Muller happy to finally get a full season with Canes users only:
All Edge Servers
Server Instance Hostname AZ State
wowza-edge-03 i-aab1b456 us-east-1b running (16)
wowza-origin-01 i-19025ce5 us-east-1b running (16)
wowza-edge-06 i-def23d08 us-east-1d running (16)
wowza-edge-07 i-dff23d09 us-east-1d running (16)
wowza-edge-08 i-dcf23d0a us-east-1d running (16)
wowza-edge-04 i-2ebdb8d2 us-east-1b running (16)
wowza-edge-05 i-29bdb8d5 us-east-1b running (16)
wowza-origin-02 i-0e6c71d9 us-east-1d running (16)