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  • StunGunn May 10, 2009
    Sports Legend

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    Yeah, that's what I'm hoping for, and I hope he's a stingy bank teller at that. Go Canes!!

  • acsoccer87 May 10, 2009

    We definitely Jinxed him tonight. Actually that's an understatement. We REALLY jinxed him tonight. Luckily, he is a bank-teller at the RBC and that's where the next game is going to be.

  • StunGunn May 10, 2009
    Sports Legend

    Hey dmarley2 - you're absolutely right - Cam's playing at the level he did in '06 and '09 is starting to look eerily similar to '06. Life is good. GO CANES!

  • dmarley2 May 10, 2009
    All Star

    Reminds me of the way he played in '06.

    GO CANES!!!

  • StunGunn May 9, 2009
    Sports Legend

    Ward-o Saves, Ward-o Saves, Ward-o Saves!!!

    What a stellar job Cam has done between the pipes during the playoffs. He's kept his net shut tighter than a bank vault, and closed for any Boston "deposits". Thank you Cam and Go Canes! WOOOOOOOO!

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