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Peppers text message says he'll be at training camp

Posted June 12, 2009

Maybe there is a reason team officials with the Carolina Panthers are confident defensive end Julius Peppers will show up to training camp on time.  Peppers has been a no-show to all of the team's summer school workouts and he has yet to sign a one year tender with the team.

But a recent text message he sent to a defensive teammate could give some answers about his willingness to play this year in Carolina.  Play-by-play voice Mick Mixon was at a function not long ago and he shared that message to 99.9FM The Fan ESPN Radio.

"My friend, one of the linebackers said 'hey look at this we got a text from Julius'," Mixon told The Insiders on Thursday.  "The text said 'hey, out here in Arizona working out, I won't be early for camp but I won't be late, and I'll be ready to go."

Peppers' attitude about his readiness for training camp could come as a relief for Panthers fans and teammates.  It was only months ago when the four-time pro-bowler created a list of other teams he wanted to play for.

The Panthers will hold one more week of summer school workouts next week, then break until training camp comes August 2 in Spartanburg, SC.



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  • furburg Jun 16, 1:00 p.m.

    Just let him go and let someone else worry bout him.

  • heels4life05 Jun 13, 12:47 a.m.

    He sure as hell better be at training camp..

  • wait1second Jun 12, 2:30 p.m.

    I would like to call BS on this article. Mick told Primetime with the Pack that story over a... View More

    Hey duffus, The Insiders had Mick Mixon on with them yesterday. He's the one that gave them... View More

    — Posted by ncsujunk

    That is Mr Duffus. Yeah a week after he told the real sports radio show in NC. I was just stating that this was old news and Raleigh is always behind EVERYWHERE else is find stuff out. I guess the Insider are on the Outside looking in with a story that was already told.

  • TruthBKnown Banned Again02 Jun 12, 2:29 p.m.

    I'd definitely trade Peppers for Super Mario -- in a heartbeat!

    As long as we're trying to keep Peppers, why not change the defense from a 4-3 to a 3-4 and keep him happy? I'm not sure I'd want a "star" player on the field when he's really not happy here. Will his heart really be in it?

  • 1Packfan Jun 12, 2:08 p.m.

    Pep will play with a chip on his shoulders, and for a BIG paycheck in 2010. I think the Panthers will try to figure out some way to deal him, but it's going to be very tricky. Pep counts HUGE towards anyone's cap, and Panthers will have high asking price. It'll be interesting to see what happens. Personally, i'd like to see a player for player swap. Send Pep to Houston for Mario, but then again I'm a State fan.

    In all fairness - I think he's handled this situation a lot better than the Panthers. He's just gotten away and remained quiet. If this text message is legit - I give him credit for showing up and beign prepared. Others in the league (Ocho Cinco, etc) would hold out and just collect the $.

  • ncsujunk Jun 12, 1:49 p.m.

    I would like to call BS on this article. Mick told Primetime with the Pack that story over a... View More

    Hey duffus, The Insiders had Mick Mixon on with them yesterday. He's the one that gave them the story. The only thing they've stole from the "Pacman" is his ratings!!!!

  • wait1second Jun 12, 1:25 p.m.

    I would like to call BS on this article. Mick told Primetime with the Pack that story over a week ago. 99.9 stealing stories and ideas from Primetime once again. 99.9 you suck.

  • Bassgtrzan Jun 12, 1:08 p.m.

    16.7 million??? Do what your paid a ridiculous amount of money to do...

  • Boogalooboy Jun 12, 11:41 a.m.

    Hey, he just wants to work in a different place... haven't heard him complain about pay....just like me or you if we wanted to work elsewhere... leave the guy alone.... and this is a Dukie supporting bout that..

  • TruthBKnown Banned Again02 Jun 12, 11:21 a.m.

    I hate to see Peppers go but I think Carolina needs to let him go if he doesnt want to play in... View More

    This is about more than just "letting him go". The Panthers know his value, and if they MUST let him go, they at least want to get something good in exchange for him. I think that's why they assigned him the "Franchise Player" label. It will take a lot for someone to buy him out now. But I'm sure they would let him go if the right offer came along.




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