Charging rule needs to go away

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  • TsKaMF Mar 1, 12:45 a.m.
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    You mean like when travel hopsflop would bunny hop 1 to 3 times then go into a 3pt.stance, lower his shoulder & run over someone ?
    Or just talking about falling down as if you have been hit by a sniper ?

  • Hokies94 Feb 28, 4:07 p.m.
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    Question: Is the defensive player's torso in position before the offensive player begins his upward motion to shoot the ball? The rule is that a charging foul cannot be called if the play occurs within a 4' radius around the center of the basket or the so-called restricted area. This is why in a blick of an eye that officials have a difficult time between a charge and foul. Most of the time the officials have an easier time to make a call. But. When the game is close and the teams are tied for example: Officials sometimes don't make a call and allow fouls to occur, especially at the end of close games. Kansas was fortunate this week.

  • Heels2Win1982 Feb 28, 3:48 p.m.
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    The number of steps does not matter as the player can dribble right into someone = charge. The continued judgeent call and technical for the blatant fakes would be the best solution IMO!

  • Ken D. Feb 28, 3:16 p.m.
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    It will be hard to get rid of the charging call, I admit. I just wish they would do something to... View More

    — Posted by TruthBKnown Banned Again01

    A defender can't try to "block the shot" until the offensive player actually shoots. If the offense is in the act of driving, and not the act of shooting, there is nothing a defender can do without fouling him unless he stands still. It's his only option other than just stepping out of the way and conceding a basket.

    I have a problem with a defender stepping in front of a driver so late that the offensive player has no option but to run into him. If the defense is there in time to allow the driver to pull up for a jumper or dish off, and the player continues to the basket, I have no problem calling an offensive foul.

    Maybe the answer, as someone else pointed out, is to count the steps. If the offensive player has taken two steps after the defense is set it's a charge. One step it's a block.

  • TruthBKnown Banned Again01 Feb 28, 2:42 p.m.
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    It will be hard to get rid of the charging call, I admit. I just wish they would do something to "encourage" defenders to actually play REAL defense, like trying to block the shot instead of just standing there hoping for the charge. I just hate that. Make 'em play some REAL defense!

  • Hokies94 Feb 28, 2:30 p.m.
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    While I agree that faking should be penalized, I am not sure eliminating the charge is a good... View More

    — Posted by jmcdow2792

    I liked what you stated about NO Calls.

    Most times the defender doesn't even see the guy screening. It would be difficult to call anything on this one. The worst thing is the moving screen. This needs to be called. Some games they do, and then again they look the other way. This gives the offense a great advantage when they allow moving screens. Even the NBA has tried to call this more than previously.

  • PackisBack Feb 28, 1:59 p.m.
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    While I agree that faking should be penalized, I am not sure eliminating the charge is a good... View More

    — Posted by jmcdow2792

    That is another topic all together. But I hear what you are saying.

  • jmcdow2792 Feb 28, 1:47 p.m.
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    While I agree that faking should be penalized, I am not sure eliminating the charge is a good idea. Perhaps it needs to be more clear about establishing position (distance, number of steps, etc.) The problem I see is screens. Essentially the same play, except the offense is establishing the postion. Do you call a blocking foul on the screener if the defense runs into him? Would need some consistency. Some no calls would likely be one answer to the charge. Maybe the refs instructions should be, unless it is absolutely clear on the charge that no call is made. Many contacts on screens are no calls.

  • GunnyGoesBaaaarf Feb 28, 1:43 p.m.
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    I'd like to see obvious flopping get called for a foul. I understand it's hard to totally eliminate the charge/block fouls. There's no easy answer. Like someone said, seeing something in real time looks one way - and this is what the refs have to react to - but it looks totally different in slow-mo. If the refs started handing out fouls for obvious flops, it would at least help, if not eliminate the charge/block problem. I also think the "no call" zone should be larger - it's too small now.

    And while we're on our "Fan Wish List" - I'd like to see the shot clock down to 30 seconds. If the women's game has it, why not the men's? It helps to speed up the game, and I would think it would be easier for the players to transition to the NBA where the shot clock is only 24 seconds.

  • TruthBKnown Banned Again01 Feb 28, 1:30 p.m.
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    I think the exact opposite. I think the less talented have more of a chance with this rule.... View More

    — Posted by TruthBKnown Banned Again01

    You are entitled to your opinion. I certainly don't think the game is rigged at all. I think... View More

    — Posted by larrys080 .v1

    Larry one question. Can you talk about sports without trying to a dig in? Just wondering.

    — Posted by PackisBack


    What dig? I don't think TBK would deem anything I said as a dig. Guarantee I certainly didn't... View More

    — Posted by larrys080 .v1

    You got a dig in when you assumed this was because State has fared so poorly over the last 25 years in basketball.

    This has nothing to do with that. We've been BAD, no doubt about it. Good officiating would not change that, although an outcome here and there might have been different. But not for the most part.

    I just hate it when I see the offense off and running, and the defender just stands there with his hands in the air and minimal contact results in the charging call. I'd like to remove that from the realm of possibility except in cases where there is heavy contact clearly initiated by the offensive player. That removes the subjective element to a degree, which is always good. Especially in basketball when it is much needed.

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