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  • dukeblue82 Oct 19, 2011
    Towel Boy

    Cam Newton has had an excellent start to the season. He is relying on his natural skills to put his team in the best position to win (they're not winning). Anyone who watches Pro Football on a regualr basis knows that it's only a matter of time before NFL defenses catch up with Cam. You could see it Sunday against Atlanta. He got by at Auburn by being a better athlete than everyone else. He won't be able to do that in the NFL for long. I see him having a good year this year. Next year, the rest of the league will catch up and he will probably be out of football in 4 years. Look at the history of the league and QB's like Newton. Vick, McNabb, Vince Young, JAMARCUS RUSSELL (ok he won't be that bad) but without a great coaching staff (sorry Rivera) he won't have a good career. Sorry Panther fans.

  • bpayne812-take two Oct 19, 2011
    Sports Legend

    4th post= Fail

    You will get the hang of it soon enough

  • wmarti Oct 19, 2011
    Sports Legend

    The panthers would be 5-1, 4-2 if they had any defence at all. No quarterback in the history of the NFL has done what he has done so far. So I'm going to have to disagree in the extreme.

  • jayparks0228 Oct 19, 2011

    Not a Panther fan, but why the hate on Cam?

  • redistrumps Oct 19, 2011
    Sports Legend

    towel boy, shame on you, it is SO EVIDENT that you HOPE he isn't playing in 2015, ROFLMAO!!!!

  • tdouble232323 Oct 19, 2011
    All Star

    1-5 Panther fans trip me out with their optimism. Don't worry, you will get another top 5 pick this year to help you improve.

  • bpayne812-take two Oct 19, 2011
    Sports Legend

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    I know very well that we have lots of holes to fill, but saying Cam will be out of football by 2015 is a little ridiculous at the moment. The sky is the limit for that kid. But, I will gladly take another top 5 pick to get another piece of the puzzle filled.

  • GhostofSmitty Oct 19, 2011
    Sports Legend

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    True that 22. We may need a replacement for Steve Smith and we need defensive help. Our O line is banged up. This kid is the real deal, his desire to stay in the pocket at just about all costs has sold me and he goes through his progressions. He just needs to get more accurate and up to NFL speed but he is most likely rookie of the year. Young came with alot of mental baggage and I laughed when the Raiders took Russell. Newton has proven he was worth the pick on the field, plus the guys love him. He is also 6-" taller than Vick, just a minor point yunno.

    Did you notice the stadium was full? It did not take long for the guys bailing on those PSLs to pull them back and buy tickets. There is alot of excitement around the Panthers. I say he wins a Superbowl before he turns 29, IMHTHO.

  • dukeblue82 Oct 19, 2011
    Towel Boy

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    I am not arguing that he is good this year. He is. He is a great athlete. Do you honestly think that he could play as well as he is playing now next year, against defenses like the Ravens, Steelers, or Niners? These defensive coordinators live to slow down kids like him. I understand Panther fans are excited. They should be. Let me ask you this. Whould you want Cam Newton for Andrew Luck for the next 13 years? Who, with the right situation, is going to win more Superbowls? If you say Cam, good luck with that. I don't think Cam will ever win a Superbowl, let alone multiple Superbowls. I'm telling you, just look at the history of the game. He is Vince Young all over again. He had a good rookie year too.

  • bpayne812-take two Oct 19, 2011
    Sports Legend

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    The difference between Cam and Vince is upstairs. It takes a mentally tough athlete to play the QB position. Cam is tough as nails. The progression I have seen from him (mind you, with 0 off-season help) from last year, to the preseason, to now is incredible. He gets it. He will only get better in my mind because he is not a head case like Vince.

  • Packman24 Oct 19, 2011
    All Star

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    Can yoy say HATER!!! Go Panters!!!

  • caniacrbc Oct 19, 2011

    Mix some Cammy Cam juice with that Haterade.

  • dtd1961 Oct 19, 2011

    Will somebody get that cup of HATER-AID out of his hands, poor guy. Cam is setting a goal Andrew Luck will never see in his first year.

  • VT1994Hokie Oct 19, 2011
    Sports Legend

    For all of the naysayers out there when he was drafted. WRONG. I have been saying before he was even drafted by Carolina that he would do the job. I doubt that any remember this one. The only flaw was his daddy. Money grubber daddy. For any that can write that he has no future in the NFL must be in Jr. High school, sniffing glue, or has not clue at all. Save it when you read the stats, and mature just a wee bit.

  • cussmikemeout Oct 19, 2011
    Sports Legend

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    I'm going to throw in something else. Cam is a hard worker who wants to win. You can see it in his face and attitude. I'll take him over any rookie qb in the league. Nothing in those wins has been Cams fault. You Cam haters will be proven wrong.

  • johnniepettiford Oct 20, 2011
    Towel Boy

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    The QB's you name have little in common other than they also have the ability to run and, of course, the color of their skin. We will ignore the latter because I am sure that you are not ignorant.

    Lets look at your list.

    Vick - 9th year.
    McNabb - 13th year.
    Young - 6th year.

    a few of my own.
    Steve Young - 15 years in League. (btw, yes he was also a runner with 4,239 career rushing yds)
    Randell Cunningham - 16 year in League.

  • sharrelson Oct 22, 2011
    Towel Boy

    Let's not worry about 2015 yet, lets just play this season out first and see where we go from there. Go..... Panthers... Harrelson

  • yactfirst Oct 23, 2011

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    Cam. Luck still has to make it to the league. You can still wish though.

  • GhostofSmitty Oct 23, 2011
    Sports Legend

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    I'm with you Cuss. I was not in the Cam camp at first as I wanted to see if he was the real thing. Well, he is. The Panthers got a steal with him. He is so far and away better than Vince Young it's scary. He is smart, learns fast, reads defenses very well, can throw the ball like no tomorrow, and run when needed. Steve Smith loves him and that is a huge compliment as Steve is slow to praise. Newton may end up making Luck look like a amateur as Luck is unproven in the NFL, and Cam is. Excellent win today. I love the play calling and the D showed up. Panthers have some holes and need some depth but the stadium was packed and Cam puts em in the seats. Everyone I know is talking about the Panthers.

  • redistrumps Oct 23, 2011
    Sports Legend

    Well it is hard for me to say I am with cuss and lsmtih on this one, but as cuss so accurately pointed out to me last weekend, we may pull for opposite college teams but on Sundays we are pulling for the same team. I was not wanting Cam as well because of his dad baggage, but now I am convinced.


  • GhostofSmitty Oct 24, 2011
    Sports Legend

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    Right Bev, go Panthers. My worries about Cam, and I blogged with another guy about this before the draft, was not anything other than guys who are very athletic and talented, be they black or white (Tebow & Newton) are allowed to win games the way they did in High School, with their raw ability, and the college coaches don't want to upset the apple cart to fix fundamental flaws. I remember pre-draft talk about Tyrod Taylor, and how he had to change delivery and his approach to be a passing QB. Beamer is a phenomenal coach but even he can't spend 2 of a kids 4 years trying to change a style that may not be able to be changed or may have detrimental results or render the player less productive than they were with the old habits. It gets back to short term sacrifice of wins to the long term development of the player, which I don't think any college coach has the luxury of doing.

    Cam's ability to adjust to the pro game, and the reads, has many experts who were questioning him coming back and saying he is making reads and some types of throws that only Brees/Rogers/Manning can make right now, and he is a ROOKIE. After seeing Otah go down again, a 1st round pick, it's great to see Marty Hearney and company (Ron Rivera) hit a walk off grand slam home run that Jerry and the Panthers desperately needed. I was working in Charlotte pre-draft and was there the day Luck decided to not come out and it was like someone dropped a boo-bomb on the Panthers. PSLs being sold for nothing, people falling into toilets, mass hysteria. I don't know how much of a impact Ron Rivera made in draft selection but Herney's track record has not been good, but this one, with Rivera's help, has saved his job IMHTHO.

  • BlueDeviIs00 Oct 26, 2011
    Sports Legend

    DukeBLue you are nothing more than a HATER! i dont' think Cam's arm strength, physical strength, or running ability will deteriorate any time soon. And as for your argument about Defense's learning how to play Cam, how about Cam learning how to read defenses? This kid has been nothing but great in the locker room, film study, etc. He will be a top-5 NFL QB within 2 years.

  • shepherdofwolves Oct 26, 2011
    All Star

    While I disagree with the OP, he failed to mention the best argument to support his case: Daunte Culpepper.

    Pro-bowler his first year as starter, two more pro bowls in the next 4 years, then got hurt and sucked it up for the next five years fading out of the league. QBs who rely on their athleticism often don't develop the other skills necessary to succeed in the league, and so once they get hurt and their athleticism doesn't come back to 100%, then can't make the same plays.

  • starkstrotman Oct 27, 2011
    Towel Boy

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    So how many professional football games have you started on let alone played in. have you coached anything but your mouth! I bet you you are a continued failure withthe ladies also.

  • GhostofSmitty Oct 27, 2011
    Sports Legend

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    I was listening to Dilfer talking about Cam the other day on Colin Cowherd, and man, Dilfer loves him. Says he was born to throw a football and is redefining the QB position at a basic level (7th&8th grade). Said in the Washington game he made about 6 throws that only Brees/Rogers types can make. In the future Dilfer thinks the bigger guys who get put at wideout or tightend or LB may now be looked at as a QB because of Cam. I'm on the CAMWAGON!

    Here is the upside too, how many great players out there who are young and looking to get to a future condender, will now look at the Panthers in free agency, hooking up to the CAMWAGON.

  • bradleyholt Oct 31, 2011

    I want Cam instead of luck. Big strong fast and has a touch on the ball. Luck will have a career that mirrors Carson Palmer and that is a good career.

  • Cragsdale Oct 31, 2011
    Sports Legend

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    Because he can't understand what Cam has done thus far. Yes Cam has natural talent, Rivera has done an exceptional job with what he's got on the field. The Panthers need a secondary that can stop the pass. Our Safeties suck. point blank. We have great LBs, an OK D-line (definitely could use some upgrades), but Overall, the Panthers are an inch away from figuring it all out. Cam is learning every day and he's getting better every day at reading the D.

    The OP is hating because he's probably a colts fan.

  • The Dire_Wolf Nov 2, 2011
    Sports Legend

    If you watch Cam play you will see that he doesn't rely on his athleticism to make plays unless he has to. I thought drafting Cam was a horrible decision, but I can see I was totally wrong about the kid. Stays in the pocket, makes some pin-point accurate throws (see last weeks toss to Steve Smith at the goal line) and most of all has the right work ethic and attitude. Keep in mind to that he came from a spread offense and missed a significant amount of the offseason due to the lock out and is doing this well. While Cam does need to work on his accuracy and decision making a bit, I'm more than impressed with him thus far. On a side note, why, why, why did they let John Kasey go?

  • Lost and Loaded Nov 2, 2011
    Sports Legend

    Kasey was let go only because he couldn't produce the booming kickoffs that are coveted today with the shortened return end. Cam is the real deal - nabbing him now gives the Panthers much flexibility in the draft, and they will be able to acquire some real talent at d-line and o-line, which they really need. Expect them to finish above .500 in the second half though looking at a possible 7-9, 8-8 or maybe even 9-7 finish. They might not make the top 5 for draft pick status - but their draft position will still be formidable with a major piece of their team already done.

  • backnblack1969 Nov 2, 2011
    Sports Legend


  • sheriann1964 Nov 5, 2011
    Towel Boy

    panthers needs a good defense aint noting wrong with cam newton

  • numbaonecamfan Nov 6, 2011
    Bench Warmer

    cam newton aint but 21 he guna b playin till his 40's

  • numbaonecamfan Nov 6, 2011
    Bench Warmer


  • TarheelStateNative Nov 7, 2011

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    Maybe they should lose the rest of games and draft Sean Renfree.

  • numbaonecamfan Nov 8, 2011
    Bench Warmer

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    NFL defence is not gonna catch up with him cause i been watchin everygame game and he dont even bother navigating in the pocket he just absorbs every qb sack if any like once in a blue moon other than late hits i mean u can think wut u want but dudes not lettin em play em

  • GhostofSmitty Nov 8, 2011
    Sports Legend

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    Luck is an unknown and yes, at this point I will take Cam. Every expert out there says the kids is light years ahead of where he should be or they thought he would be. Cam is doing things that he did not have to do in college. Dilfer raves about the guy and he has the MENTAL ability to grasp the position and excel. His teamates love playing with him and believe in him and his off the field behavior has been outstanding. He is a passing QB that can run, Vince was a running QB that could pass. Big diff. And as Dilfer said, some guys are just born to throw a football, Newton is one of them. Get the O line healthy and give Newton a training camp and watch out.

  • cherokeetomahawk Nov 17, 2011

    View quoted thread

    I cannot imagine. He was certainly the best player money could buy at Auburn.

  • robster Nov 21, 2011
    Sports Legend

    What's going to be funny is when the Panthers have the worse record in the NFL again this year and have the top pick in the draft. Will they get rid of one ineffective rookie QB for anothere one? Should be interesting...stay tuned...

  • numbaonecamfan Nov 22, 2011
    Bench Warmer

    panthers never been a superbowl team this is the panthers greatest offensive year ever with cam at qb. honestly this the best they ever been, they may be lacking defensively compared to previous years but thats only cause peppers went to chicago. smith and williams are getting their max potential with a superbowl qb. so no matter how u look at it, this is the panthers best offensive year ever. the defence just needs to step theyre game up and take some pressure off the qb, aswell as the offensive line provide more coverage to allow better throws. quit hatin.

  • NC State #1 Fan Nov 23, 2011
    Towel Boy

    I think Newton will have a great career. We will get a top ten draft pick this year and draft a receiver to help him out. Our poor record has been because of the injuries we have had on defense.

  • rherring23 Nov 27, 2011
    Sports Legend

    Newton will be a very good qb. Sure the NFL teams will adapt their defenses against him next year, but he will also adapt, you can already see signs of that. This is still a young qb, he has a beat up offensive line, he did not have a full pre-season to get ready for the NFL and that is a real big deal in going from college to pro. He does not seem to have a run first mentality as the qbs he is being compared to. Also he has a very strong arm and his accuracy will improve. The only way he wil be out of football is if he gets injured. Saying he got by against college teams is kind of funny, he was a college player playing against college player from Alabama, LSU, Georgia, etc. Now he is a pro player playing against pro players from Alabama, LSU, Georgia, etc. No difference, they have progressed from college, but so has he.

  • rherring23 Nov 27, 2011
    Sports Legend

    View quoted thread

    That is really a funny statement. Come back and make another one when you learn something about football. Newton has already set several rookie records and his stats are better than Manning's was or any other rookie qb. The defense is the problem with the team being they have lost their best defensive player and have had 5 linebackers injured this year. Not to mention 2 offensive linemen also. The Panthers will not even look at another qb unless it is a late pick as a back-up. Also, the worst record, like I said make another post when you learn something about football. It is better to keep one's mouth closed and be thought a fool, then to open one's mouth and remove all doubt. It is clear that you just don't like Newton or the Panthers and don't have a clue what you are talking about.

  • rherring23 Nov 27, 2011
    Sports Legend

    View quoted thread

    Oh and by the way, in case you didn't know it, McNabb, Young and Vick are still playing. I can see how Cam would follow them, how many years has McNabb been playing, Vick? and Young is still there, also Russell. I see all these guys were out in about 4-5 years. Newton is a better qb than either one of them. He has a strong arm and his accuracy will get better as he gains experience. He is only 21 on a team beat up with injuries and not much of a pre-season. And still he is setting all kinds of rookie records. He has better stats than P Manning did as a rookie.

  • UNC9196 Nov 30, 2011
    Bench Warmer

    Dude, please get a clue before posting this garbage. Have you even watched him play? He's a game changer, quit being dumb.

  • GhostofSmitty Nov 30, 2011
    Sports Legend

    View quoted thread

    True that. Off the charts potential because he is a QB that runs, not a runner who is a QB. He will rewrite the book on who can be a QB at the JV level and beyond. Dilfer LOVES him. Wait till he has a full off season of pro development.

  • cussmikemeout Nov 30, 2011
    Sports Legend

    He'll be too old, and in the Hall of Fame.

  • jrj6950 Dec 6, 2011
    Sports Legend

    View quoted thread


    Just saw this thread because I haven't been on these boards in awhile. But Cam is built like a tight end and he can take hits. He is NOT Michael Vick, who is a fragile little girl.

  • BlueDeviIs00 Dec 13, 2011
    Sports Legend

    After driving from Raleigh to Charlotte and spending $300+ to see the Epic Fail that is the Carolina Panthers and Cam Newton, I now agree this thread. He may not be out of football, but he will be out of a starting job if he continues to make these mistakes. You could make the argument that Cam is REGRESSING throughout the course of this year. When was the last time he threw for 300yards? I think it's pretty clear that NFL Defenses have caught up with Cam and found a way to contain him. By only rushing 4 and dropping 7 into coverage, they force Cam to make NFL-caliber reads, which he cannot do. He continues to make mind-boggling plays, both positive and negative. But until he can harness his raw physical talent and arm strength to go with his (lack of) a mental approach, he will continue to turn the ball over and cost us games.

  • BlueDeviIs00 Dec 13, 2011
    Sports Legend

    How many passes did he throw out of bounds down the sideline? Both of his interceptions were HORRIBLE. An underhanded shovel pass with his left hand as he's falling to the ground, and a direct throw into triple coverage over the middle. These are reads that are pretty simple to make-- DONT THROW THE BALL. He continues to struggle with his accuracy as well, missing wide-open receivers atleast 5 or 6 times a game. No one is expecting this kid to be the next Brees, Brady or Rodgers... but if he could just cut back on the turnovers we'd probably be staring 8-8 or 9-7 in the face. Instead, we're sitting at 4-9 with games against New Orleans and Houston. Poor ending to what seemed to be a promising season.

  • BlueDeviIs00 Dec 13, 2011
    Sports Legend

    Vince Young, Mark Sanchez, Ben Roethlisberger, Joe Flacco, Matt Ryan, TIM TEBOW.... just naming a few rookie QB's that that managed to filter out the turnovers by the end of the season. Not all of them had stellar defense's to play with, either.

  • dtd1961 Dec 14, 2011

    Compared to the last two seasons, I have a real big smile on my face. Cam can only get better, but the Defense that is another story.Until the Panthers shore up the D-line and linebackers Cam will just have to pad his stats.

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ATP Scoreboard
Tuesday, Sep. 27
Chengdu Open (ATP)
First Round
D. Lajovic1 6 6   
F. Delbonis6 3 4   
Y. Lu6 6    
R. Stepanek3 4    
(7) J. Sousa63 3    
K. Khachanov77 6    
A. Mannarino6 62 6   
D. Kudla4 77 4   
(8) P. Lorenzi6 3 6   
J. Millman4 6 1   
K. Anderson6 6    
J. Thompson2 4    
(5) A. Ramos-Vino6 5    
M. Berrer4 5    
M. Baghdatis65 77 0   
P. Carreno Bu77 65 0   
(6) V. Troicki 
C. Ruud 
K. Kravchuk 
D. Wu 
Shenzhen Open (ATP)
First Round
(8) J. Vesely6 710    
P. Andujar2 68    
M. Jaziri6 77    
S. Robert3 65    
G. Garcia-Lop5 4    
R. Harrison7 6    
M. Kukushkin6 62 77   
L. Rosol3 77 64   
I. Cervantes6 77    
A. Santillan2 65    
(6) B. Paire65 7 6   
N. Basilashvi77 5 3   
J. Tipsarevic77 6    
Z. Zhang63 4    
G. Elias 
T. Bellucci 
WTA Scoreboard
Tuesday, Sep. 27
Wuhan Tennis Open (WTA)
Second Round
(9) S. Kuznetsova6 6    
M. Brengle0 4    
(3) A. Radwanska6 6    
E. Makarova4 1    
(13) R. Vinci5 2    
Y. Shvedova7 6    
(14) P. Kvitova6 6    
E. Svitolina3 1    
L. Chirico1 1    
D. Kasatkina6 6    
(1) A. Kerber64 6 6   
K. Mladenovic77 1 4   
M. Doi7 0 2   
B. Strycova5 6 6   
(8) M. Keys6 6    
C. Garcia3 4    
(6) V. Williams6 6    
Y. Putintseva3 2    
(10) D. Cibulkova2 6 6   
L. Siegemund6 3 4   
C. Wozniacki6 6    
K. Siniakova4 4    
(11) J. Konta6 2    
S. Zhang3 1    
(2) G. Muguruza 
J. Jankovic 
Tashkent Open (WTA)
First Round
R. Ozaki3 6 6   
E. Kostova6 4 1   
I. Khromachev4 6 6   
T. Martincova6 3 3   
(8) N. Broady6 7    
A. Sadikovic4 5    
(3) C. Buyukakcay1 4    
S. Shapatava6 6    
P. Tig4 6 6   
V. Diatchenko6 4 3   
(6) L. Tsurenko6 6    
E. Rodina0 2    
(7) S. Cirstea5 2    
F. Schiavone7 6    
K. Pliskova6 3 6   
S. Sorribes T3 6 4   
I. Soylu6 6    
S. Soler-Espi0 2    
K. Kozlova6 77    
D. Vekic1 63    
(2) K. Flipkens79 6    
A. Bogdan67 3