Isn' It Cute the Way Dookie Rush to Defend Their State Kollege Boyfriends!!

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  • The Favorite Feb 1, 2013

    When you are always on the top everyone hates you! Jealousy runs rampant and particulalry among the state kollege domain!

  • Chapel Hail Jan 31, 2013
    Sports Legend

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    ... band-wagoners, front-runners, and mental patients all have something in common, they possess a very fragile psyche that demands immediate predictable rewards, or else, the else being they self destruct, poof, like the Heels did against STATE in basketball just a week ago.

  • Unc r Hypocrits Jan 31, 2013
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    You obviously don't know much about politics. You can also include Wake Forest with Duke and State fans. It's okay. The rest of us are used to UNC fans living in their own universe...alone. :)

  • The Favorite Jan 31, 2013

    For once you are correct......LB

  • PacknoPride Jan 31, 2013
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    everyone but state kollege should be your enemy, If Carolina is your only emeny then that = obsession.

  • TsKaMF Jan 31, 2013
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    Eloquently said TB. That's better than F--K ewenc or GTHC....which was my 1st gut response.

  • Unc r Hypocrits Jan 31, 2013
    Sports Legend

    Pretty logical, really. "The enemy of my enemy is my friend."

    If everyone knew much about history and politics, this thread would not exist.

  • kato_karma.v4 Jan 31, 2013
    Sports Legend

    LOL @ another WolfDevil.

  • larrys080 .v1 Jan 31, 2013
    Sports Legend

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    Dumb comment! 99% really? Maybe on these boards thats true about all that post but out in the real world. I certainly don't base my opinions on people by which college they choose to pull for.

  • Sports Talk Only Jan 31, 2013
    Sports Legend

    Still lying and posting stupid chit! PLEASE grow up and act like an adult! Oh, wait, your naptime is here. Go bye-bye, Head Liar!!!

  • The Favorite Jan 31, 2013

    We must add Dookblows to this wonderful list. She is taking up for her wolfer man with a passion. She is proud to be a dookwolfer girl!!!!!

  • The Favorite Jan 30, 2013

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    Welcome. Though you are as full of sheet as a xmas turkey. Another alter ego like TB has ashamed. Sad when you have to hide behind a separate screen name to say what you want to say.

    But thanks for the flattering compliments. I welcome you to post and keep saying these nice things about me. Your screen name was a poor choice though as the pack is defintiely not baack. 3 losses in 5 games and several more within a week. Not too back IMHO!!!

  • PackisBack Jan 30, 2013
    All Star

    The maturity level in these forums speaks volumes about lunatic fans from all schools. But after reading these forums for about a year now I finally decided to post. Sassie has got to be in high school or younger. I have never read such child like post on any forum. The amazing part is I think this person actually finds themselves amusing. Ending a post in Bahhhaaaa.....Bwaaahaaaa shows the intelligence level of this kid. I feel sorry for his parents. They have failed.

  • kato_karma.v4 Jan 30, 2013
    Sports Legend

    True that...

    and in the rare occasion a dookie slights the wolffies...

    they just hang their heads and drag their tails.

  • The Favorite Jan 30, 2013

    903/69, Randi, MOW-Dook and company all have rushed to defend TB, TBK, Duh-wayne and the wolfer crew after another beatdwon by a lower team. They feel they must since the wolfers are too ashamed to defend themselves. It really kind of makes you feel warm all over though the way they defend their boyfriends! I just wonder if they will declare a tie and not even play the state/dook game. they are just soooo close to one another!

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