Official Thread for Wolfer Crybabies to Complain About Refs and Commentators

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  • 86WolfAlum Jan 24, 2013

    Hmm I thought I was very clear, no anger, just compassion for those less fortunate and with a somewhat less than inspiring life displayed for all to see here on the forum. Thanks for your support Ernest T. seen the Darlings lately?

  • The1 Jan 24, 2013
    Sports Legend

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    Still mad?

  • 86WolfAlum Jan 24, 2013

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    Just in case you didn't catch it on the other threads:
    UPDATE: The Official I hate Ted Valentine AND Sassie, Truth, All, etc. thread
    They both are moronic tools who blow their whistle (the latter by trollin on the pack forum) for the sole purpose of self aggrandizing their miniscule lives by attempting to gain the "spotlight" in their respective chosen fields. Teddy at least makes the tube, (Truth, All, Sassie, and whatever other dissociative identity he may pound out) however lives in his mommies basement in Oak Island and claims her possessions as his own, while attempting to belittle anyone who supports NCSU as she cannot get past the rejection of attempting to enroll at the fine university some 25 + years ago in Raleigh, NC. It truly is sad that this ewenic tool has no other life than to constantly troll the sports forum of the university he so desperately tried to become a part of but again just didn't measure up to. There are other pathetic attacks on the lawnmower guy, as sassie's fury of having to mow mommies lawn to assist in his room and board situation with his own maternal parent drives him to countless LMFWAO posts, while the truth of the matter is that he frequently sobs in his small basement home over his real status in life. His disparaging posts are a rueful attempt at boosting his own self esteem which has suffered for many many years. So Wolfpack brotherhood when you see the infantile dribble from any of his many identities splayed across these pages remember to express your compassion for those less fortunate and to tip him as you enter the Wally World there in Southport for he is trying (as a greeter) to enrich a truly poor life thus far, we wish him well in his pursuits.

  • TruthisKnown Jan 24, 2013
    All Star

    Looks like some wolfers are using the crying thread. Particularly my yard boy! HOOT....Bwhaaaa!

  • TruthisKnown Jan 23, 2013
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    Waaaaaaa! A career cutting grass....lmao! Poor thing. Keep telling yourself that. I know your parents are still proud of you even with a childs job. Let me know if you need some work and we can work out some yard work or cleaning my boat or garage or something. I really do feel sorry for you and I am not kidding. Let me know if you need a hand out or meal or something I can help with.

    Poor lawn mower Boy. Not much of a job but at least he is to give him credit for that. Sounds like he has some learning issues and needs support from us all!

    LMFWAO!!!!! Bawhaaawwww!

  • lawnmower guy Jan 23, 2013

    i man up everyday i get out of bed boo hoo tool. I actually have a career unlike you. credit the deamon deacons for their performance last night. they outplayed the pack. they also wanted the win more than we did. we never claimed to go undefeated. it's a competitive league. bet the house we finish the league better than your garbage tarholes. you let me know when you want to discuss something of value for a change.

  • TruthisKnown Jan 23, 2013
    All Star

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    Glad you could make the site set for wolfers to cry about refs.....LMFAO...MAN UP...your team can lose on their own.....LMAO!!!! What a tool box you are....lolololol.......wanta cut my grass???? LMAO!!!!

  • lawnmower guy Jan 23, 2013

    settle down boo hoo tool. we've seen enough LMFAO. you sound like a 12 year old. it's time for that peanut brain of yours to coin something new to say.

  • TruthisKnown Jan 23, 2013
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    What a crybaby you are and now the whole world sees what a wuss you are and how the fanbase thinks for the Dream tEam....LMFAO..... What a joke ......lolololol

  • 86WolfAlum Jan 23, 2013


  • TruthisKnown Jan 23, 2013
    All Star

    Someone needs to email "Doctor" (snicker) Yow about this immediately! LOLOL

  • TruthisKnown Jan 23, 2013
    All Star

    Waaaaa, scawahhhhhh, 86wolfalum has blown a gasket starting a crying thread on his own teams site. HOW embarassing for IT!!!!! They just refuse to man up and accept any loss.

    Bwahhhhaaaaaa, waaaaaaaaaa. The refs, commentators, Swofford and everyone is against the state just aint fair.......LMFAO!!!!

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ATP Scoreboard
Tuesday, Jul. 25
Suisse Open Gstaad (ATP)
First Round
(8) J. Sousa6 6    
S. Giraldo3 3    
T. Monteiro77 3 6   
A. Dolgopolov65 6 3   
(7) D. Lajovic3 63    
D. Brown6 77    
Atlanta Open (ATP)
First Round
(5) K. Edmund6 7    
M. Baghdatis3 5    
R. Opelka7 614 1   
M. Jaziri5 716 6   
B. Fratangelo5 6 63   
V. Pospisil7 4 77   
(6) D. Young6 6    
T. Smyczek4 2    
F. Tiafoe7 4 65   
J. Millman5 6 77   
P. Gojowczyk4 6 77   
G. Pella6 3 65   
T. Fritz65 4    
C. Eubanks77 6    
D. Sela7 6    
K. Kravchuk5 2    
German Open (ATP)
First Round
(2) P. Cuevas6 5 4   
A. Kuznetsov3 7 6   
(3) K. Khachanov6 6    
R. Molleker4 3    
T. Haas5 2    
N. Kicker7 6    
C. Berlocq78 5 3   
F. Delbonis66 7 6   
P. Kohlschrei6 6    
A. Rublev3 1    
(1) A. Ramos-Vino77 3 64   
L. Mayer63 6 77   
(7) F. Verdasco67 77 0   
J. Vesely79 60 0   
WTA Scoreboard
Tuesday, Jul. 25
Ericsson Open (WTA)
First Round
K. Kozlova3 6 77   
M. Bjorklund6 2 64   
I. Bara2 6 2   
E. Mertens6 4 6   
(5) C. Suarez Nav6 6    
J. Paolini1 0    
P. Tig2 3    
A. Rus6 6    
M. Trevisan4 3    
V. Golubic6 6    
C. Lister1 2    
A. Krunic6 6    
E. Alexandrov4 6 65   
E. Kulichkova6 4 77   
(1) C. Wozniacki6 3 6   
P. Parmentier3 6 2   
(9) J. Larsson77 5 64   
M. Barthel63 7 77   
B. Krejcikova6 6    
A. Beck0 0    
(8) J. Goerges4 2    
V. Tomova6 2    
(3) C. Garcia5 6 6   
I. Begu7 3 4   
(6) K. Bertens6 6    
C. Witthoeft1 4    
Jiangxi Open (WTA)
First Round
J. Lu6 1 78   
Z. Diyas3 6 66   
(5) Y. Duan5 4    
A. Rodionova7 6    
M. Kato1 4    
Y. Wang6 6    
(6) J. Jankovic6 7    
J. Kang2 5    
(8) R. Ozaki0 5    
L. Zhu6 7