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Fowler: State will hire a women's coach by mid-April

Posted April 3, 2009

— N.C. State athletics director Lee Fowler said Friday he has interviewed Stephanie Glance and others and expects to have a women’s coach hired by the middle of April.

And, by the way, Fowler plans to be at N.C. State then – and beyond.

A rumor making the rounds this week had N.C. State on the brink of a major athletics department shakeup. But university spokesman Keith Nichols said there had been no special meeting of the Board of Trustees, and Fowler said he wasn’t on the brink of leaving the school.

“I’m still here,” he said. “I’ve got a contract through October of 2013.”

Fowler said he had heard the rumor, but assumed it was an April Fool’s joke that had taken off on the Internet.

For now, though, he does have one job on his mind – find the next basketball coach for the N.C. State women’s team. Glance served as the interim head coach this past season, and Fowler has interviewed her for the position.

“I have interviewed Stephanie and interviewed some other candidates,” Fowler said. “The process has begun.”

Fowler expects a decision by the middle of April. State is looking, of course, to replace Kay Yow, who died this past season.

Fowler wouldn’t be specific on what he wants from the coaching position.

“I’m looking for the best coach for N.C. State,” he said.


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  • hnm1960 Apr 10, 2009

    Wow. As an alumnus of NCSU, I am SO embarrassed. Setting aside the total disregard for one of the most revered figures in NCSU athletics, it is taking almost 3 months to hire someone to follow Coach Yow??? (No one can replace her!) I find it hard to believe that Fowler or someone did not see this time coming and put plans in place, which only leaves incompetence as a reason for something so obvious to take two months for the process to BEGIN...

    Will there even be a Women's Basketaball team left next year? Coach Yow's hiring positioned NCSU as a leader in opportunities for women in athletics in NC and the nation in 1975. (And at a traditionally male oriented University, to boot!) Now we are seeing her legacy dismantled and disregarded and cast aside with no discernible plan or procedure to build on the foundation she laid. I did not think that this sad basketball season could get any worse for Wolfpack supporters but it has...

  • AlleyOops Apr 8, 2009

    1. Fire Fowler. I mean, we're not that good even in baseball, wrestling or women's cross country (which is the equivalent of Duke hitting bottom in lacrosse and UNC hitting bottom in soccer).

    2. Either hire Glance or you'd better bring in somebody who has been to multiple Sweet 16's etc (Louisville's coach is my pick just b/c). Now if Fowler brings in a nobody while passing over Glance (who has coached and recruited her butt off in what's been a very unstable NCSU program the past 4 years) then that should be grounds for.. (see #1)

  • leewolf Apr 6, 2009

    As if we didn't need another example of how futile Lee Fowler's reign has been at NC State, the Wolfpack is currently at 69th in the Director's Cup standings, the second lowest ACC school (only GT is lower at 127th). Wake Forest, Duke, and UNC are all in the top 25. Fowler has never presided over a athletic department that has finished higher than 44th in these standings, and his average standing is lower than that of the three previous AD's (Robinson, Turner, and Valvano).

    Of all of NC State's athletics programs, the following programs finished in the top half of their respective leagues:

    Gymnastics (EAGL Champions)
    Rifling (SEARC Champions)
    Men's Cross Country (2nd of 12 ACC teams)
    Men's and Women's Indoor Track (both 6th of 12 ACC teams)
    Football (tied for 5th of 12 ACC teams)
    Men's Golf (regularly finish in the top of half of tournaments played in)

    The rest all finished or are currently in the lower half of the league:

    Baseball (9th of 12 ACC teams)
    Men's Basketball (10th of 12 ACC teams) Women's Basketball (8th of 12 ACC teams) Men's Soccer (7th of 9 ACC teams) Women's Soccer (11th of 11 ACC teams) Women's Softball (6th of 8 ACC teams) Men's Swimming & Diving (6th of 10 ACC teams) Women's Swimming & Diving (8th of 11 ACC teams) Men's Tennis (9th of 12 ACC teams) Women's Tennis (12th of 12 ACC teams) Women's Volleyball (10th of 12 ACC teams) Wrestling (6th of 6 ACC teams) Women's Golf (finished in the bottom of half of every tournament played) Women's Cross Country (10th of 12 ACC teams)

    Seven programs doing alright or well, fourteen doing poorly, and two of the programs doing well (Gymnastics and Rifling) do not compete in the ACC due to lack of other schools in the league fielding teams. These are tangible results that show, once again, how bad a job Lee Fowler is doing. You can build all of the facilities in the world but that does not guarantee wins.

  • TruthBKnown Banned Again02 Apr 4, 2009

    Don't fret, everyone. I still firmly believe something is going down with Fowler, and we just don't know it yet. One thing I noticed in Fowler's remarks... he said he is still here and he said he has a contract through 2013. But notice that he DID NOT SAY HE WOULD BE HERE THROUGH 2013.

    Also keep in mind that only Fowler and an NC State PR rep have spoken about this. No one from the BOT has spoken out. Nor has the Chancellor.

    Something is happening, folks. One more thing (I saved this for last)... I have a friend that knows someone on the inside. My friend asked their source point blank "yes or no?" and their response was that they could neither confirm nor deny anything, but that Lee Fowler WAS NOT going to Detroit for the Final Four (as if to say we just need to do the math to figure this out...)

    If and when there is something to be announced, the university will make the announcement. Just sit tight, and know that good things come to those who wait.

  • tractjoe1 Apr 4, 2009

    We need Leadership from a Coach or AD to help us regain the momentum the Basketball program has had in past years. I am tired of watching film of years past, I want to watch games and cheer loud and proud for the Wolfpack, in the upcoming seasons.

    Please if you plan to make a move do so before the Current AD selects another Coach, that is where I would start. And from internet blogs so would most of the fans. WRAL needs to rely these messages to the Trustees.......They might not realize the fan base has turned. My Vote is to Fire Lee Fowler.....which they should have done......before firing Chuck Amato a few years back........

  • da_man Apr 4, 2009

    Keep Jed Clampett. He gotcha boys a national fishing trophy and didn't even have to use the cement pond.

  • mcbarne2 Apr 4, 2009

    Being a State Fan, I truly hope Fowler is gone. This program with money and alumni has no excuse to be mediocre. I dont expect championships every year, but with our resources our current STATE is unacceptable. Football is finally back. Lets wish Lowe well and hope that Fowler is gone now. He is clueless. Hire Glance for womens bball. GO PACK

  • WufSkins Apr 3, 2009

    Folks - if you believe in it enough, demand a change at the top, but please continue to support the Wolfpack Club. The student-athletes at NC State deserve and need your support. Write your local Alumni Assoc and/or Wolfpack Club rep or the Wolfpack Club directly and express your point of view. But again, please continue to support the Wolfpack Club. Wolfpack Nation deserves a better athletics program and your voice can make a difference!

  • chinquapinboy23 Apr 3, 2009


  • MarcoPolo Apr 3, 2009

    How do you keep a job when you constantly demonstrate poor performance? NCSU has one of the worst athletic programs in the conference. The Men's Basketball team is in a death spriral. I guess the BOT and the college admin just doesn't care. It's the only reason for it.




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