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$ The Presidents Cup
Muirfield Village Golf Club
Par 72 - 7354 Yards
Dublin, Ohio
Oct 3 - Oct 6, 2013
Sunday's singles matches
E Els (n/a) def. S Stricker (USA), 1-up
H Mahan (USA) def. H Matsuyama (JPN), 3&2
J Dufner (0) def. B de Jonge (INT), 4&3
J Day (0) def. B Snedeker (USA), 6&4
G DeLaet (0) def. J Spieth (USA), 2-up
A Scott (AUS) def. B Haas (USA), 2&1
Z Johnson (USA) def. B Grace (n/a), 4&2
M Leishman (0) def. M Kuchar (USA), 1-up
T Woods (USA) def. R Sterne (n/a), 1-up
C Schwartzel (RSA) def. K Bradley (USA), 2&1
W Simpson (USA) vs. L Oosthuizen (RSA), halved
A Cabrera (INT) def. P Mickelson (USA), 1-up
Sunday's foursome matches
K Bradley/P Mickelson (USA) vs. J Day/G DeLaet (0), halved
J Dufner/Z Johnson (0) def. M Leishman/R Sterne (0), 4&3
B Haas/S Stricker (USA) def. H Matsuyama/A Scott (JPN), 4&3
B de Jonge/E Els (INT) def. M Kuchar/T Woods (USA), 1-up
W Simpson/B Snedeker (USA) def. L Oosthuizen/C Schwartzel (RSA), 1-up
Saturday's fourball matches
K Bradley/P Mickelson (USA) def. E Els/B de Jonge (n/a), 2&1
J Day/G DeLaet (0) def. S Stricker/J Spieth (USA), 2-up
B Haas/W Simpson (USA) def. A Cabrera/B Grace (INT), 4&3
B Snedeker/H Mahan (USA) def. L Oosthuizen/C Schwartzel (RSA), 2-up
T Woods/M Kuchar (USA) def. A Scott/H Matsuyama (AUS), 1-up
Saturday's foursome matches
K Bradley/P Mickelson (USA) def. J Day/G DeLaet (0), 4&3
B de Jonge/E Els (INT) def. B Haas/H Mahan (USA), 4&3
S Stricker/J Spieth (USA) def. B Grace/R Sterne (n/a), 2 & 1
A Cabrera/M Leishman (INT) def. W Simpson/B Snedeker (USA), 2 & 1
M Kuchar/T Woods (USA) def. L Oosthuizen/C Schwartzel (RSA), 4 & 2
H Matsuyama/A Scott (JPN) def. J Dufner/Z Johnson (0), 2 & 1
Thursday's fourball matches
J Day/G DeLaet (0) def. H Mahan/B Snedeker (USA), 1-up
B Haas/W Simpson (USA) vs. H Matsuyama/A Scott (JPN), halved
L Oosthuizen/C Schwartzel (RSA) def. K Bradley/P Mickelson (USA), 2&1
J Spieth/S Stricker (USA) def. E Els/B de Jonge (n/a), 1-up
M Kuchar/T Woods (USA) def. A Cabrera/M Leishman (INT), 5&4
J Dufner/Z Johnson (0) def. B Grace/R Sterne (n/a), 5&3
The United States defeated the Internationals, 18 1/2 - 15 1/2, to retain the Presidents Cup ... For the third straight Presidents Cup, Tiger Woods earned the cup clinching point for the Americans.

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