We beat a team we should beat!

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  • kato_karma.v4 Jan 29, 9:49 p.m.
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    somebody is mad.

  • GoPack76 Jan 29, 9:47 p.m.

    Wow Harr. What exactly is going on in wolfer land negatively about the Dream Team? Other than... View More

    — Posted by The Favorite

    Such ignorance....nobody ever ordained us as preseason national champs. The media only does that with unc and duke. It just kills unc fans to hear that state is better than them. And to the that keep saying kerlina is having a rebuilding year.......really? Is that why you were ranked 11th to start season, , because it was a "rebuilding" year? How convenient to say after you lose some games. We've lost 3 games by a combined 6 points....all on the road and this one tonight, with lorenzo not playing. Unc gets down by almost 30 to any good team......good luck in March.'ll need it.

  • RD n NC Jan 29, 9:34 p.m.
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    Not tonight, but NO ONE is shocked by this.

  • harr2006 Jan 29, 10:22 a.m.
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    ^ This

  • TruthBKnown Banned Again01 Jan 29, 6:15 a.m.
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    LOL at Kerliner fans being happy with a failed comeback after State took their foot off the gas.

  • The Favorite Jan 28, 8:34 p.m.

    LAME with a capital L!!!!!

  • lawnmower guy Jan 28, 8:11 p.m.

    Wolfers let us cut 28 to 5 and let weak Forest win after leading 18. Realy quality operation for... View More

    — Posted by The Favorite

    a W is a W boo hoo tool. we win. you lose. it's really quite simple

  • The Favorite Jan 28, 6:21 p.m.

    Wolfers let us cut 28 to 5 and let weak Forest win after leading 18. Realy quality operation for the DREAM TEAM!

  • Tar Heels Victory-Show No Mercer Jan 28, 6:11 p.m.
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    They were bound to make a couple of those jacked up 3's at some point...We went into zone D they... View More

    — Posted by harr2006

    Those 3's were by good shooters, so they were not "jacked up". But, in the end, the OP is correct. State beat a team they should have beaten.

  • harr2006 Jan 28, 4:35 p.m.
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    ^ better? :)

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