Santa Please Bring Us a New Set of Coaches and a New AD at State!

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  • WolfPak1 Jan 4, 2014

    If we do not make the changes mentioned by the poster we will never be better at State. We still have not won a single ACC game in football or basketball!

  • iamcousinbooger Dec 28, 2013

    BestestPackFan, aka Eve declares:

    "Time For Change!!!!"

    Will the entity who screamed that please identify yourself?

  • DookLast WonABowl1961 Dec 28, 2013

    Our bestest running back is in jail, we have the worst coach in D1 football! How could things get worse for my pack?

    Time For Change!!!!

  • Fenrir Dec 28, 2013

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    once again your true colors show. why do you continue to post pro Carolina comments in the state forum? you make opposing statements over and over.... why don't you adhere to your own advice (see above comments) stop obsessing or move to the Carolina site/blog.

  • DookLast WonABowl1961 Dec 28, 2013

    Sad that UNC is bowling today while my pack is just trying to bail Thornton out of jail!

  • erob1967 Dec 26, 2013

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    he is a hole fan that pretends to be a state fan using many different names-- typical hole fan..hope Duke and State fans had a good christmas-- unc fans I could care less as most are atheist.

  • sportznutV2.1 Dec 26, 2013
    All Star

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    Your swahili grammer is showing.Oh the irony

  • DookLast WonABowl1961 Dec 26, 2013

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    First - you are not a Tarheel fan!
    Second - if you were it would be ok just stay on their site and off our wolfpack site
    Third - you are doing nothing but trying to stir the pot for UNC and really are a dook fan.
    Fourth - you sound really but-hurt and need to take a time out and then quit. LOL!!

  • 2ND AMENDMENT Dec 26, 2013

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    Hey man, this is not the real world, it's a blog board. It's OK. Take a deep breath and try and get a grip. Maybe try interacting with people on a face to face basis if you can find anyone willing to hang out w you. LOLsr

  • tarheelrobinsv2 Dec 26, 2013
    Towel Boy

    "Unlike a lot of our fans however I do speak the truth and do not try to make excuses for the shortcomings of our athletic programs." By BestestPackFan

    Oh, so it's ok for you to speak your version of the truth about all things
    NC STATE, yet you and your UNC trolling friends object to my version of truth talking when it involves your beloved Heels, huh?

    Do what you and yours do best...cry and hit REPORT as many times as you can with the hopes of getting opposing views and opinions removed.

  • Fenrir Dec 26, 2013

    best, the majority of my post WAS directed toward state. the last two questions were an attempt to show you how accurate preseason polls are based on a current example of a team we both know. I know he's a follower of the lite blew because he's very well versed in the Carolina way... deny, divert, deflect

  • DookLast WonABowl1961 Dec 26, 2013

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    You must be insane! I am a loyal wolfpack fan and a graduate. Unlike a lot of our fans however I do speak the truth and do not try to make excuses for the shortcomings of our athletic programs. You are the fake UNC fan and need to go back to the dook site and stay. We do not like your kind here in the wolfs den!
    Go pack

  • tarheelrobinsv2 Dec 26, 2013
    Towel Boy


    BestestPackFan is a FAKE PACK FAN! He's a HEELS FAN-TOOL! Ignore the lying
    trouble making plant. Likes to hit REPORT.

  • DookLast WonABowl1961 Dec 26, 2013

    Why do we keep bringing UNC into the conversation? This is about State and what WE need to do to have a quality program. The continuous references to UNC shows the nation just how jealous we are of their success.

  • Fenrir Dec 26, 2013

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    why must you and other simpletons that post here keep trotting out "preseason rank of #6" ? preseason rankings are based on nothing more than assumptions and feelings. there were some serious problems with the attitudes of the players gott inherited from lowe. it seems that with gott's players there is more of a team attitude vs. a me attitude. oh, by the way, what was Carolina's preseason ranking this year? where are they now?

  • DookLast WonABowl1961 Dec 26, 2013

    As big a school as we are we should be able to get a real big time coach to come and take over. We pay good money and it should be attractive to someone as with our losing tradition they could only improve our program. I mean it cannot get worse or at least lets hope not.
    Instead we keep hiring losers and leftovers. Gott was fired from his job for fraternizing with a student. and he was married also. Talk about a great value and integrity system...SMH
    Doeeren is a minor league coach in way over his head and could not even be lucky and win one (just one) ACC game. He also made some of the silliest calls such as the fake punts etc. The guy gave the game to UNC with the fake punt on our 30 yard line!
    Couple the above with my fellow fans above all acting like things are great and looking so good. SMH.....sometimes I wonder if we will ever have a normal sports program.

  • 2ND AMENDMENT Dec 25, 2013

    "No big name coach wants to be in the same neighborhood as K and Roy or wants to play in a rented gym. Wait five or ten years and see what happens."

    He said a rented gym! That makes that dingy shoe box in Durham seem palpable. LMAO!

  • DookLast WonABowl1961 Dec 25, 2013

    As much as I love State how can anyone with common sense say things have never looked better????? We have never looked worse

  • The truth about MERCER! Dec 25, 2013

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    Who is Les Roberson?

  • DookLast WonABowl1961 Dec 25, 2013

    BTW- Gott sure did a lot with all that talent last year! Preseason ranked #6 and end of season not even close to top 75! EMBARRASSING!!!!

  • DookLast WonABowl1961 Dec 25, 2013

    My fellow fans comments above are definitive proof of how delusional and easily pleased/deceived we are. With these atitudes we will always have a terrible program. We just went an entire season with ZERO ACC wins and Central beat our basketball team. We are getting worse and not better but you 3 seem pleased.....LOL! You guys are the ones dismissed. We true pack fans want better than what our teams are producing!

  • thewolfisatthedoor Dec 25, 2013

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    Your cover is blown, Your swahili grammer is showing.The future of sports at state has never looked better. I remember the days when Les Roberson was there, the only times we cheered was the many wins he had over unc, the most remarkable win was the night he was so short on players he had to dress the waterboy and still he beat DEAN. I am still laughing at that one, what a hoot. We will see you the night of February the 1st. Last season state let unc win a game against them. That will not happen this season!

  • kato_karma3.2 Dec 25, 2013

    UNC and dook Offensive Coordinators get lured away based on their success...

    wolpfack Offensive Coordinator returns based on failed fake punts and 'going for its deep in their own territory'.

  • danielsscottc Dec 25, 2013
    Towel Boy really need to change your username bc you arent the bestest Pack Fan...we dont need fair weathered are now excused from PackNation. You are not wanted. The AD made a great hire with the woman's basketball team look how well they are doing......the football coach as ACC Nation said has a great recruiting class coming in. A top 25 recruiting which never happens! ...Mens basketball, 7 wins in a row and this team knows how to play together..volleyball is better than its ever been with their new coach...I can go on. Titles dont come over night...So please leave your Wolfpack Card at the door, it is now expired. Merry Christmas!

  • ACC Nation Dec 25, 2013

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    NC State is always whining and moaning about something. Continuity is the only thing that will bring success to the Pack. However NCS fans will never leave well enough alone. Your new football coach is having a good recruiting year. Give him time to build a program. You have the best basketball coach you can get. No big name coach wants to be in the same neighborhood as K and Roy or wants to play in a rented gym. Wait five or ten years and see what happens.

  • DookLast WonABowl1961 Dec 25, 2013

    The only thing I want for Christmas is a new administration over sports at State. We have been terrible for too long. Come on Santa Claus....Help a brother out!

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