Carolina should have done the right thng."Vick"

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  • homecary Dec 25, 2009

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    The guy that created this page is an idiot.

  • tarheelfan41 Dec 25, 2009

    Pick up Vick to return kick offs and punts but nothing more. Anything more than league minimum will be a waste of cash. Vick has proven he cannot play QB.

  • tarheelfan41 Dec 25, 2009

    Vick??? Who in the heck thinks Vick is the answer to anything? What has he done this year to indicate ANYTHING??? What did he do before he was out of football in prison to indicate he would be a great choice as a QB after sitting in Jail for two years? He was a gimmick QB with poor ability to read defenses! He was below average before prison and is only played a handful of plays this year.

  • hi_i_am_wade Dec 25, 2009
    Sports Legend

    Michael Vick couldn't hit ice at the north pole in his prime. How much more now that he has been out of football. Getting Vick is about as smart as being asked to be kicked in the shin repeatedly.

    Vick is NOT a team leader. The most important a QB needs to be is a leader. Vick is a thug and not a leader. The simple fact is, Vick is a RB that is too small to be a full time RB.

  • bnkrman1 Dec 23, 2009
    Bench Warmer

    Anybody but Delhomo! What a joke he and Fox are! They have a "man crush" on each other and they're an embarrasment to all Panther fans! Michael Vick, yeah he may have done some things wrong, but he's paid his dues! When it comes to football.....he and Delhomo aren't even on the same planet!!!

  • kennywalters Dec 22, 2009
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    Of course, if the Panthers managed to get Vick, that would mean my Redskins didn't. So, I hope the Panthers get him so he doesn't come and stink it up in Washington.

  • VT1994Hokie Dec 22, 2009
    Sports Legend

    Vick made mistakes. He has paid for them, and I think that he will be a better person. Vick can win. He can throw better than most out there, especially JD. People make mistakes. Why do people want to keep him down? He can run for as many TD's and most running backs.

    Maybe he isn't what Carolina needs, but had he not had the dog mess, and hanging with some thugs--people would feel differently. Again, I think that he can help some team win.

  • cwindham Dec 21, 2009
    Towel Boy

    Well Delhomme needs to stay on the bench, thats what I do know. Panthers made a huge mistake signing this guy but they will have to live with it now. I like Moore, maybe he will turn out good but Vick will be electrifying again fellas. You better get prepared for it and if Carolina can get him they better! He had to play his nice quiet role this year but next year will be different. He will be coming out with a bang, thats for sure!

  • robert s Dec 17, 2009

    The Panthers would be better off in the draft, Vick aint all alot of people think he is.

  • royhill1964 Dec 9, 2009
    Sports Legend

    "...I question that he "did the crime" anyway..." For the love of Mike, why didn't you address this while you were investigating Vick? Why did you wait until 12/09/09 to bring this up sir? Did you suppress evidence? And all this time, I thought he was guilty.

  • royhill1964 Dec 9, 2009
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    "...a state that has more compassion for animal life than human life...." Ain't it the truth! That concerns me as well but you have to admit that bulldog abuse was up around the country in 09. Numerous arrests were made in Stillwater OK, Athens GA, Knoxville TN ( major acts of animal cruelty ), etc. Where is the compassion for dawgs man?

  • SEC Baby!!! Dec 9, 2009
    All Star

    I would have never thought that this post of mine would be the one to pop up again. WOW!!!! Big surprise. Let's see a state that has more compassion for animal life than human life, plus I knew that he would gradually come back strong.

  • Tom Morrow Dec 9, 2009
    Bench Warmer

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    Actually, I question that he "did the crime" anyway... I think he was a victim of the liability of having dumb associates. I can't imagine that an NFL QB would even have the TIME to be actively involved in any dog fighting rings.

  • royhill1964 Dec 9, 2009
    Sports Legend

    ^Agreed! The day the Panthers bring in Vick is the day I stop watching them.

  • kennywalters Dec 9, 2009
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    75.8 career QB rating
    0.86 Passing TDs per game career
    0.62 Interceptions per game career
    0.26 Rushing Tds per game career
    1.12 TDs per game responsible for- career
    53.7% Completion % for career

    Better than 25 starting QBs? Hardly. Vick was a fairly mediocre QB for at least half his career (the latter half before prison at that).

    Full Seasons as a starter:
    2002 10-7-1 Beat GB at Lambeau in WC round, lost in divisional round to Philly 2004 12-6 Beat St. Louis in divisional round, lost in conf champ to Philly 2005 8-8 No playoffs 2006 7-9 No playoffs

    His performance as a starter in terms of winning is split 2 good years/2 mediocre years. Add in the fact he has missed 2 seasons of football at any level and do you really think he should've brought in to start? Also, why do you assume that anyone objects to Vick as the QB based on his race? I would object to having any QB who didn't complete 60% of his passes, didn't have a good TD/Int Ratio, and ultimately could only be considered responsible for slightly over 1 TD per game.

  • bathroom_monkey Dec 9, 2009

    I expect they will try to get Vick in the offseason... after they fire Fox and his assistants.

  • deyonerobinson Dec 2, 2009
    Towel Boy

    how do you call a qb who went to 3 pro bowls and beat greenbay in lambaugh and never had a #1 receiver, the only qb in nfl history to throw for over 2 thousand yrds and rush for over a thousand yards be just mediocre...stop being so shows your stupidity and color!!!! the guy is better than 25 other starting qb's playing right now!!!! jake delhomme averages 2.5 ints a game!!!!! are you serious!!!!! atleast if vick gets pressure he can scramble for a first down and not throw it to the other team!!! the time is coming and the writing is on the wall!!!! stop thinking that blacks cant play qb and whites cant play running back!!!!! or db...its ludicris....i wish we saw in black n white so all we could judge a player by would be his play!!!!!

  • pbrown52 Dec 1, 2009
    Towel Boy

    Get rid of Jake and Foxx first. We are wasting too much money on both of them. I just want to win, it doesn't matter to me whether the QB is black or white, just give me a win. Nothing else matter, quit wasting money on these two bums. To the Panther diehart fan don't waste anymore money on the Panthers until changes is made. Go Panthers!!!!

  • Rdi73162 Oct 26, 2009
    Sports Legend

    Please panther Brass, consider some of these options come draft day. !!!!!!

    1. Bradford-OK (my choice)
    2. Pike-Cinn
    3. Keenum-Hou (if he comes out)
    4. McCoy-Tex (my last choice, love to watch him play but not sold on him as an NFL QB

  • redistrumps Oct 26, 2009
    Sports Legend

    All I know at this point of the year is it is VERY DIFFICULT to be a NC State, Carolina Hurricanes and Carolina Panthers fan right now. Thankfully hockey is a marathon, not a sprint cause the others are done for this season :(

  • unc96 Oct 26, 2009
    All Star

    I believe, at this point in the season, both Delhomme and Peppers should receive bonuses and billion (yes, with a B) extensions. We have seen the wisdom of that from last season. It seems to be the Panthers path to success. Gee, don't you wish someone would give them the real definition of a successful football team?

  • royhill1964 Oct 25, 2009
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    Delhomme is sucking it up, I'll give ya that as he's been brutal. The Panthers need to draft & develop a good young QB. I was just giving you a hard time about Vick but JD needs to be benched at this point. You have a good one as well.


    Agreed re: Garcia! I always liked him as a QB, 161 TDs versus 83 picks, very good ratio, and he completes about 62% of his passes for his career, very respectable QB rating of 87/88%. They could use him!

  • Rdi73162 Oct 25, 2009
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  • BIGDAWGShouse Oct 25, 2009
    Sports Legend

    I said 6-10 at the beginning of the season and I might of given them to many wins

  • donalddeans29 Oct 25, 2009
    Towel Boy

    your choice on players is just that "your choice" and i respect that. and i agree, the buffalo bills< stop playing!! have a good one.

  • dogeatdog Oct 25, 2009
    All Star

    I don't like Vick, never will, but it's time for Delhomme to go, and Fox, and Peppers, and Kasay, and all of the other old and tired guys...9 points on Buffalo? Jeezz...pathetic

  • donalddeans29 Oct 25, 2009
    Towel Boy

    as is JAKE DELHOMME!!! 3 MORE INT's TODAY!!! WHEN IS ENUF, ENUF? PS, I like the Donald Duck part.

  • royhill1964 Oct 25, 2009
    Sports Legend

    "vick gives you more of a run..." My bad , I thought RBs did that.

    "open your mind before you open your mouth!" But I like being a hater donald duck!
    Besides, how did you hear what I was typing? That's impressive!

    "buffalo, stop playing!! WHAT!

    Vick is OVERRATED!

  • donalddeans29 Oct 25, 2009
    Towel Boy

    vick gives you more of a run or pass! look at what he did to the panthers, they didn't know which to defend!! just today, the panthers can't beat the buffalo bills, who average 3 pts a game!and that with delhomme! open your mind before you open your mouth! buffalo, stop playing!!

  • royhill1964 Oct 25, 2009
    Sports Legend

    Vick is overrated! He's just a RB with an arm and the Panthers don't need him. If the Eagles make the playoffs, I doubt it's because of Vick.

  • donalddeans29 Oct 25, 2009
    Towel Boy

    "I'd rather lose with Delhomme than win with a thug like Vick...I don't believe for a second he's changed...just waiting for his next infraction..and it won't be on the field"
    - Posted by dogeatdog

    I don't need to say any more to this this post! the proof is definately in the pudding! what is a thug? A criminal who treats others violently and roughly- isnt that alot of offensive and defensive players in the NFL now? you dont believe in second chances so i know that we all have committed a crime in our life (and not gotten caught, so none the less, we are labeled as criminals, right). give it a rest, and cheer on your Panthers! who will fulfill your prophecy of losing with delhomme!

  • donalddeans29 Oct 25, 2009
    Towel Boy

    again, unforgiving NFL fans! what teams don"t have a troublesome player or players, "that just haven't gotten caught yet!" there are players who are alcoholics, drug users, contributors to death, so forth and so on. "No one needs Vick, he will prove that he hasn't changed", hasn't mike vick been judged and sentenced? you, like many are still pre-judging him again. kerry collins bout with alcohol and slurs against his own Panther team and teammates, let's a panther fan know that they have internal strife also. drunk driver isnt excusable either. i respect the panthers and love what they are trying to accomplish but you have players who don't want to play for the team!! so a mike vick will not bring about trouble to the team, just a quality back up to help the team.

  • redistrumps Oct 25, 2009
    Sports Legend

    No one needs Vick, he will prove that he hasn't changed, he has been doing stupid stuff since college, just always got away with it until the dog fighting when the public turned on him. Something will happen with him again, let Philly keep him. The entertainment value is higher there cause him and McNabb will end up providing some thrills fighting more than likely.

  • donalddeans29 Oct 25, 2009
    Towel Boy

    "we are all guilty of something or another" mike vick is not the only NFL'er guilty of something that has to be run through the ringer again and again everytime someone opens their mouth! he would've been a great fit in carolina. the longer you wait for delhomme to find out what is wrong, the season will be over! how do you have the deadliest running duo in the NFL and keep passing or forcing the ball? when you sit a QB down, he thinks about and re-evaluates what's going on and performs better. when you don't have a backup, delhomme and more mistakes is what you get. good luck panthers on the off season, because the play-offs are not coming. bet the Eagles and mike vick make it!!

  • royhill1964 Oct 23, 2009
    Sports Legend

    Vick is a slug, not worthy of a second any league. He's a worthless thug!

  • royhill1964 Oct 23, 2009
    Sports Legend

    ^I'd take Garcia, very underrated QB throughout his career.

  • Rdi73162 Oct 23, 2009
    Sports Legend

    if garcia is a free agent still, i say jump all over him for atleast this year. cant hurt, but i also agree, vick is/was overated as a QB, glorified RB is all he was.

  • royhill1964 Oct 21, 2009
    Sports Legend

    ^"Nothing is over! Nothing! You just don't turn it off!"

  • unc96 Oct 21, 2009
    All Star

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    I'd rarher win with a "thug like Vick" than lose with Delhomme. Vick, did the crime and paid the time. It's over.

  • StunGunn Oct 21, 2009
    Sports Legend

    I'd rather have Jake as well, but Smitty is getting frustrated and that's not a good thing.

  • dogeatdog Oct 20, 2009
    All Star

    I'd rather lose with Delhomme than win with a thug like Vick...I don't believe for a second he's changed...just waiting for his next infraction..and it won't be on the field

  • wormwood33 Oct 20, 2009
    Sports Legend

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    HA HA! I think you made your point!

    Come on people, Vick would be much better than Jake. All Jake is good for now is handing it over to Williams or Stewart.

  • wormwood33 Oct 20, 2009
    Sports Legend

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  • unc96 Oct 20, 2009
    All Star

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    Yes, Delhomme is much, much better than Vick will ever be. So mobil, so fast, so accurate. Delhomme is the man! (And yes, I am suffering hallucinations.)

  • Longshanks Oct 20, 2009
    Bench Warmer

    The Panthers had a good shot with Jeff Garcia available. If you're a hard core Panther fan such as myself, you'll remember Garcia TORCHED us both with Philly and Tampa. He's good in the pocket and can run for a good few yards to get a first down if needed. Yes, he's had some trouble coming back from that shoulder, but at least he's ACCURATE. And as a matter of fact, so is Matt Moore. Just sayin'...

    But Vick? No way! The first pass he threw this year was 5 yards over the receiver's head. NOT THE ANSWER. Getting rid of Peppers, freeing up the salary cap for free agents and trying to draft with the small amount of picks we have is the only way the Panthers are going to come out of this funk. Marty Hurney needs to GO!! I mean, he signed the deal for both Peppers and Delhomme, and he should have been fired YEARS ago after the Seifert debacle. Richardson needs to grow a set and send Hurney packing. If the Panthers do fire Hurney, send Peppers somewhere, restructure Delhommes whacked out contract and pick up some free agents and get some solid drafting done, we may be OK. Otherwise, get used to mediocrity.

  • StunGunn Oct 19, 2009
    Sports Legend

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    I couldn't have said it better, Roy. I'll take Jake any day (and twice on Sundays) over Vick.

  • greeneyedsailor Oct 18, 2009
    Towel Boy

    Michael Vick is a thug who should have not been allowed back in the NFL. Plus he's really not a champion-level quarterback. He'll be in trouble again, only a matter of time.

  • gwnunn Oct 15, 2009

    On Vick, you don't want to depend on him. As for Peppers, they should have gotten rid of him as fast as they could. One good year he hustled, he has loafed ever since, believe it or not.

  • RedIrish Sep 23, 2009
    Sports Legend

    I'd have to agree that Vick is not the answer. I'm not a big JD supporter, but with what I've seen this year, there is no reason to believe Vick would do any better in that lineup. He is very similar in that he is very much up and down from game to game, he just does it in a different way. Yeah, he'll make a big play with his legs once or twice a game. The thing is he makes bad choices with his throws and is not really very accurate even when he makes the right choice. Over the course of a full season his good games will probably get you an extra win or two. His bad games will probably give you an extra loss or two. That is not the type of QB you generally see giving post game interviews deep into the playoffs. Those guys are usually either the top notch guys or the guys who know their role on the team and manage the game and carry out the game plan.

    I'm not even getting into his attitude or off the field issues that he brings with him. It takes a quality individual to flip off the fans on your way off the field and to do some of the other things he's done. Ignoring the dogs, let's not forget the weed in the water bottle and some of the other run ins with the law he's had. In short, he's trouble, and with that kind of history, you don't just turn it around overnight most of the time. It would seem to be a matter of when, not if he'll be in trouble again.

  • royhill1964 Sep 23, 2009
    Sports Legend

    ^Negative! You can have him Stu.

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