Hurricanes preseason over with now time for Regular Season

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  • edits Sep 29, 2009
    Sports Legend

    Can't wait! Me and a co-worker just bought our tix to Friday's game.


  • StunGunn Sep 28, 2009
    Sports Legend

    I feel more optimistic about this year's team than I ever have for The Canes. Rutherford has put together a great group of guys who have the potential to make a deep run in the playoffs, barring a lot of injuries. Go Canes!

  • kornisgreat Sep 27, 2009
    All Star

    The preseason is all but over for the Canes and the Regular season starts next Friday this preseason has had its ups and downs but most of all its ups. This team is physical, motivated, and wants to win the cup for its fans. We will have to see what happens. GO CANES

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