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  • Optimyst Jan 14, 2010
    Towel Boy

    Matt is good. Is Matt great? Not yet. Maybe he can be. I watched some of the NFL highlights that isolated on him and here is what I think I see. He does not telegraph his intentions, but a lot of times he hides it by looking at the back he is faking to in play action and looking at his protection, not surveying the field. He starts into his throwing motion before finally looking to see if the receiver is open at which point he either fires it to them or places it harmlessly out of reach. Rarely does he bring it back down and look for another receiver. Most of the time when he hits what appears to be a secondary receiver it is because he is looking at inadequate protection and decides to dump it off because he may not have time for the called play to develop. A very large percentage of his completions appear to be (I obviously can't be sure) to the primary receiver. Don't get me wrong; this is way more effective than staring at Smitty from the snap to see if one of the guys doing triple coverage will drop off so you can throw into "just" double coverage. But when the protection is good or he rolls out and has time but the primary is covered he throws it away nearly every time. There is some good news in this. He does most of the things a great QB does, maybe not as well as he has to if he is to become a great one but at least he has the basics. Not looking at his primary is huge. He might dump off a little more than he should. That's always a tough call. Making that decision will result in a completion most of the time and a gain much of the time, but on 3rd and long you are not likely to get the first down. He has good feet, but every roll out I have seen looked like it was a called play, not improvised.

  • mrh2008 Jan 7, 2010
    Towel Boy


  • bigheel2k Jan 3, 2010
    All Star

    On every thread on the Panther forum, someone has said "trade Peppers for a 1st round pick and get a QB" Peppers is an unrestricted free agent!!! The only way we get anything for Peppers is if we franchise him again. Then you run into the same problem that we had last off season after we franchised him, no one will take on his 16 million dollar contract. We will either have to franchise him and pay him another 16-17 million for next year or lose him via free agency and get nothing. Accept it and move on people.

  • RoyzDaMan Jan 2, 2010
    Sports Legend

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    Another brilliant post by eddienorwoodcba! #1, Jake was 100% healthy a few months back when he was doing nothing but throwing interceptions. #2, There is not a single team in the NFL that would trade for Jake Delhomme! He makes too much money, and is worthless! #3, Jake Delhomme and Brett Favre are NOTHING ALIKE! "Letting Favre go" was the right thing to do for Green Bay then and letting Delhomme go would be the right thing for Carolina now!

    I don't know if Matt Moore is the answer. So far he has seemed very good! I think they should trade Peppers for a 1st round pick and select a QB. Keep Matt Moore as the starter. Keep Delhomme(b/c they have no choice, unless he retires) and like davidvanwagener said, let Delhomme help develop Moore and "the new guy"

  • davidvanwagener Dec 31, 2009

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    Fox isn't the first solid or better coach to stand by a QB clearly past his prime. I can think of Joe Gibbs with Joe Theismann. The only thing that got Theismann out was that gruesome injury on Monday night and at the time he could barely get the ball downfield 30 yards. I still think Fox is a solid coach, but I definitely agree it's time for Delhomme to become the mentoring veteran QB rather than the starter. I don't know if that's in his makeup though. He seems pretty competitive to me and it's tough to put yourself in the background when you're like that.

  • The Dire_Wolf Dec 30, 2009
    Sports Legend

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    Please don't tell me you are putting Delhomme and Favre in the same sentence. Jake is not even in the same league as Favre and should be a back up at best. If Jake ends up as a starter next year for the Panthers I will refuse to watch any Panthers game till the entire staff is fired. The only mistake Green Bay made was not allowing Favre to leave and sign with anyone. It was an ugly situation but Rogers is a better QB than Favre at this point.

  • gearstickk Dec 30, 2009

    If I was the coach.Matt would get the starting position as long as he kept taking the team to the locker room with a W.Thats the name of the game.I would wait for Jake to get 100% healthy before any consideration to play.I would not trade him because he is still too good to let go.Green Bay learned there lesson on the subject with Favre.What a major mistake letting him go.

  • shepherdofwolves Dec 30, 2009
    All Star

    Maybe Moore leads us to victory against the Saints, leading to Fox saying Moore and Delhomme will battle for the starting job next summer. And then maybe Jake says something dumb like "I want to be traded." And then we release him because no one would be dumb enough to take him. Except the Raiders. Think we could get Asomugha?

  • The Dire_Wolf Dec 29, 2009
    Sports Legend

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    Couldn't agree more. I hate to say it but I would not be surprised to see Delhomme find his way into the starting spot next season. Fox can be incredibly hard headed.

  • hubie212 Dec 29, 2009
    All Star

    The thing that stands out to me is that you have an unproven, untested QB who is clearly performing better than the millions added off-season Delhomme, and Fox would still be starting Delhomme were he not injured. Personally, I think Fox's good days with the Panthers are well behind him.

  • StunGunn Dec 29, 2009
    Sports Legend

    I'd have to say that Matt Moore has proven he deserves to be the starting QB. That said, yesterdays news that Fox and Hurney will be back next year is very concerning. I give Fox credit for being so loyal to Jake, but there comes a time when he should be benched for the good of the team. I'm just afraid that Fox will continue to start Jake next year and the Panthers will pay the price for a poor decision. I can only hope Jerry Richardson will step up and insist Moore be the starting QB.

  • backnblack1969 Dec 28, 2009
    Sports Legend

    Matt now has his chance.

  • dogeatdog Dec 9, 2009
    All Star

    Moore is still fairly young too...if they aren't in a position to pick up a good QB in the draft next year they REALLY need to work on the "O" line and replace Peppers and bring Moore along...but if there is a decent QB left in the draft, grab him!

  • StunGunn Dec 8, 2009
    Sports Legend

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    Hey Roy, I agree with you about Jake. He is a classy guy and I wish the season had gone differently for him. The Panthers are a mess and the rest of their schedule is brutal. I don't know what next year will bring. I think Fox and Delhomme will be gone for sure, and Peppers will probably get the exit he wants. I hope Smitty doesn't leave in frustration, but I understand if he chooses to play for a team that can harness his talent.

    Yeah - how about those Lady Heels! They are amazing. Anson Dorrence is one heck of a coach.

  • demondeacon Dec 7, 2009
    All Star

    Definately keep Moore in the game for the rest of the season. Jake has to be done after this year [if carolina can but him out]. The more play time he gets the better he'll be next year if we need him. He does appear to have a better arm and I agree with swsmays1 in that I would rather lose with Moore than Delhomme.

  • swsmays1 Dec 7, 2009
    Towel Boy

    Matt Moore is a breath of fresh air right now this team needed some type of change of direction. Truth is I would rather loose with Matt than loose with Jake. Also, Matt seems to have a stronger arm and quicker release than Jake. His pass to Smith was well ahead of the reciever, though Smith did have to adjust to the thow, he did'nt have to stop and wait for it to get to him. I'd like to see more of Matt Moore, he should finish this season, get a good long look at what he can bring to this team

  • royhill1964 Dec 6, 2009
    Sports Legend


    They have to go with Moore at this point. Jake is completing 55% of his passes, QB rating below 60, 8 TDs versus 18 picks, his season has been a disaster. I hate it for JD as he has been a good, not great, QB since his arrival. The Panthers have had their best seasons with Jake behind center but it would appear he's lost the edge. I think that Cardinal playoff game is lingering and that's unfortunate. But it's time to move in a different direction and I'm a Delhomme supporter. Have a good one and congrats to the Lady Tar Heels soccer team.

  • StunGunn Dec 6, 2009
    Sports Legend

    With Jake being sidelined by a broken finger on his throwing hand, Matt Moore got the start at QB today, and the Panthers won, albeit to a pathetic Tampa Bay team. What are your thoughts as to who should start for the remainder of the season, even if Jake is healthy?

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