Doeren names Brisett starter, before the first bowl game is played

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  • SmittyIsScaredOfMe Dec 11, 3:04 p.m.



  • Dr. PwntV2 Dec 11, 2:56 p.m.
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    So comparing what Brissett did to what happened this year makes you feel better?

    Where did I say anything about this making me feel one way or the other?? I'm simply helping out my misguided friend, doser, in understanding that (a) Florida was no "poor team" when Brissett was there and that, as Tyler Murphy proved, (b) being stuck behind Driskel on the depth chart doesn't say anything about you as a player.

    And regarding the stats you posted for Brissett at Florida, those are inaccurate. They're merely his stats from freshman year. Here are the complete stats for his career at Florida though...

    41/74 (55.4%)
    455 yds
    3 tds vs 4 ints
    109.6 passer rating

    Although not great, his numbers aren't terrible either - especially when you consider that over half of those attempts (47) were against #1 LSU, #24 Auburn, and Florida State. None of that matters, however, as I don't see him facing many SEC caliber defenses in the ACC. But while we're looking at statistics, lets take a look at Ryan Mallett's stats during his time at Michigan (before leaving for Arkansas and, later, the NFL).

    61/141 (43.3%)
    892 yds
    7 tds vs 5 ints
    105.7 passer rating

    Kinda looks similar to another QB we've been talking about, doesn't it?


  • SmittyIsScaredOfMe Dec 11, 2:37 p.m.

    ^^^^further proof that pansies don't understand football!!




  • kato_karma3.1 Dec 11, 2:34 p.m.

    Russell Wilson was a good fit in TOBy's system...

    and still got kicked to the curb.


  • SmittyIsScaredOfMe Dec 11, 2:20 p.m.

    More lies from an embarrassing fan base well known for just that (lying).



  • kato_karma3.1 Dec 11, 2:15 p.m.

    Turkey Neck was a good fit in TOBy's system...

    and he got TOBy fired.


  • SmittyIsScaredOfMe Dec 11, 2:11 p.m.

    Brissett simply fits far better in Doeren's system vs, beauchamp's.

    A reality that pansies' just as soon didn't exist.

    Like ALL realities.



  • sportznutV2.1 Dec 11, 1:21 p.m.
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    So comparing what Brissett did at Fl to what happened this year makes to Murphy - if he WAS given the chance he might have done the same???

    These are Brissett's numbers vs BCS teams. The poor kid is being labeled as the savior and when he comes in and is average he will suffer the same wrath that Mitchell did. Doeren could control this situation and will probably lose his job because he isn't

    18/39 (46.2%)
    206 yards
    2 tds vs. 4 ints
    86.9 passer rating

    And he has run for a grand total of 3 yards on 20 carries in 2 years vs. all competition.

  • Dr. PwntV2 Dec 11, 1:10 p.m.
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    Smitty sorry to burst your bubble but I am a State Football Season ticket holder with life time... View More

    — Posted by doser

    Such a poor team? Do you read what you post? The team Brissett was on went to the Sugar Bowl and ended the season with 11 wins and ranked #3 in the nation.

    And the fact that Jacoby didn't play over Driskel doesn't say much about him as a player at all. More to the point - look at what happened with Tyler Murphy this season. The staff at Florida didn't see him as a starter either (third string actually, behind Brissett) but when he came in for the injured Driskel he lit it up and left the fans wondering why he hadn't been starting the whole time. Sounds more and more like Muschamp and his OC just have no idea what they're doing - probably why one of them isn't there anymore and the other is on his way out.

  • SmittyIsScaredOfMe Dec 11, 12:47 p.m.

    Smitty sorry to burst your bubble but I am a State Football Season ticket holder with life time... View More

    — Posted by doser

    Smitty won't like you bursting her bubble.

    Also, tough break on thinking Brissett was on their 4-8 team.

    Being proven wrong must truly suck out loud!



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