NHL Officiating - Caniacs! And other Hockey Fans - What do you think?

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  • edits Feb 17, 2010
    Sports Legend

    I was so upset Saturday night when we played the Devils that Auger was one of the referees, the HE COMPLETELY BLEW THE CALL ON OUR FIRST GOAL! Called a bad penalty on Alberts for a great hit and one more BS call. I am not sure why he was there but he was not listed on the video board, listed instead was Mike Lego. I wonder if that was on purpose or if Canes personnel that run the board had it wrong. Regardless I have no respect for that man and even less now, if that is possible when you have none already. I think I will start a Facebook Fan Page called NHL fans for the OUSTING OF AUGER!

  • evenflow2005 Feb 9, 2010

    This situation with Alex Burrows and referee Staphane Auger was uncalled for. All hockey followers know that during a game the ref.s might make some bad calls. Usually there will be a make-up call later if he feels he screwed up a call. In my opinion, referees shouldn't be discussing previous calls with players before or after the games, especially in the manner Staphane Auger did with Alex Burrows. You don't threaten a player with a penalty call because you thought he got over on you in a previous game. Referees mingling with players to discuss previous calls should be strickley prohibited.

  • BattlingBishop 5 Feb 6, 2010
    Sports Legend

    ^I see! It's not easy being an official. I was a baseball umpire for a few years, man that can be tough. Best I can tell, 50% will tolerate ya, the other 50% would like to kick your A--.

  • bigoldbillybob Feb 6, 2010
    Bench Warmer

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    I just figure that out of 100 or so decisions they might make 95 or more of the calls are correct, or at least you could understand why they call it like they do.

  • BattlingBishop 5 Feb 6, 2010
    Sports Legend

    ^Curious, where did you get that number (95%)? That's impressive if accurate!

  • bigoldbillybob Feb 6, 2010
    Bench Warmer

    The refs in the NHL are more than qualified and are (95+%) correct.

  • BattlingBishop 5 Feb 6, 2010
    Sports Legend


    Can't honestly say I'm a "big" hockey fan, grew up in NC playing baseball, football, some b-ball. Never thought NC would have a hockey team but I'm glad we do. Most of my teammates (baseball) in college were from the northeast (the Italians were my favorites), I grew to like hockey from being around them. As for the officiating, not sure throughout the NHL but I've seen to many bad calls in other sports...to many bad calls that refs/umpires should be held accountable. Hockey is no different & it appears the officiating is just as bad. Anyway, I don't follow the NBA, follow Major League Baseball sporadically since their 90s issues, will say to h3ll with the NFL if they go on strike in 2011. If the NFL goes on strike, I'm just about ready to say the h3ll with traditional Pro Sports in this area (baseball, football, basketball) and may become a hockey fan, along with golf, nascar, tennis. I've had it with the greed, the attitudes, bad officials with agendas, etc. Good luck on your paper.

    Just an fyi, I've been to see the Canes & TV does not do that sport justice. Much faster live & I enjoyed every minute of it. Little late on the response!

  • 5Rs Feb 6, 2010
    Towel Boy

    Some of the teams (the Rangers, for example) get away with way too much stuff - hitting after the whistle, always taking swipes at players on the other teams and trying to get retaliation penalties. When the officials let it go, the game degenerates into thuggishness.

    Some of the officials whistle down every little thing in the first and second periods, then swallow their whistle in the third period. Such deliberate inconsistency is very frustrating for the players and fans.

    This year, the linesmen seem to be missing more offside calls on the blue lines, to the extent that I wonder if they haven't been told "if it is real close let it go".

    In general, if your team is mired at the bottom of the standings the quality of officiating is less important than if you are fighting for a playoff spot.

  • edits Jan 20, 2010
    Sports Legend

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    Thanks kornisgreat! I had not seen your post until today, glad you will be on my coaching staff.

  • kornisgreat Jan 18, 2010
    All Star

    Anything else u want me to answer please ask.

  • kornisgreat Jan 18, 2010
    All Star

    Sorry edits this is the 1st time ive seen this, the refs are definitely an issue, some of them are good but some of them are just one sided. Caniacs are the best fans in the NHL in my book even in a bad season, they are still supporting the Canes by going to the games and cheering even though they are having a bad season.

  • edits Jan 14, 2010
    Sports Legend

    By the way, I really want your opinions, this is my topic for a paper I am working on for school, TG it's not for English, I apologige for the misspelling of Stephane and Cannucks. Thanks!

  • edits Jan 14, 2010
    Sports Legend

    We've all seen it, the questionable calls, inconsistent officiating. Alex Burrows of the Vancouver Cannuck expressed his dissatisfaction with Staphane Auger the other night after a game against the Nashville Predators. I'm not surprised it happened, it could happen right here in Canes Country. Typical for the NHL and protecting the officials, they are always beyond reproach. I don't fault Burrows for his comments at all and his comments are not detrimental to the league or the game, just to the upper echelons of the NHL. He was fined because he is bringing to light the problem with the officiating in the NHL, something that needs to be done but the NHL refuses to even acknowledge that there is an issue. Why haven't we heard the official's side of the story and why would Burrows say something of that nature if it weren't true?
    Burrows did what I suspect a lot of other players have wanted to do.
    I want to know what you think.

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