nc state vs ecu

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  • davenportj Sep 2, 2011

    Heck guys the two teams don't play 'til 2013 forget about this

  • bbcoach9596 Aug 26, 2011

    ECU 27 MOO 17

  • davenportj Jul 20, 2011

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    Well said I've heard or been to most those games and S.Miss. games are really our super bowl as ECU/S.Miss. are in C-USA and these games count and NCSU is just bragging rites

  • oasispirate Jul 19, 2011
    Bench Warmer

    SMU wasn't a member of C-USA when NCSU got those dubs. The only thing that has saved NCSU from being absolutely horrible the last few years has been RW. TOB could be jobless right now if it wasn't for him and the man gave a guy who arguably was putting together the best career in school history the boot.

    Hell the game where NCSU beat us in 2008, we probably beat you guys 31-7 if not RW's excellent play. I would be absolutely disgusted if an ECU coach did anything similar.

    C-USA isn't as bad as you guys want to makeout. Tulsa, ECU, Houston, UCF, and So. Miss all put solid teams on the field in most years.

    You say USM has a high school field.....maybe. I will tell you this. ECU has had MUCH more success over the last 25-30 in a lopsided series in Raleigh over NCSU than it ever has against So. Miss. Those guys have for the most part fielded better and more consistent teams than NCSU.

    There is a reason we are 10-26 alltime against So Miss in a home and home and series.

    We are 11-16 all time against NCSU in a series mostly played in Raleigh.

  • VT1994Hokie Jul 19, 2011
    Sports Legend

    I'm still sticking with my first one. It will be tight, but ECU wins this one.

  • piratefball172 Jul 19, 2011
    Bench Warmer

    The sad reality is that you have a weak non conference schedule to hopefully secure yourselves of a bowl game. How long will you use the excuse that we are trying to "build our program" up?

  • ecusteve Jul 16, 2011
    Towel Boy

    This is why I hate "what if..." arguments. You think NCSU gets the same recruits if they're in C-USA?

    If we're in an auto-BCS league, then ECU gets a bigger share of 3 star recruits every year and improved depth across the board.

    Let's drop the Daniel Evans comments b/c we made him look like Peyton Manning in that 2007 game - in Greenville.

  • TerrorOnTheHighSeas Jul 16, 2011

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    I didn't bend any facts to fit my argument. I have included all of the games that NC State has played against C-USA competition in the short history of C-USA (since 1996) below. These are the only games that we have to go on.

    Since 1996 NC State is 8 - 6 against C-USA competition. If NC State was in C-USA they would be just another team fighting for the C-USA title and nothing more.

    I cannot help if a C-USA team was too strong for an NC State team in a particular year or an NC State team was too weak for a C-USA team in a particular year. I cannot help you with that.

    I see that you want to go back 25 years back into NC State football history. I cannot do that to compare it to C-USA teams because as I stated before C-USA was formed in 1996.

    Here are the results of every game NC State has played against C-USA competition since the league was formed:

    1996: East Carolina 50 NC State 29
    *East Carolina was not actually in C-USA during this game but the Pirates joined a year later after receiving the invite in 1997. I included this game on here because it is so close to the timeline and this is an ECU vs NC State
    1997: NC State 37 East Carolina 24
    1999: East Carolina 23 NC State 6
    2000: NC State 41 SMU 0
    2001: NC State 26 SMU 17 2004: NC State 52 East Carolina 14 2005: NC State 21 Southern Miss 17 2006: Southern Mississippi 37 NC State 17 East Carolina 21 NC State 16 2007: Central Florida 25 NC State 23 NC State 34 East Carolina 20 2008: NC State 30 East Carolina 24 2010: NC State 28 Central Florida 21 East Carolina 33 NC State 27

  • RedIrish Jul 16, 2011
    Sports Legend

    Nice job bending the facts to fit your argument. 2006 Southern Miss. won their division, and 2007 & 2010 UCF and 2008 ECU were the CUSA champs. Except for last year's team, those were some pretty bad State teams compared to what we've put on the field for the last 25 years or so. Yet they still went 3-4 against teams that finished very strong in your conference. Somehow those results show that transplanting those NC State teams into CUSA would leave them as just another team in the conference? Might want to rethink your position, or at least your evidence.

  • VT1994Hokie Jul 16, 2011
    Sports Legend

    I expect it to be a tight game. ECU has to improve on defense from last year. I feel that they will. I will not pick a winner on this one until I see an injury report before the game. Our game at ECU will be another tough one too. Many fans haven't enjoyed VT's early games into a new season lately. Too many mistakes. Just hope we can win the first one against ASU.

  • FAN72 Jul 16, 2011
    Sports Legend

    I remember describing Daniel Evans in the pocket as Happy Feet because he could never settle down and pass the ball without panicing. NC State has had some fantastic QB's in its history, but it has also had some DUDS. I guess they can't all be Phillip Rivers.

  • TerrorOnTheHighSeas Jul 15, 2011

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    Oh, so Daniel Evans is the reason for those four losses to C-USA teams and the fact that the NC State defense could not force the Southern Mississippi offense to punt the entire game at the "high school stadium The Rock at Southern Miss" (your words not mine).

    Oh, now it makes perfect sense. You know that he didn't play defense in that game right? So you are going to blame him for that 2006 loss to Southern Mississippi, the 2006 loss to East Carolina, the 2007 loss to Central Florida and the 2010 loss to East Carolina.

    Yeah that makes perfect sense. Not !

    By the way, I know that Southern Mississippi doesn't have the biggest college football stadium at 36,000 but I don't know any high school stadiums that seat that many.

  • ecusteve Jul 15, 2011
    Towel Boy

    C-USA will actually be a pretty decent conference this year, with a few teams being at or near Top 25 status throughout the season. SMU will be very good & UCF should be as well, with Houston getting their QB back for a 6th year b/c of injury.

    No reason to rehash NCSU vs. C-USA in years past. NCSU was down & is a much better team now. They're actually lucky that they caught UCF last year b/f Godfrey was the starting QB.

    I would much rather play NCSU than Navy & that running attack. Nothing to lose for either team b/c the bowls are all tied to conference status (unless one of us someday could run the table).

  • davenportj Jul 15, 2011

    Excuses,excuses excuses you had a BAD QB so what about those other games?

  • ewcanes Jul 15, 2011
    Sports Legend

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    Daniel Evans was the QB...a guy that was recruited by TULSA, La TECH and NC STATE. He only got recruited by State solely because of his dad. He was not an ACC qb and likely not even a CUSA QB

  • ecusteve Jul 15, 2011
    Towel Boy

    Navy did score; something NCSU didn't do in the 2nd half and OT in Greenville.

    We're talking about a game from last year? Time to move on, guys.

  • davenportj Jul 14, 2011

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    NO they did not we have not fumbled the ball inside our 20 yd line today and the Wolfpack can't stop Navy inside their 20 yd also but you've seen the score not the game turnovers in 5 poss. right

  • davenportj Jul 13, 2011

    As far as ECU having to play the bottom teams in the SEC just shows have the BCS is flawed. But ECU has beaten many BCS teams and ECU is not a BCS team. As an NON-AQ school we take the lumps and sometimes the PIRATES will take the candy away from the big boys. Guess what I'm saying is for a school not on equal footing can still beat the BCS schools when they will play us. With Va.Tech,S.Carolina,W.Va. and a few others sheduled in the years to come maybe ECU won't miss you guys at all

  • TerrorOnTheHighSeas Jul 13, 2011

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    2006: C-USA member Southern Mississippi beat NC State 37 - 17 at 'The

    Rock' at Southern Mississippi

    C-USA member East Carolina beat NC State 21 - 16 in Raleigh

    2007: C-USA member Central Florida beat NC State 25 - 23 in Raleigh

    NC State beats C-USA member East Carolina 34 - 20 in Greenville

    2008: NC State beats C-USA member East Carolina 30 - 24 in Raleigh

    2010: NC State beats C-USA member Central Florida 28 - 21 in Orlando

    C-USA member East Carolina beat NC State 33 - 27 in Greenville

    So since 2006, NC State is 3 - 4 against C-USA. If NC State was in C-USA they
    would be just another team fighting for the C-USA title and nothing more.

    P.S. I guess your memory of what playing at 'The Rock' in Southern Mississippi
    is like is not as clear as it should be.

    Read this article about the 2006 Southern Mississippi vs NC State game at 'The
    Rock': down after the stats and read the summary and notice in the fifth
    paragraph that NC State failed to force a punt the entire game.

  • davenportj Jul 13, 2011

    So if NC State were a member of C-USA they would be the greater of all 12 members. and ECU would be what?IN the ACC or the Big East, or a powerful Indie. AS to the NC State/ECU game being a bowl game that was '92 Peach Bowl and State lost. If you really want to find out who has the better team ask your AD to reup the scheduling and not wait 'til 2016. see you guys in 2013 and may the best team win

  • ewcanes Jul 13, 2011
    Sports Legend

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    you play TULSA, MARSHALL, MEMPHIS and who ever else is in that conference. It's so low regarded that the CHAMPION has to play the LAST sec bowl qualifier. I don't care if ECUs play UF, Texas, USC, Oklahoma as non-conf opponents, ECU still are making a bowl even if they sleep walk.

    It's MUCH easier to come out of the gate and play huge when your a heavy underdawg when you have 3 or 4 of those games a year and the other opponent comes in sleep walking and then can't recover (props to ECU in the state game, they were the better team in that game), but when you have to go in that schedule week in and week out it's much more demanding, then say, playing at the high school stadium 'the rock' in southern miss.

  • RedIrish Jul 13, 2011
    Sports Legend

    I love the argument that ECU plays a tougher non-conference schedule, therefore they must have a tougher road every year. No need to look at who they play in conference after all. ECU doesn't play FSU, Clemson, Maryland & UNC every year and rotate through Miami, GT & VT depending on the season. I'm not claiming the ACC is a huge powerhouse, but I'd be willing to bet that that lineup is far tougher than anything you'll see in C-USA on any given year.

  • UConnrulz Jul 13, 2011
    Sports Legend

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    It is called "delusional fan base syndrome"- 90% of State fans have it - they have two current claims to fame 1. A 4 game win streak v UNC - I guess that verifies that our game is their super bowl 2. The UNC investigation
    If it wasn't for those two things you wouldn't see many of them on here

    "We all go to NC State- except Russell Wilson he goes to Wisconsin"

  • TerrorOnTheHighSeas Jul 13, 2011

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    The good thing about that Navy game was ECU scored 35 points which is a good offensive output on most days.

    Our defense will be much improved and I am looking forward to that.

    Of course, the Pirates managed to beat your Wolfpack and get to a bowl game with the worst defense in the nation last year. The future is looking good for ECU football.

  • WufSkins Jul 12, 2011
    All Star

    I think Navy just scored again.

  • TerrorOnTheHighSeas Jul 12, 2011

    NC State has had a losing season in 4 out of the last 5 years.


    ECU plays South Carolina, Virginia Tech, North Carolina and Navy this year. We do not miss not having NC State on the schedule.

    I think that NC State fans are jealous of the Pirates "psychological advantage."

  • WufSkins Jul 12, 2011
    All Star

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    Because we are. By the way, how was Disney World?

  • The Dire_Wolf Jul 12, 2011
    Sports Legend

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    We say that keep bringing it up. Unprovoked I might add.

  • piratefball172 Jul 12, 2011
    Bench Warmer

    Why do NC State fans insist on stating that is ECU's Super Bowl? Yes you are in the ACC, but when was your last ACC title? ECU has beaten other teams in the ACC who have more storied histories, and championships than NC State recently.
    Second, how long will you continue to have weak non conference schedules? It is a cheap way to hopefully ensure that you make a bowl game. I say ECU and NC State should swap conferences. Before you bring up basketball, it isn't like the Pack has been bashing anyone in basketball for almost a it seems like a fair trade.

  • TerrorOnTheHighSeas May 17, 2011

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    The NCAA (rules) cheating by UNC football players regarding paid for trips throughout the country and the academic cheating by the Butch Davis tutor is what I was referring to lsmithii.

    You guys in baby blue have really gone into spin mode. Nice attempt at trying to pull a Bill Clinton definition of what the word "is" is.

    Man, you guys in baby blue have really gone into spin mode.

  • sawdust65 May 8, 2011

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    Did you take the same "writing class as" UNC?

  • GhostofSmitty May 4, 2011
    Sports Legend

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    how does that "ncaa cheating" work? I did not know the ncaa cheated. Must be that new writing class at State you took. Don't worry, no wins will be vacated but keep pinning your hopes on UNCs downfall instead of trying to pick your own program up.

    Pirates Rule!

  • akrafty1 May 4, 2011
    Towel Boy

    As a State fan I have to say I love playing ECU. I actually think it is a great rivalry! Wins going to both schools and it seems to alway be a great game win or loose. I say we play at least every other year and keep the smack talk flowing! ECU has a good thing going and represents NC well. That being said I hope the pack takes it too you next time. We owe you one after last year!! lol!

  • TerrorOnTheHighSeas Mar 7, 2011

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    That game will be removed from the win column in the record books for UNC due to the NCAA cheating by the UNC football players.

  • oasispirate Feb 3, 2011
    Bench Warmer

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    Long way away, but as long we're still using the Air Raid, we will put up a lot of points. I like our chances going forward :)!

  • davenportj Feb 3, 2011

    OK whfreema I hope you can wait 'cause These two school will play in 2013( I think) not 2011 but you can change that score abit lower for NC State

  • whfreema Feb 1, 2011
    Towel Boy

    NCSU will win 44-41... count it!

  • davenportj Jan 24, 2011

    Hey Why do the fans at State keep talking about past games and why do THEY call the ECU game their Superbowl. Heck that game was last year if you want to talk about State /ECU football then ask your AD Yow to schedule more games and tell me how/why ECU has the psycholgical edge or is that your excuse to not play these games after 2016 so 'til 2012 don't talk muck

  • Dick Dickson Jan 24, 2011

    Funny how the largest school in the state is sooooo intimidated by ECU.

  • Dick Dickson Jan 24, 2011

    What are you talking about GC? No team from North Carolina, let alone the ACC, is a perenial power in football...but especialy teams from school from NC has ever been a perennial power in football. Therefore you & your post are just as ignorant as whomever the person is you are speaking of. Your post has no relevance. That Peach Bowl was a great game. Sorry you have to see the picture of Luke Fisher's TD everywhere and be reminded of how pathetic ncsu is. Of course we enjoy beating state and especially in a bowl game. Its not our super bowl but ncsu fans & Ad department are such J*Ck*sses its awesome to knock you all back down to where you the toilet bowl. Funny how ncsu thinks they are so superior & should always beat ECU, but can't, therefore ncsu is bitter and doesn't want to play ECU. NCSU always says they don't have anything to gain by playing ECU...and they're right b/c its not an easy W like the AA teams ncsu plays every year. We embarrass ncsu and expose ncsu for what it really is, a loser school! Let's be honest ncsu is scared of ECU.

  • oasispirate Jan 24, 2011
    Bench Warmer

    Since the Peach Bowl we are 4-4 against NCSU, so it isn't as if beating NCSU is a rare occurrence. Wins in 96,99,06,10. Losses 97,04,07,and 08.

    ECU athletics could not be in a better place. If we had a top 70 defense we would've won 10 games this season. With coaching turnover andlosses of personnel (including Linval Joseph early to the NFL).

    Our defense is about to get corrected quick, brining in some JUCOs, get some guys back healthy, and even some of the redshirts will help us.

    Hell even hoops is on the verge of turning the corner. Baseball will always be solid here.

  • GC Jan 21, 2011
    All Star

    Are the ECU fans still talking about beating State 4 months ago?

    Kinda weird but many ECU fans think that the 92 peach bowl win over State is
    their all time best victory. The framed pics of the final touchdown are all over
    the eastern part of the State. Seems like a win over a State program whose lifetime winning percentage is a little over .550 wouldn't be such a big deal.

    There was a ECU fan back then who told me that if ECU beat State in the '92 Peach Bowl that ECU would be a perennial top ten football power from here on out.

    I offered him a chance to correct his statement and he was adamant that ECU would never fall out of the top 10 after the Peach Bowl.

    Oh well ignorance is bliss I suppose.

  • heelman73 Jan 8, 2011
    Sports Legend

    ^ WTH?

  • Maynard Jan 8, 2011

    I'm just glad it ended up being a good win for you. Still should not have happened though.

  • michaelwhite2 Nov 23, 2010
    Towel Boy

    Why in the world is this thread being posted on again =/ Wow

  • davenportj Nov 23, 2010

    Hey Roota- There is no law that states that UNC or State must play ECU if such a law was passed then Wake and Duke would have to play the Pirates also so if you want to talk about laws wait 'til you are able to vote

  • TruthBKnown Banned Again02 Nov 23, 2010
    Sports Legend

    View quoted thread

    Keep trying! LOL

    There's a Duke blog, too, if you feel like going there to make yourself feel better. I mean, they just won a close game. That's ALMOST a loss, right? Heh heh!

    Here's a good story you should enjoy:

  • chapelthrill2007 Nov 23, 2010
    Sports Legend

    Congrats to State for losing to their true rival.

  • tedakers3 Nov 2, 2010

    View quoted thread

    Please tell me a state fan didn't just in so many words tell someone to move on from a win???

  • rootabecca02 Nov 1, 2010

    That was a easy homecoming game. They are the bottom of our conference. Why would we waste our breath? Question is why do you care? Why are you here on ECU's thread, "bashing" us if you "didn't care"? That's right. B/c you're a state fan. Enough said.

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