Vick to Carolina?

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  • VT1994Hokie Jul 28, 2010
    Sports Legend

    This is so old. Come on.

  • uncpbrave Jul 28, 2010

    let sleeping dogs lie, he will never be a panther. vick is a dynamic athlete but an average qb, that being said i would love to see him get 10 to 15 plays under center in charlotte.

  • gwnunn Jul 28, 2010

    Vick might help Carolina eventually but I swear I can't stand to watch him play. I see nothing but dead dogs and blood even when I hear his name. He may be changed but what he did never goes away. I hope he stays where he is now.

  • VT1994Hokie Apr 10, 2010
    Sports Legend

    Matt Moore has the talent to do some great things. I hope to see him become a special guy for them. As far as Vick, he could help a team. I think he has turned his life around and he can make stuff happen. Use him as a runner on special plays. I just wish he was more consistent in his passing. That's his only drawback.

  • mwlock67 Apr 10, 2010
    Towel Boy

    panthers need to draft a quarterback

  • Dreamchaser Mar 26, 2010
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  • rsduke95 Mar 19, 2010
    Towel Boy


  • rinse n repeat Mar 8, 2010
    Towel Boy

    Why is it people love vick? so he can can stewart and williams. The only way I can see vick making it in carolina is if paul johnson gets hired..triple option with vick,stewart and williams might be nice. Oh wait thats right the option doesnt work too well in the nfl. Hey if the eagles want to send a qb to the panthers lets at least get the one who can throw the darn ball. Let those oh so wise eagle fans keep vick and all of his awesomeness and we'll take that bum mcnabb lol

  • BattlingBishop 5 Mar 7, 2010
    Sports Legend

    Vick has always been overrated, Panthers don't need a RB with an arm.

  • SEC Baby!!! Mar 7, 2010
    All Star

    I rest my case from last year.

  • Myword Mar 7, 2010

    I may be the most original Panthers fan here--bought merchandise back in the day on the very first day they made the logo public. Been a loyal and $ spending fan ever since. BUT I will never support the Panthers if they hire Vick. No way. I will root for whoever is playing them until he is gone. So I hope that he never comes to Carolina.

  • backnblack1969 Mar 6, 2010
    Sports Legend

    Vick is washed up. Never was a great QB, only a great scrambler. He is a thug, dues paid or not. Jerry doesnt like thugs.

  • backnblack1969 Mar 6, 2010
    Sports Legend

    ^^^ Uhhh...........yea..........................

  • shepherdofwolves Mar 6, 2010
    All Star

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    A good enough arm to get the ball to Steve Smith? Really? Did you watch him play in Atlanta?

    The Falcons never had even one 1,000 yard receiver while Vick was their QB. NOT ONE!

    Roddy White with Michael Vick:

    '05: 29 rec 446 yards 3 TD
    '06: 30 rec 506 yards 0TD

    Roddy White with the number 2 platter of Joey Harrington, Chris Redman, and Byron Leftwich in 2007:

    83 rec 1202 yards 6 TD

    Roddy White with Matt Ryan:

    '08: 88 rec 1382 yards 7 TD
    '09: 85 rec 1153 yards 11 TD

    Look, I'm all about giving Vick a second chance. I think the public excoriation of him was one of the more selfish, petty, and hypocritical movements in the history of public opinion. But that still doesn't make him a good quarterback.

    Vick, while immensely talented, was never the on the field leader a QB needs to be. He's also lost a step since he was in prison. It happens. Maybe he'll get it back. But he ain't got it yet.

    Whatever the case, the rationale that he has the arm to get the ball to Steve Smith is the most inexplicable conclusion I've ever heard. I mean, really, did you ever watch him play? Did you see him throw? I'm not asking those rhetorically or sarcastically. I'm dead serious. Because I don't see how anybody could conclude Vick has the "arm to get the ball to Steve Smith" unless all they watched were his SPORTSCENTER high lights. And maybe that comment about Vick is really more about bashing Jake, I don't know. All I can tell you is that Vick can't throw for zhit. He overthrows, underthrows, throws wide. Rarely, even when a receiver catches the ball from Vick, is the pass thrown well enough for him to anything with it after the catch.

    Go back and look at Roddy White's numbers again. He barely cracked 500 yards with Vick. With Joey Harrington and Chris Redman he's a pro bowler. With Matt Ryan, All-Pro. Smitty ain't getting the ball with Vick at the helm brother. Sorry.

  • towerphil Mar 6, 2010
    Towel Boy

    The Panthers definitely do not need Vick, We don't need any controversy, We need to give Matt a chance to prove himself (he has a good start already) he does deserve that chance, without the threat of controversy...That being said, Defense,defense,defense...(Go Panthers)...Our Offense is going to be great this year(can't wait)...

  • The Dire_Wolf Mar 6, 2010
    Sports Legend

    If the Panthers were going to get anyone they should have moved on Boldin, but I don't have any problem with them signing Vick, but I would sign him on the cheap and bring him in 5-6 times per game in the single wing. As far as Moore goes, the sample size is to small for me to have a real opinion yet. He did well in a few games last year, but we will have to see what he does in a long, grueling NFL season. If he can be efficient, get the ball to Smith and a few others and most importantly put the rock in the hands of Stewart and Deangelo he should be fine.

  • 1993 Tarheel Mar 5, 2010
    Sports Legend

    No way...I hope not. KW is right...he is def not as good as he once was...which wasn't really good to begin with .

    McNabb - I could live with that. But I think they have made the choice to go with Moore and will probably pull in someone with some experience to be able to go in if Moore gets injured.

  • heelman73 Mar 5, 2010
    Sports Legend

    ^ Jake ain't here anymore, but he did lead the Panthers to a Super Bowl. You want to replace him with a QB that you think is better, but has never won anything? I still say the Panthers need a real QB, not a novelty.

  • RoyzDaMan Mar 5, 2010
    Sports Legend

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    lets see.......

    Career Stats:

    Vick 76 passer rating, .6 INT/game, .8 Passing TD/game, .2 Fumbles/game and .3 Rushing TD/game

    JD 82 passer rating, .97 INT/game, 1.3 Passing TD/game, .16 Fumbles/game and .07 Rushing TD/game

    ...Pretty much the same passer rating, 30% fewer INT, 20% fewer passing TD, 1% fewer fumbles and 400% more rushing TD. I would say Vick is much better than JD!

    p.s. Jakes numbers are very similar to The Great John Elway, believe it, or not!

    Elway 79.9% passer rating, .97 INT/game, 1.28 TD/game, .59 Fumbles/game & .14 Rushing TD

  • tarheelskier Mar 5, 2010
    Sports Legend

    ^^^^^ Not much difference except for the fact one is a WR and the other is a QB.

  • jimmyharper74 Mar 5, 2010
    Towel Boy

    might as well bring in ronald curry not much difference. he don't walk "on the cat walk" in the teal & black

  • gwnunn Mar 5, 2010

    Hope not, Carolina doesn't need a QB with Moore. He will develop into an excellent QB. Vick needs to stay somewhere else, not Carolina.

  • mikedavis626 Mar 5, 2010
    Towel Boy

    Best to leave the offense alone until Matt proves different. Focus has to be on the defensive side of the ball now, especially with so many from the line out the door.

  • heelman73 Mar 5, 2010
    Sports Legend

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    Yeah, why do the Panthers need a QB who averages one playoff win every 3 years, has a QB ranking under 76, and fumbles about 9 times a year? They need a QB, not a novelty.

  • tarheelskier Mar 5, 2010
    Sports Legend

    ^^^^^ Hahahahahahaha....... that was funny.

  • kennywalters Mar 5, 2010
    Sports Legend

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    As I stated elsewhere, it is amazing how one bad QB can make people think another bad QB is good.

  • easystreet Mar 5, 2010
    All Star

    Not that they would be great........BUT they would be BETTER!
    Vick this year........Cowher next.

  • tarheelskier Mar 5, 2010
    Sports Legend

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    I don't think he really fits with Jeff Davidson's Offense. But I think he would at least make the games a little more exciting.

  • hubie212 Mar 5, 2010
    All Star

    If you combine Vick's arm and ability to run with a team that has the backfield Carolina has, and a receiver liie Steve Smith, you will have a team to be reckoned with. And, I would have to say that the 50% Vick completes are at least thrown to his own teammates.

  • kennywalters Mar 5, 2010
    Sports Legend

    LOL. Unstoppable with a guy who barely completes 50% of his passes. What the Panthers need is a quarterback, not a freak show.

  • RoyzDaMan Mar 5, 2010
    Sports Legend

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    Vick has done some bad things, in the past. I feel he has paid his dues and deserves a second chance.

    I feel that he would be a PERFECT fit with the panthers. They would have so much quickness in the backfield, I feel they would be almost unstoppable! Vick is not the best QB to ever play the game, but he does have a good enough arm to get the ball to Steve Smith!

  • hubie212 Mar 5, 2010
    All Star

    The Panthers should take Vick IMHO.

  • RoyzDaMan Mar 5, 2010
    Sports Legend

    Yesterday, Michael Vick announced that he would like to play for the Panthers. The next day, the Panthers release JD. Makes you wonder...

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