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  • littleriver69 Dec 15, 12:57 p.m.

    Cam Newton has had an excellent start to the season. He is relying on his natural skills to put... View More

    — Posted by dukeblue82

    Can yoy say HATER!!! Go Panters!!!

    — Posted by Packman24

    Go Panters? Whats a Panter?

  • dukeblue82 Dec 16, 10:59 a.m.
    Towel Boy

    I hate to say I told you so, but...

  • scousler Dec 19, 5:20 a.m.
    Sports Legend

    Cam is a physical specimen loaded with natural abilities and an extremely good competitive attitude. He makes mistakes in his offensive reads and sometimes fails to put the right touch on some throws, but not often. His ad lib passing skills are not yet up to par. He executes called plays very quickly and effectively, and he can thread the needle when necessary as good as any QB on the league.

    His wonderlic score was not level at 21, proving he is capable of learning and improving at the position - Jim Kelly and Dan Marino had lower scores. He is bigger than Tebow, quicker, just as tough on the run, but has a much better arm.

    Baring major injury, Cam will have a long and successful NFL career of at least 10 years, maybe longer. He has played consistently better than Vince Young, Mike Vick, JaMarcus Russell, Donovan McNabb, Russell Cunningham, or any other rookie running QB that I can think of. I would say he's on par with a QB like Fran Tarkington, and has better physical skills than Fran and can pick up the offensive pass progressions with a year of off season review and preparation.

    Cam has already had a better rookie year than Tarkington did. If Cam is ever paired with the kind of defense that Tark or McNabb played with - expect equal or better results.

    To say that Cam has already reached his peak and will decline rather than progress in his skills does not jive with his attitude - Cam wants to win and will do what it takes to get to the top and stay there. I was not on the Newton bandwagon at first and thought it was a big mistake for the Panthers to draft him - but it was one of the best draft picks ever - he is the real deal.

  • sirg0rd Dec 25, 4:26 p.m.
    Towel Boy

    You obviously have not a single clue about the game nor do you recognize talent.
    Suggest you repeat NFL 101.

    P.S. Visit your ophthalmologist for a new refraction. Suggest a new eye doc you are not using bifocals already.

  • Hokies94 Dec 25, 5:08 p.m.
    Sports Legend

    Cam Newton has done a great job as a 1st year player. The defense has been suspect except in a few games. Newton will be the Rookie of the Year.

  • Hokies94 Dec 25, 6:38 p.m.
    Sports Legend

    Cam Newton has had an excellent start to the season. He is relying on his natural skills to put... View More

    — Posted by dukeblue82

    Did you catch his stats this year? He is a great QB, and all of his stats, and leadership carry weight with us that played and coached this great game. He's going to be the Rookie of the Year. Do you think that will keep him hanging until 2015? He's going to be a Pro Bowler one day.

  • dsalter Dec 25, 6:54 p.m.
    Sports Legend

    Cam Newton has no comparison with Vick. He's a lot bigger for one thing....and can certainly run, but similarites end there. He's being used more in the passing game all the time, with some running plays but next season we'll see a lot more passing and a lot less depending on the run. However, there's not ONE team in the NFL looking forward to playing this team....even this year. Just think about next season when he's got a year under his belt and has Gettis back to help out on receiving. If you don't like the can dial up multiple reasons why ahe won't be around. But, so far, not one iota of talking heads predictions have come true, so I doubt someone who like the rest of us just guesses what might happen states his opinion.

  • GhostofSmitty Dec 26, 6:50 a.m.
    Sports Legend

    Cam Newton has done a great job as a 1st year player. The defense has been suspect except in a... View More

    — Posted by Hokies94

    Hey, Hokie, he should get "sharpest dressed of the year" too. Man was styling in that post game presser. I'm predicting a GQ cover in less than a year!

  • cherokeetomahawk Jan 3, 2:48 p.m.

    Every time I see a blog concerning "the Cam", one thing is obvious. If you say anything against him, you are given the title "hater."

    Some of you guys should learn that negative statements doesn't always translate the "hate" syndrome you attest. After all, we still live in America and are guaranteed the right to speak, (I know this irks some of you) even though you may disagree.

    Most people remember when Cam received "The Heisman", his dad was advised to remain outside the room. What a glaring example of honesty and truthfulness concerning Cam and his dad who aided in spawning him into life.

    Also, I think his grand larceny charge (later dismissed) in Florida doesn't exactly place Cam as a poster boy for "doing things the right way."

    I hope the "camber gear" has learned from his mistakes. However, I'll have to admit he would be welcomed in any of my stores, provided my security people could watch every move he makes.

  • Heyman Jan 3, 2:54 p.m.
    Towel Boy

    I understand dukeblue 82, but this not your average quarterback.

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