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  • WolfPackInDaHouseV.15 Dec 20, 2012
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    Says the one too scared to post on the pansy board.


  • DooksucksV3 Dec 20, 2012
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    Their hurt is obvious and sad.

  • BlueBawling Dec 20, 2012

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  • carolinacrossdresser Dec 20, 2012

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    He is welcome at my house anytime.

  • Wolfpocalypse Now Dec 19, 2012

    I'm somewhat glad to hear he didn't off himself, mainly just so he could live to hear about that terribly embarrassing loss the Tarholes just suffered against an unranked, 6-4 (now 7-4) Texas team, which was missing its starting point guard. Umm... good luck finding those gerbils.

  • Mr. Jacob Summers Dec 19, 2012

    You know you've ruffled a few feathers when this...... ^^^^^


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