the basketball is leaps and bounds better.

    I think we are safe as no conference is going to go after the ACC teams now that they have signed their TV rights away until 2027. That means the ACC will not come after teams in our new conference. UConn will not go to the Big 12 as it will be an even larger geographical outlier than WVU. They and UConn can only hope for the Big 10 to make a move, which probably will not happen. They are stuck in this conference with us and it is because of their football team. Had they remained 1-AA they would be in the New Big East Conference.

    On a side note I think WVU might have second thoughts now about jumping ship now. They ruled the Big East, now they are 6th or 7th in a 10 team conference. They live on the island of misfit toys and just want someone to play with them. Unfortunately, they are stuck.

  • Wolfpocalypse Now Redux Apr 25, 12:14 p.m.

    ^ If the ACC picked up West Virginia (a great fit with Louisville, Pitt and Virginia Tech)... View More

    — Posted by Ken D.

    I could not agree more, Ken. WVU would be a steal for the ACC and a better fit all-around than UConn, plus it would work out better for the AAC. Good call!

  • Ken D. Apr 25, 8:41 a.m.
    Sports Legend

    ^ If the ACC picked up West Virginia (a great fit with Louisville, Pitt and Virginia Tech) instead of UConn to go to 16 (plus Navy football only), that would stabilize the AAC even more.

  • Ken D. Apr 25, 8:16 a.m.
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    I think the Big XII hoped snagging West Virginia would get them access to a couple of good media market teams in the east (Pitt comes immediately to mind, along with Virginia Tech). Since that's not going to happen, and it looks like WVU is going to be stuck on an island (believing that they had been promised some company),I wonder what the chances would be that the Big XII would let them off the hook and waive the media rights deal in their case. They are a lousy geographical fit for all their members.

  • lazydawg58 Apr 24, 11:38 p.m.

    With the Grant of rights deal the ACC signed that would seem to help The American Conference. ... View More

    — Posted by lazydawg58

    How does the ACC rights deal help the AAC? Seems to me it sets up a scenario where the only... View More

    — Posted by Ken D.

    I think it stabilizes the conferences now. The Big10, SEC and B12 aren't going to steal any ACC... View More

    — Posted by lazydawg58

    The Big XII has its own grant of media rights deal for the next 13 years (the length of its... View More

    — Posted by Ken D.

    I don't really thing the Big12 is going to add schools to get to 12. That is why I think the American is stabilized. And if it is ECU is in a much better position than they were before, and if one or more American schools did leave they are still better of than they would have been if they had stayed in C-USA.

  • daviepoplar85 Apr 24, 10:43 p.m.
    Sports Legend

    NC State is a mid major.

    — Posted by TerrorOnTheHighSeas

    I suppose that makes ECU the biggest (though probably still not the best) community college in... View More

    — Posted by Wolfpocalypse Now Redux

    Nice to hear that your butthurt is still strong after the Pirates beat
    NCSU 33 - 27 at home in... View More

    — Posted by TerrorOnTheHighSeas

    I really doubt we had a crowd of 50,000 for ECU. Maybe for Gardner-Webb or Elon, and definitely... View More

    — Posted by Wolfpocalypse Now Redux

    57,583 at the last carter-finley game between these two teams.

    (a simple search of the interwebs turns this up for you.)

    that was in 2006 when state "upset" ECU in overtime lol

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