Panthers on Hard Knocks?

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  • GodblesstheUSA Jul 15, 2011
    Towel Boy

    Now that would be very cool.

  • 1993 Tarheel Jun 10, 2011
    Sports Legend

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    The entertainment value with a new coach, new system, #1 draft pick QB with issues following him, Steve Smith, etc etc etc....should be great for ratings. You may be right, may actually help our team with publicity.....but as a PSL owner and wanting your team to WIN - not sure we need this at this time.

  • cussmeoutmike Jun 10, 2011
    Sports Legend

    I don't know why you wouldn't like it. We can learn a lot about the team and new players.

  • 1993 Tarheel Jun 10, 2011
    Sports Legend

    As if our season and the entire NFL season wasn't going to be bad enough....looks like my Panthers are going to be the HBO Hard Knocks' featured team this year.

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