Hurricanes optimistic heading into offseason

Posted April 9, 2012
Updated April 10, 2012

— For the fifth time in six seasons since winning the Stanley Cup, the Carolina Hurricanes players faced questions about not making the playoffs.

“No one wants to be in this position,” said captain Eric Staal. “No one wants to be out of the playoffs, it’s been a few years and that’s frustrating.”

Unlike last year when the Canes missed the playoffs on the last game of the season, there’s more optimism this time considering the team’s hot second half after Kirk Muller became head coach.

Jennings: Hurricanes head into offseason Jennings: Hurricanes head into offseason

“He just asked us to be accountable and compete and I think that’s what the guys did,” said forward Jeff Skinner.

“The players responded they played really well in the second half, and you can’t help but wish or wonder how it would have been different if we played like that in the first half of the season, we probably would be in the playoffs right now,” said goalie Cam Ward.

General manager Jim Rutherford already locked up the team’s top free agents during the season and has plans for what he wants this offseason as well.

“Another top line player to play with Eric Staal,” said Rutherford. “Based on my conversation with Mr. Karmanos he agrees that that’s something we want to do. Not what we’ve done in the past where we’ve gone to the second tier free agent group, or the third tier or the fourth tier, it’s a top line player, and if it’s available by free agency or trade we’re going to do everything we can to make that happen this year and not the following year.”

Rutherford also said the team will expand Rod BrindAmour’s duties as an assistant coach and put him behind the bench during games.


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  • americaneel Apr 10, 2012

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    Just having some fun. Do like hockey but disappointed in this team's performance.

  • jazzmanjim Apr 10, 2012

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    I know I am eternally optimistic. I have been a huge Canes fan since they came to NC. I know they have let us down in the past. I just have a feeling that this year is going to be different. I see Kirk Muller as an addition that changes everything.

    Honestly, I wish I could buy season tickets. I live too far away, as a musician I am almost always working at night, and don't have money to spend on something I can't use. I still try to watch every game I can, and go to as many as I can.

    I am not saying I think less of anybody that chooses not to continue being a STH, but I think next year is going to be a break out year for the Canes. I think it is going to be the beginning of a new era in Hurricanes History, and if I could I would be there for every game.

  • jazzmanjim Apr 10, 2012

    View quoted thread

    I have no problem with you posting what you want, but most of the problem I have is that you spend your time posting comments that show that you have some disdain for the Hurricanes in general. You have never shown that you care about this team in any way, but you continue to post on here mostly just to stir the pot. I have asked you several times to tell us why you have a disdain for the Hurricanes, and it seems hockey in general, but you have still not done so. I would genuinely like to know what it is about hockey in the triangle that bothers you so much, but you have yet to supply us with an answer.

    Your comment about Karmanos threw me for a bit. For a moment I mistook you for a concerned fan. Then I looked at who the comment was from, and realized you were just back trying to stir the pot. It was admittedly a better job at it though. I have got to hand it to you.

  • jazzmanjim Apr 10, 2012

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    I have no problem with anyone not renewing their season tickets. I was just saying that I am very optimistic about next year seeing the turn around for the second half, and think the whole season was not a bust just because we did not make the playoffs. There were some missed opportunities in the second half definitely, but the improvement was tremendous. I think that will be an improvement that will continue next year,and if you miss out on renewing your season tickets you may miss some great games.

    As for the comment to americaneel. He spends most of his time on here bashing hockey in general and has more specifically taken it upon himself to bash the Canes just for existing.

    Most of his comment look like this "Who Cares", "Whoo hoo the canes win a game", "Now there is more room for real sports" I think everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I just wish he would give an opinion that could be debated. He has never given any reason for his cane loathing, and I find it interesting that he would spend time posting about something he seems apathetic to.

  • mesocell Apr 10, 2012

    Well... what to take from this season. I like that JR and the Canes tied up our FA during the season. I think each move made at the time was good. However, I still think the Canes need defense more than another scorer. Ward is the type of goalie that can stand on his head and carry the team provided he has a decent D in front of him. I didn't make it to many Canes games this year, but everyone had some rather basic defensive breakdowns that lead to goals. Granted, it's hockey, it will happen, but IMHO it happens too many times.

    Yes, another top line forward to pair with Stall would be great, but lets build the D. Faulk was a great find, but you don't see too many top notch blue liners that young. There is some more good D talent in the farm system, but that usually takes time to develop. Ward and Stall are still pretty young, but we are running out of time if we expect 19 - 20 year olds to man the D game in and game out.

  • americaneel Apr 10, 2012

    This just in: WRAL is putting out a release that going forward all posts will be filtered by jazzmanjim. If he sees anything that is contrary to his thoughts or it is something he is offended by he will delete the post. We must respect the self renowned all knowing wizard.

  • americaneel Apr 10, 2012

    View quoted thread

    jazzmanjim, I see you are a little defensive and cranky but you do have a good point about the ameriCANEel...I have been busted!
    In regard to your incessant comments about posting drivel, etc. I apologize, forgot I was competing with the all knowing, self renowned expert on everything.

  • caniacman Apr 10, 2012

    It is obviously anyone who is a STH decision to renew or not renew. I am also one and gladly renewed. Did they blow leads sure, did they also have come from behind victories yes. No one should base their decision on renewing on shootouts. There is no coaching that can change that. It is a crabshoot and even though fun to watch a horrible way to award the extra point. Florida won the division because they got games to overtime before they lost. The NHL needs to look at that. Now back to the Canes, the building blocks are there folks, some of the forwards did not develop this year like anyone had hoped, but you can see guys like Faulk and Tlusty turn the corner, Bowman did show promise as well. If Dumolin or Murphy hit or both, wow the back end is set for years which will allow them to trade or pick up a UFA. I would tell anyone that did not renew why not wait and see what happens in the offseason? Maybe they will make that move that changes your mind.

  • chuck2 Apr 10, 2012

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    Me also, If they, JR and Karmanos, follow through with what they are saying.

  • Luv2Camp Apr 10, 2012

    jassmanjim - I am optimistic about next year, but I was also optimistic about this year. I remember JR once saying that it was the responsiblity of the team to put a product on the ice that will draw folks into the arena. He was right. Let's hope he can turn this team around next year.




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