State and UNC ACC Records Since January 12th

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  • barthc98 Feb 17, 2013

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    Just a minor point.... the win against Chaminade HS does not count to the NCAA selection committee.... so the actual meaningful UNC winning percentage is 0.667.

  • 86wolfAlumn Feb 16, 2013

    UNC will probably be saying state as we are playing like krap!

  • 86wolfAlumn Feb 16, 2013

    Wait and lets see how the games turn out before we call it

  • 903 mens national championships Feb 16, 2013
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    All the selection committee has to ask is one question: Who did you beat?

    UNC's answer - no one
    State's answer - Duke

  • larrys080 .v1 Feb 16, 2013
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    If the tournament selection was today State makes it in before Carolina based on the entire season. #nobrainer

  • Wolfpackindahizzy4shizzy Feb 16, 2013
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    You're so very welcome :)

  • Prof. Swahili Feb 16, 2013
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    And they call us tarheel fans arrogant. smh
    When we are arrogant we will let them know. lol

  • Lux Libertas Feb 16, 2013
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    When state college becomes "Better Than Us"...we'll be sure to let ya know.

    Thanks ever so much.

  • Wolfpocalypse Now Feb 16, 2013

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    One of those 3 losses suffered by the Tarholes was on Jan. 26th, when they were beaten mercilessly by the mighty Wolfpack.

    91-83 NCSU. Scoreboard, schmuck.

  • GoPack76 Feb 16, 2013

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  • GoPack76 Feb 16, 2013

    You know what drives me insane? If we were to beat them in Chapel Hill, they would still find something to talk trash about. They will NEVER except that State is better than them!

  • gamnell Feb 16, 2013

    State's winning % - .720
    UNC's winning % - .680

    State has a 2 game winning streak. UNC has a 1 game winning streak. UNC is a bubble team, NC State is not.

  • 903 mens national championships Feb 16, 2013
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    UNC still doesn't have a signature win. State has multiple signature wins.

  • GoPack76 Feb 16, 2013

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    You trolls on here saying State fans were claiming a National Championship are ridiculous. I have never met a single state fan who thought we were going to win the national championship, no matter how good we were supposed to be. You trolls saying that are complete liars. You are twisting the truth. Meanwhile, a lot of UNC fans like to act like they are "rebuilding" and weren't supposed to be good. Really? Is that why you were preranked 11th?

  • barthc98 Feb 16, 2013


    In that span wd beat a #1 rpi, and a #34 (you remember that one, don't you?)

    Same span, UNC biggest win? #63 FSU.

    Wanna go back another week? This is fun!

  • My Name is Bobo Feb 16, 2013

    ^^^Good post! KT just makes it sound like if a team does well in the start it does not matter how they do the 2nd half of a season whcih is baloney! The start of the year is when teams are getting their lineups adjusted etc and state kollege was fortunate to have practicaly the entire starting line up back from last year except 1 position whcih was a definite advantage.....Actually an advantage that state fans thought was giving them the ACC and Natty Chumpionship but that sure aint going to happen!

  • GoPack76 Feb 16, 2013

    I've never said UNC didn't have a chance to get into the tourney. It's UNC.....the selection committee can't wait to put them in. They'll be looking for any reason to put them in. You also have to realize that State is also better than their record. 4 games lost by 7 points total. I think state will finish 11-7 and be in and UNC will finish 10-8 and get in, but with the help of doing well in ACC tourney. Basically, UNC is mirroring exactly what State did last year. Rough start, then start playing better and get hot right before ACC tourney.

  • My Name is Bobo Feb 16, 2013

    I think saying the wolfpack is a lock and we have no chance when you look at the trends is stewpid.
    We have been winning and are 7-3 for the past month and looking to win more including kicking wolfer tail at the DD!

    State kollege is playing at a .500 clip the past month and the last 2 games against teams with losing streaks already have been buzzer wins.

    In other words....UNC > Wolfers RIGHT NOW!!!! Wolfpack going down and we are spiraling up!!!!

  • GoPack76 Feb 16, 2013

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    So, you don't think the whole season matters and you think KT is the one who is ignorant?

  • My Name is Bobo Feb 16, 2013

    I guess with your logic you could win your first 20 games....lose 10 in a row in conference and first round of ACC and be alock for the NCAA.......What a foolz you are. I used to think you were all right and had a little Cents but after several of your posts today about this and Gott-fired strategy at the end of the regulation which backfired I have changed my mind and you are just a stewpid nutz!!!!
    Sorry dude but you are either drunk or stewpid!!!

  • KT Returns Feb 16, 2013
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    Pleas show me where the NCAA selection committee only considers records since jan 12th, or gtfo. We'll wait.


  • My Name is Bobo Feb 16, 2013

    You are a complete dumE! If you girls lose many more games and play poorly in the tourney you will get NOTHING!!!
    Act like you know something about sports!

  • KT Returns Feb 16, 2013
    Sports Legend

    Luckily for us, the NCAA selection group looks at the entire season, not just records since Jan. 12th you dolt.


  • My Name is Bobo Feb 16, 2013

    UNC = 7-3

    State kollege = 5-5

    End of story!!!!!!

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