Teams with worse luck than the Panthers or the Badgers?

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  • scousler Oct 30, 2011
    Sports Legend

    Ok, Cam overthrew a few key passes and the O-line allowed a couple of sacks that developed into costly turnovers - but still Carolina played too well offensively to lose - why? Because of missed chip shot FG? Really?

    Wisconsin leaves a receiver uncovered in the end zone and loses again on a "miracle play". Some teams just seem to be living under an unlucky star.

    Stanford wins on a fumble near the goal line - unreal - others have luck they don't deserve.

  • VT1994Hokie Oct 30, 2011
    Sports Legend

    The title is like comparing oranges to apples. Cam has done one heckeva job as a Rookie. The defense has been better in the last two weeks. But, they are the reason they are losing in Charlotte.

    Wilson can't carry this team on his arm all of the time. The vs teams watch film, and they have it figured out. Andrew Luck has the guros writing about his phenome skills. As long as they are winning he is in the house. He isn't that much above Wilson. If Wisconsin didn't lost two in a row it would be another story. But. This is why we play the game. Nothing is going to be a given.

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