Adam Gold

Gold: Preseason polls stink, but here is mine

Posted October 17, 2012
Updated October 18, 2012

The coaches decided that the media was having too much fun predicting the upcoming conference standings every year, so they decided that they would chime in and set the record straight.  I mean, who knows basketball more, the coaches or the overweight sports media who's really just in it for the free pre-game meal?  

But wait, the coaches and the media essentially had identical ballots!  If they know what they're talking about, then the media must as well.  Well, maybe some of the media, anyway.  As you might have expected, I have a few differences of opinion both in the predicted order of finish and the all-conference picks.  So....

Here's my pre-season ACC predictions.  Use as directed, please take with a grain of salt, some restrictions apply...

Pre-season standings...

1-Duke...I flipped a coin and it came up looking like a former Army Captain from Chicago.

2-N.C. State...I think they've got the best player in the league in PG Lorenzo Brown.

3-North Carolina...Yes, they've got a lot of new faces, but they've got a lot of really good players as well.

4-Miami...Barry Larkin was elected to the Hall of Fame.  His son Shane is going to have a big year in Miami.

5-Maryland...I think they're over the sabotage of the previous regime.

6-Florida State...At some point, the Seminoles are going to lose Jimbo Fisher to a football school.

7-Virginia...This will be a tough team to play against if for no other reason than they could put you to sleep.

8-Clemson...This is the 7th straight season the Tigers will feature a Booker.  What will they do next year?

9-Wake Forest...I'm not sure it matters as we delve this deep into the abyss, so don't hold me to any of these.

10-Virginia you can't name their head coach.

11-Georgia Tech...30 years ago Mark Price was a freshman. Seems like a 130 years ago these days.

12-Boston College...Wonder if Doug Flutie will play the drums during their home ACC games.


Pre-season all-conference teams (and unlike the league, I'll give you the full three-team treatment).

1st team

Lorenzo Brown, NC State; Calvin Leslie, NC State; Reggie Bullock, UNC; James Michael McAdoo, UNC: Michael Snaer, FSU

2nd team

Kenny Kadji, Miami; Ryan Kelly, Duke; Erick Green, VT, Seth Curry, Duke; Shane Larkin, Miami

3rd team

Mason Plumlee, Duke; Alex Len, Maryland; Reggie Johnson, Miami; Scott Wood, NC State; Joe Harris, UVA


Player of the Year: Lorenzo Brown, NC State

Rookie of the Year: Rasheed Sulaimon, Duke


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  • RedIrish Oct 19, 11:22 a.m.

    ^ Yeah, injuries can make great teams good, good teams average, average teams bad, and bad teams Wake Forrest. That is where the transfers of Painter and Harris will really hurt State this year. Those two were probably going to see an average of 10-15 minutes per game this coming year even if we stayed healthy. Now if we lose anyone in the front court, we've got serious issues. Landing Jefferson would have helped as well, but you can't win every recruiting battle.

  • Gunnstigator Oct 19, 7:46 a.m.

    Here's my top 3.....

    #1 - ACC's Daddy
    #2 - NCSU
    #3 - UNC

    Devils going all the way! Hey Hokie, good... View More

    — Posted by BattlingBishop 5

    Heh, heh, love your "ACC's Daddy" for number 1. It's tough seeing Carolina listed as the third best, but both the coaches poll and the media poll seem to agree that the order is State, Duke, and Carolina. It should be an interesting year in the ACC. I hope the players stay healthy; injuries can decimate any team, good or bad.

  • Sauras69 Oct 18, 2:05 p.m.

    Here's my top 3.....

    #1 - ACC's Daddy
    #2 - NCSU
    #3 - UNC

    Devils going all the way! Hey Hokie, good... View More

    — Posted by BattlingBishop 5

    Battling, we will need a bunch of luck this year I'm afraid.

  • NCSU84 Oct 18, 11:19 a.m.

    I think FSU might be a 3 or 4. They have a great coach...
    Othere than that, yes all that matters is the last poll.

    Get on the State Train!!

  • ptrrrk1 Oct 18, 10:24 a.m.

    Duke number one, but not one player on the first team all ACC...... You might want to rethink your choices. I guess if you don't pick Duke you'll never get another interview with Chris Collins on your pathetic radio show......

  • PackFan1983 Oct 18, 3:49 a.m.

    So why does YOUR poll stink?

  • BattlingBishop 5 Oct 17, 9:23 p.m.

    Here's my top 3.....

    #1 - ACC's Daddy
    #2 - NCSU
    #3 - UNC

    Devils going all the way! Hey Hokie, good luck to VT this season. :)

  • Sauras69 Oct 17, 7:00 p.m.

    OK stuff Adam Gold. VT's coach is named James Johnson. Only because I'm a grad and keep up with the Hokies. Our AD, Jim Weaver should have had better timing in firing Seth Greenberg. We possibly could have had an experienced coach at the helm. Johnson has never been a HC. We lost some top guys on this team too that went to other schools. That's pretty bad in itself with a new coach. I will pick Duke to win the ACC tourney. State, Duke, and UNC will be tough to beat.

    This season will be a three team battle. State may have the nod for the regular season. Snaer will compete for the POY. Right now I am focusing on the Hokies rising up in football. We played 3 complete quarters against Duke. Thomas finally came around.

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