Time to Replace DELHOMME

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  • airbornemonty Oct 29, 2009
    Towel Boy

    Seeing Jake Delhome on TV really saddens me, he actually looks like a beaten man and I am sure his team members have noticed the same thing. Fox should bench Jake until he recovers his confidence once again.

    Who should replace Jake? I say with Garcia, at least for the remainder of the season, this will give Delhomme a chance to rest.

  • unc96 Oct 21, 2009
    All Star

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    It was time for Delhomme to be replaced at least three years ago. The Panthers rarely make good personnel decisions.

  • StunGunn Oct 21, 2009
    Sports Legend

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    Rivers would be my first choice, but I don't think The Panthers are going to make a move to get in a quality QB, unfortunately. All your choices are good, Roy, but I don't think we'll get any of those.

  • firemansangel Oct 20, 2009
    Towel Boy

    It's time for Delhomme to go!

  • royhill1964 Oct 12, 2009
    Sports Legend

    ^Ryan would be a good choice provided there is no sophomore jinx, so to speak. My #1 choice would be Brady (obvious reasons, 3 SBs), then P Manning, P Rivers, E Manning can hold his own, Brees, etc. I like Rivers because he played locally.

  • Rdi73162 Oct 12, 2009
    Sports Legend

    Matt Ryan would be my choice, or even ,dare i say, FARVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jldunn2g Oct 12, 2009
    Towel Boy

    I know you couldn't wait......

  • royhill1964 Oct 12, 2009
    Sports Legend

    And Ju's agent returns! Just telling it like it is, as always.

  • jldunn2g Oct 12, 2009
    Towel Boy

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    Wow, another "I know you are but what am I."

    I do like Philip Rivers though.

  • royhill1964 Oct 2, 2009
    Sports Legend

    ^I don't LOVE athletes like you. Philip Rivers would be my QB of choice.

  • jldunn2g Oct 2, 2009
    Towel Boy

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    You must really LOVE Jake huh? Four straight choke artist games and you still LOVE him.........

  • royhill1964 Oct 1, 2009
    Sports Legend


  • jldunn2g Oct 1, 2009
    Towel Boy

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    Testaverde is better at 40 years old than Jake will ever be!!!!

  • redistrumps Sep 16, 2009
    Sports Legend

    I think the not so bad part was from 2007 so that was a different story

  • unc96 Sep 16, 2009
    All Star

    "Jake is not that bad"

    How bad does he have to get to be "that bad"?

  • bigheel2k Sep 16, 2009
    All Star

    After this past Sunday's dreadful performance, I thought it might be time to revive this thread. 4INT's and and a lost fumble in less than 3 quarters of action. This coming after the atrocious playoff performance means that it is time to give Moore a shot. There is no way that he does as bad as Jake has done over the last couple of games.

  • Shiger Jul 2, 2009
    Towel Boy

    Jake is not that bad. Many teams have struggled for decades at QB and never come close to the playoffs. We tried a lot of guys while Jake was hurt and ended up with Testaverde????!!!! Just because we get somebody new doesn't mean he will be better.

  • royhill1964 Apr 29, 2009
    Sports Legend


    I agree with you re: Jake Delhomme. Since Jake arrived on the scene in 03, he has thrown for 115 TDs, passed for approx. 18,000 yards, completed right at 60% of his passes, and QB'd the Panthers to but 1 losing record during his 5 years as a starter. I'm not counting 07 as Jake missed around 13 games & the Panthers went 7-9 & missed the playoffs. In addition to that Jake has QB'd the Panthers into 1 Super Bowl which was against NE unfortunately. He's led the Panthers to an 11-5 record twice, a 12-4 record, and 2 Division Titles, & 3 playoff appearances. For all of the Jake haters, you're being a little premature in throwing Jake under the bus. When I look at what he has accomplished since arriving in Charlotte combined with the succes of the Panthers before Jake and after Jake, it's easy to understand why the Panthers opted to stick with him. I would have as well provided I can not get Rivers, Manning, etc. His QB rating is a very respectable 85.1 and he has certain intangibles. I, for one, am glad the Panthers made the right move. I say get rid of Peppers, who does not want to be there in the first place. Maybe Carolina should bring back Peete or Weinkie...............NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • StunGunn Apr 29, 2009
    Sports Legend

    If you can dream, so can I, OK? I really like Jake - he is a soild citizen and seems like one of the nicest guys in the NFL. But, he is consistently inconsistent. Steve Smith makes him look better than he is. People point to last season when they went 12 and 4 (I think that was their record) during the regular season, compared to the year before when Jake had the Tommy John surgery, and they had a losing record. The thing to look at is HOW they won those games last season. Several games were in the last minute or two and could have easily gone either way. The Panthers didn't look like a solid team in most games. The trouble is, they have mortgaged future first round picks, they don't have money to spend due to the Peppers debacle, and they have done nothing to back up Jake. I think this is the last year for John Fox, unfortunately and I think Jake will be right behind him when they bring in a new coach. It's a shame, but I think this will be a very tough year for The Panthers, and they have the second hardest schedule in the NFL. So, I can dream that things aren't really as bad as they look.

  • hubie212 Apr 29, 2009
    All Star

    "When all are doing there jobs, Jake does a great job." I'm still hoping for a quarterback who does a good job no matter what others may or may not be doing. I would like to see a quarter who knows how to scramble when a block is missed. One who consistenly is able to find secondary receivers. One who throws passes that are on the money and require less heroics from the receiver. One who can run a few yards when it is needed. Oh well, I can dream.

  • mccpry2 Apr 29, 2009

    I know, let's trade him for Grossman. With the offense the Panthers RUN, Jake is a proper fit. He is not there as a gun slinger, he is just supposed to manage the game. When all are doing their jobs, Jake does a great job. He's brought them back several times to win the game. Again, trade him for Grossman, or how about Simms?

  • lallen27511 Apr 27, 2009
    Towel Boy

    Jake's a nice guy, but I'd sure like to see someone else back there. Jake is infuriatingly inconsistent. And when he is bad, he's probably the worst QB in the league.

  • hubie212 Apr 27, 2009
    All Star

    I said when Jake first came to the Panthers that they would not win a Super Bowl with him at quarterback. Nothing has happened to change that opinion. I am amazed at this contract extension. He is not mobile, and he is not accurate, yet he is worth several more million.

  • Optimyst Apr 27, 2009
    Towel Boy

    I have an observation about golf that applies to this...

    When you are shooting for the green, either from the tee on a par 3 or on the 2nd shot of a par 4, I think there is something of a bell curve in how satisfied you will be with the shot based on how close the hole it lands and stops rolling. Off the green, you are disgusted, On the green is good and close enough for a one putt is really good. But if it comes withtin inches, it is agonizing to watch it stop.

    Jake was the losing QB in a Super Bowl with a superb performance, the losing QB in a conference championship with a pretty sorry showing and the losing QB in a divisional playoff that stunk even worse, if that's possible. I am not sure it was worse, but people are less willing to look past it this time. This was supposed to be atonement for the Seattle fiasco, not another fiasco.

    Steve Buerlein (sp?) landed his shots on the green but not so near the cup and I would wager he was more popular with most folks at the time he was replaced than Jake is now.

    I am having a really hard time trying to convince myself we should give Jake another shot (not like it is up to me anyway). But most new starting QBs do not go to the playoffs. We could get lucky and get "the guy" on the first try and we have to do this at some point. But as much as I distrust Jake (not personally; I don't think he melts down on purpose), I think we are more likely to have success in the next couple of years with him.

  • royhill1964 Apr 14, 2009
    Sports Legend


    I will just say up front that Jake SUCKED against Arizona. With that said, be careful what you wish for. Jakes numbers are very close to Big Bens in Pittsburgh, aside from the Super Bowls. The Panthers have had their greatest success with Jake behind center. If there are no Mannings, Bradys, Brees, or Rivers in line to replace him, I say we go with Jake. Go back to when he arrived in Charlotte, look at his numbers, the Panthers records, etc. I'll stick with Jake for now! We could have gotten much worse. Let's not forget what happened the prev. year when Jake was injured.

  • TheSTATEment Apr 14, 2009
    Sports Legend

    right rherring, when jake lets go of the ball it could go anywhere. if smith wasn't there he'd lead the league in interceptions. they are not going to replace him because the players like him so much. if he were playing for a coach like gruden, he would have been gone along time ago.

  • thecarolinafan1 Mar 4, 2009
    Towel Boy


  • burnettebuilding Mar 4, 2009
    Towel Boy


  • hltkryn Mar 2, 2009
    Towel Boy

    Ya'll give Jake a lot of credit for a whole ball game. He didn't lose the playoff game by himself. He had NO HELP from the Oline or defence.

  • rherring003 Mar 1, 2009
    Towel Boy

    Jake should have been gone. Smith has made him look good throughout his career. Jake is actually killing Smith, if you think Smith is a great receiver now, what do you think he would be if he had a QB that could hit him in stride. If he did not have to dive, jump, and make great plays on passes that are off target he would have 5+ more tds a year. Fox needs to join Jake and they need to get a room together, no good coach would have left Jake in that long, there has to be alot of love there. Fox has proven time after time he does not have the ability to make game time decisions when it matters. Where was the running game, where were the blitzs. Last year was enough to prove what kind of a coach Fox was. No good Pop Warner coach would have left Carr in as long as Fox did, period. Moore might not have been a great replacement, then again we don't know he was never given a real chance when it counted. Even Dallas said they did not want to get rid of him, but they could not sign the other players they wanted and stay under the salary cap. As far as the defense goes, how can anyone blame them, you can't play defense when you go to the bench to rest for 1 or 2 plays at the most. They did pretty good in the third quarter with some halftime rst until Jake again kept them on the field.
    And yes Peppers is gone, he wants to play linebacker, which is where he should have been last year. He has the speed, with his size there would not be a short passing game against the Panthers, he would shut down the run, and Peppers blitzing from linebacker would be a nightmare for the opponents. But watch the Panthers not trade him, (which they could get a great player or several draft picks) and since he doesn't want to be there, he will play to about 50 percent of his ability next year, then he will leave and the Panthers will get nothing at all for him. How dumb is that? Coaching and management need to be sent a message, smarter people or empty seats.

  • hornet2729 Feb 28, 2009
    Bench Warmer

    i really think if carolina waste another year with jake they are dumb...they have one of the best WR in the game in smith...an jake since he took them to the super bowl has slowly feel apart i will say he still has the short pass down..but when he threw deep this year smith made the play...the ball wasnt were is should have been...

  • TruthBKnown Banned Again02 Feb 2, 2009
    Sports Legend

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    And with two of the best receivers in the league as targets!!!

  • siriusvel Feb 2, 2009
    Towel Boy

    it's hard to get to or win a Super Bowl with a quarterback that can't pass for 300 yards in a game!!

  • johnlong22 Jan 27, 2009
    Towel Boy

    Love the Panthers...hate Delhomme. And unlike what another poster said...we do NOT need Rivers back here in NC, at least not playing for the Panthers. With the anger management issues he has, might as well get Ray Carruth or Adam Jones. Let SD keep his immaturity. We need David Garrard. Garrard's only problem down in Jax is that he has NOBODY to throw to. Seriously, when your leading receiver is white, you got issues. I'm not saying this b/c I'm a Pirate fan...I'm saying it b/c it be da troof. Too bad he's got about 5 years left on his contract down there. Oh well, I pull for both NCSU and ECU in college, I can keep pulling for the Panthers and Jaguars in the NFL.

  • Optimyst Jan 22, 2009
    Towel Boy

    I go back and forth on this. It was horrible and so was the playoff game before that (in Seattle). But the 6 before that were excellent - he posted some of the best numbers of any QB ever in the postseason. He has been the starter for 6 seasons, though one was the injury year when he left after a 2-1 start with an 8 to 1 TD/INT ratio. Out of the 5 other seasons, we went to the playoffs 3 times, missed a game tying field goal at the end of the last game another year and winning that game would have put us in. Anyway, when he starts most of the games we have gone to the playoffs 60% of the time. If we replace him, we stand a pretty good chance of going through a couple of guys who don't do as well before we get someone who does as well or better. I think finding a replacement should be a priority, but I don't think he should be fired immediately. I think the incredibly bad performance in the loss has a lot of people over reacting as far as assessing his skills. He has demonstrated that he can play well at this level. The biggest problem I have with him is trusting that he will play well when he needs to. That is not a small problem.

  • heels4life05 Jan 17, 2009
    All Star

    5 Interceptions, you just hate to see that on the stat sheet...

  • VT1994Hokie Jan 17, 2009
    Sports Legend

    I agree with just about all that you guys have written. Jake was pitiful last weekend. How can a professional head coach, and an Off. Coordinator allow a QB playing that sorry to continue? He is the most inconsistent QB in the entire ranks of all teams. He does do a Bojangles commercial pretty good though.

  • JeninNC Jan 15, 2009
    Bench Warmer

    I agree with everyone i was in pain watching that game. I mean my husband and his friends rushed home from work that night to watch the game. Such a let down. I honestly said to friends watching the game did some one pay Delhomme off he looks like he's just passing the ball directly to AZ. I know no one paid him off but what a sad ending to a great season. Wanted that superbowl game, but I guess I will have to wait and see what next year holds for the Panthers. I love San Diego as well due to being a state fan and LOVE Rivers but I doubt he will come to NC but it would be nice. I agree! :)

  • Jay Jan 15, 2009
    Towel Boy

    I'll agree that 5 interceptions and 1 fumble isn't exactly what you want to submit on your resume for next year; but, that isn't the sole reason we lost the game. The Panther's completely abandoned the running game which results in Arizona's defense only having to cover receivers. I thought it was a sorry display of play calling...and...the defense (ughh), they didn't do much better- I mean, how many times do you have to see Fitzgerald catch the ball before you put someone in his jersey? Make 'em beat you with someone else...Jeez. I'm probably more dissappointed than most people with this loss...but, Jake had a bad game, not a bad year. There were many more contributors to this loss than Jake.

  • Brackettville Jan 13, 2009
    Sports Legend

    If he leaves, he leaves. We will pick up another DE. He hasn't dominated since his first couple of years. I like him alot. But, oh well.

  • mccpry2 Jan 13, 2009

    View quoted thread

    I heard a brief comment on Packman show that Peppers may not be back. I guess we will know before much longer. I hate to see him leave. I still think he is the best player they have on the D-line. Trgovac has him dropping in coverage all the time though.

  • mccpry2 Jan 13, 2009

    Trgovac is the one that needs to go, not Jake. The Defense has gotten worse since he took over. Jake and Steve have great chemistry. Normally Jake does not play that bad, he "just picked a bad day to be bad". Hopefully after 2 years, Jarrett has a handle on the play book. Not sure what his problem is, but he has shown flashes of being a good receiver. I do think they need to draft a good quarterback, but from I have heard on the packman show, they (Fox and Hurney) really like McCown. I haven't seen enough of him to drink that Kool-Aid, but he did get run out Arizona I think it was. I guess we have until August to talk about it. ;-)

  • Brackettville Jan 13, 2009
    Sports Legend

    I feel bad saying it, but Jake is just not going to get the job done. Is it too much to ask that we shoot for a quality quarterback? We have a great team. He (along with our suspect secondary) is a weak link.

  • bullred44 Jan 13, 2009
    All Star

    Jake still has 1 year left on his contract.

  • acsoccer87 Jan 12, 2009

    You're right Tizu. Almost any other QB other than delhomme would have gotten us to the superbowl. His numbers this year were mediocre at the best of times and he's bein inconsistent his whole career. We need an accurate QB that can manage the game. I don't even care if he's not a gun-slinger and can only throw the ball 40 yards..we need someone who can hit receivers on OUR team. Phillip Rivers would be nice. But I doubt San Diego's going to let him go without putting some serious change on the table.

  • Tizu Jan 12, 2009
    Sports Legend

    John Fox should not go, while he plays conservative with big leads, he is the reason the Panthers had a good season this year. I agree Delhomme needed to be benched after the 1st half, I'm not sure why they left him in, but it's probably b/c NONE of the backups are worth a dang. Matt Moore is mediocre at best. Josh McCown...well...there's nothing appealing about him either. They gave up their 1st round draft pick for Otah last year...so unless they pick up a good QB on Trade...i don't see Delhomme going anywhere next year either...that's a shame...if the Panthers had a QB other than Delhomme, (any QB in the NFL, seriously), they would be going to the Superbowl this year...instead...1 Fumble and 5 Interceptions make them lose the perfect season at home and a shot for the Superbowl.


  • sexyervinh Jan 12, 2009
    Towel Boy

    It's been two years over due. Jake should have been fired as quarterback for the panthers along with coach john fox.

  • prettygurls03 Jan 12, 2009
    Towel Boy

    Jake should have been pulled in the first half of the game.If the Panther had any idea how too run the team it hasn't shown. The don't have a back-up qb on the roster that's worth anything. Why haven't they sign J.Peppers.Back too the QB situation Chris Leak a home grown product wins where ever he has been but didn't even get a shot in his home town Charottle I guess winning High school championships and a college championship means nothing too NFL scouts forget the prodo type QB you want too have this kid is a winner. Am jus gonna stop right now cause I forgot you guys in the Panthers front office are smart.

  • Brackettville Jan 12, 2009
    Sports Legend

    I was very disappointed in Jake's performance Saturday night. I have been a long time supporter of Jake. I like what he brings to the team, with his fire and intensity. But I do believe that he has passed his prime, and even in his prime he was a little better than average. He has had the luxury of Steve Smith and Moose going up and grabbing passes. He has not looked very accurate at times this year. As much as I hate to admit it, we need to start looking for another QB. We should do so while we still have the supporting cast that can take us to the Superbowl. On another note: I heard today that Julius Peppers could be an unrestricted free agent in Feb.

  • bigheel2k Jan 12, 2009
    All Star

    Jake must have something on John Fox. He must know that Fox is a closet cross-dresser or something. There is no way that Jake should have made it past the 3rd quarter. He should have been benched before then. I'm not saying that they need to get rid of him but he was having a terrible game and should have been replaced in this game. If one person is having a bad game, they can not be allowed to lose it for everyone else.

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9tG. Paddison-8F
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ATP Scoreboard
Wednesday, Aug. 23
Winston-Salem Open (ATP)
Third Round
(6) S. Johnson 
C. Berlocq 
H. Zeballos 
D. Dzumhur 
K. Edmund 
M. Fucsovics 
(1) R. Bautista A 
M. Baghdatis 
(7) P. Lorenzi 
T. Fritz 
A. Seppi 
J. Struff 
(13) H. Chung 
J. Benneteau 
(3) J. Isner 
(14) B. Coric 
WTA Scoreboard
Wednesday, Aug. 23
Connecticut Open (WTA)
Second Round
K. Flipkens 
A. Bogdan 
M. Linette 
S. Zhang 
(6) A. Pavlyuchen 
C. Suarez Nav 
(2) D. Cibulkova 
A. Cornet