Ken Medlin

Plenty of positives in ECU win

Posted September 6, 2013

A few 3 a.m. thoughts upon arriving home from ECU's 31-13 win over Florida Atlantic:

  • The Pirates have found themselves a player in Davon Grayson. The freshman won a starting spot in camp, and has done nothing to disappoint since. Four touchdown catches in two games is nothing to sneeze at — or cough, sniffle or burp either. His first-quarter TD catch was one not every receiver makes.
  • Mobile quarterbacks will give the Pirates trouble, unless adjustments are made defensively. Several times Thursday night, the Pirates seemed to have Jaquez Johnson hemmed in for a sack only to see him gain first-down yardage instead of losing yards. Next up: Logan Thomas.
  • Early-game QB containment aside, the Pirates defense responded nicely after a poor performance against ODU in week one. Ruffin McNeill called this win a "man-up" effort by his team, and the ECU defense definitely "manned-up" for this one. They nearly kept FAU out of the end zone – save for a meaningless TD with a minute to go.
  • If ever a game illuminated the changing world of college football, it was this one: Florida Atlantic is just coming into Conference USA, while ECU is on its way out – heading for a conference that has already changed its name since the Pirates accepted a bid. This was their one-and-only matchup as conference rivals.
  • Ruffin McNeill's enthusiasm is infectious, and it's so good to seem him able to lead his team out with all of that fire.
  • I remain convinced the best barbecue is found east of I-95. Just saying.
  • Dowdy-Ficklen continues to be a great place to watch a football game. It has an atmosphere all its own – love how the crowd often finishes songs after the PA system has stopped playing them.
  • Finally, I give the black uniforms a thumb's-up - but let's keep them as an alternate. It's a little hard to spot numbers when it's purple on black.

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  • Hokies94 Sep 6, 4:23 p.m.

    ECU has definitely recruited well up there. The offense is pretty sharp. Carden is a true winner. They ran to the ball last night on defense too.

  • BigKev71 Sep 6, 9:12 a.m.

    Ken it was a great game and a decent crowd for a Thursday night. And you are very correct sir, THE BEST BBQ IN THE WORLD IS EAST OF I-95! Go Pirates and Go Firebirds!

  • RaleighPirate Sep 6, 7:34 a.m.

    Great points and very good write up Ken. Grayson looks like he can be a player and this as a true freshman and only after 2 games. Logan Thomas really scares me for the game next weekend against VaTech. The defense did play better and seemed to have more fire last night but still seems to have trouble tackling at the initial point of contact. I too love Coach McNeill's enthusiasm. I have been attending games at ECU for over 28 years and Ficklen does have it's own unique and great atmosphere. I too liked the black unis but the #'s were hard to read. And yes, everyone knows, the VERY BEST BBQ in the world is found east of I-95. GO PIRATES!!!

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