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Police report: Hairston got rental from 'Fats'

Posted July 12, 2013
Updated July 13, 2013

WRAL News has learned that notes taken by Durham Police when they cited North Carolina basketball player P.J. Hairston counter the claim of a Durham man that he didn’t know Hairston would be driving the vehicle.

Hairston, Miykael Faulcon, a basketball player at Elizabeth City State, and 23-year-old Carlos Sanford were pulled over at a license check point in Durham on June 5 in a rented silver GMC Yukon. Hairston, who was driving the rented silver Yukon, was cited with driving without a license and possession of marijuana.

P.J. Hairston Sims: Reports reveal Hairston received car from "Fats"

The man who rented the car, Haydn “Fats” Thomas, 39, returned it to Hertz near Raleigh-Durham International Airport on June 5, paying $1,261.64 according to USA Today. Thomas told WRAL that he let Faulcon borrow the car and that Faulcon, a friend of Hairston's, let Hairston drive.

According to sources familiar with police notes on the traffic stop, Hairston told police a man he referred to as "Fats" gave him the car to visit friends in Atlanta.

Hairston has been pulled over twice in rental vehicles traced to Thomas’ address, raising questions about possible NCAA violations. On May 13 Hairston was pulled over for speeding in a vehicle rented by Thomas’ wife Catinia Farrington. Farrington rented the Chevrolet Camaro for 54 days ending June 17, at a cost of $3,249 according to USA Today reports.

Thomas said Tuesday he knows Hairston but he really doesn't "know" him and calls them just passing acquaintances. He said that there is nothing criminal, and certainly no NCAA violation, regarding his ties to Hairston. A statement from the NCAA received Monday stated that they "cannot comment on potential investigations."

During the stop Hairston denied smoking marijuana and said he had not smoked that day, according to the police notes. After being questioned further, Hairston admitted to being a "recreational" smoker but that he does not smoke to get high. Police noted that Hairston told them it had been about two weeks since he had smoked marijuana.

The arrest report also stated that a 9-mm handgun and a magazine with nine rounds of ammunition were found alongside the vehicle during the stop. All three men in the vehicle denied throwing anything out of the car prior to the checkpoint.

According to the police notes, Hairston said there was nothing in the vehicle when he picked it up and that he had checked the glove box to make sure.


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  • dave437 Jul 15, 2013

    "this gone be fun".....?

    no wonder they don't even bother to print a syllabus over in Chapel Hill....

  • packfan07 Jul 15, 2013

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    I don't care to read you long jabber. I setting you straight on the Sweezy case.

  • unc70 Jul 14, 2013

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    Those kind of notes most likely were"summaries" of Hairston's responses to direct questions from the police. "Was there anything in the vehicle when you picked it up?" "Did you check the glove box?" "The trunk?" etc. The notes will often read as if the person who was stopped and was being interviewed must have been a real chatterbox when they were really answering a series of police questions.

  • lindakroyal2 Jul 14, 2013

    "According to the police notes, Hairston said there was nothing in the vehicle when he picked it up and that he had checked the glove box to make sure."

    Don't know about you guys - but this sounds pretty bogus to me. What was he expecting to find? Why would you check the glove box to be sure nothing was there unless you made that statement up, or were driving a car where something illegal may have been in the glove box? Neither of those are good options. At the very least, PJ is guilty of exercising poor judgement. That's not a criminal offense, but it is enough to further taint the UNC repuatation, and thats shows a total lack of respect for the program, his coaches and his teammates. He is old enough to know better and to be held accountable for that. Bench him. I'd rather have an off season than a better season with folks criticizing the program and the university even more than they already are.

  • StunGunn Jul 14, 2013

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    '70 - You always represent your alma mater well and with class. I've never seen you talk trash on here, even when prodded. It's a shame that some of the folks who care about the integrity of Carolina and have worked hard to clean things up have been attacked - I'm sorry to hear that.

  • StunGunn Jul 14, 2013

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    Actually, the scandal is too recent to only be a memory, but Carolina would be in recovery mode, most likely. Now we have an entirely fresh and new scandal, depending on what else comes out regarding the PJ mess.

  • Objective Scientist Jul 14, 2013

    jgunn... Certainly Duke is Duke... NCSU79... perhaps a couple of others as well...

    Thanks to all of you for your positive and supportive comments. Be assured... I am indeed "Who/What I say I am" on this forum. Each of you have perhaps "prodded" me (as ...Duke is Duke recently stated) or questioned my thoughts at times, but you did it in a respectful manner. Interesting, we are each from different, rival schools but we certainly seem to have t least basic agreement on most/all issues. I also enjoy reading and appreciate the posts each of you make. One thing you can always count on me doing... even though I am very much a "Tar Heel" I never have been and never will be a "blind" follower or "drinker of Kool-Aid" and if I believe Carolina/UNC-CH is doing something wrong or simply do something better... I will say it.

    Hope everyone is having a great weekend.

  • Objective Scientist Jul 14, 2013

    View quoted thread

    NCSU79 - a bit late in responding to your post, but here goes. As you know, I am a Tar Heel, been on the UNC campus a considerable amount of time. Decades ago, was when I arrive on the campus 7-10 days before classes for orientation to begin my freshman year. During orientation, other than the perfunctory things of registration, drop-add, etc., it was emphasized that as a Carolina student that I absolutely unequivocally MUST "HATE DOOK"! (It was also emphasized that I should use condoms EVERY time!) I recall nothing about being sanctimonious and/or exhibiting hubris toward all other schools. However, during my subsequent and many years on campus I continually observed clear hubris by some, perhaps "many" UNC people. Personally, I did not like that then, don't like it now. One thing I believe exists at UNC that may be misinterpreted at times/perhaps often for hubris - is, pure and simple, very strong PRIDE in "our University"!!! I believe at times some UNC folks "overdo" the pride to the extent it is interpreted as hubris. I know a UNC faculty person who left his position several years ago at another, out-of-state, university to join the faculty at UNC. He had only been at UNC for one semester but made the following observation... "Carolina students really love to wear 'Carolina gear' - T-shirts, sweat-shirts, caps, etc. At (the University he had been at for 5-6 years) the students rarely wore the "school gear"!" Most Carolina students, faculty, and staff indeed take GREAT PRIDE in being a Carolina student, faculty member, or Carolina staff!!! That is an explanation, not an excuse for those who "overdo", sometimes truly excessively, the "Pride" thing. And, I readily acknowledge that there are UNC people who truly possess and exhibit genuine, blatant hubris toward all others. I do NOT approve and very much dislike that attitude. Pride - YES! Hubris - NO!

  • unc70 Jul 14, 2013

    View quoted thread

    There were a lot like them in the forefront. They just don't fit the stereotype that so many on Pack Pride need to attach to ALL Carolina fans. PP and IC (like here) often get into yelling matches, or into painting everyone with very broad brushes. Those of us doing our own small part don't get much notice; that's how the world works.

    It is hard not to get defensive when some of those at UNC working the hardest to clean this up were the very ones that have been most attacked by those from other schools. They were also the ones attacked by the vocal minority at Carolina who seemed to favor winning at almost any cost and who defended Butch the loudest.

  • Objective Scientist Jul 14, 2013

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    4tarheels - two of your statements resonate with me. "...he can be replaced, something all current and future players need to understand. No one individual is more important than the program and the university."

    That is SO TRUE!!! About 3 decades ago I had an employee in the program I directed - upon being terminated after an obvious "power-grab" and repeated "warnings" and directives - literally "pound their fist" on MY desk stating: "You can't fire me! I AM THE PROGRAM!!!" My response: I've been Director for ~15 years and everyone indicates I have done an outstanding job. If I walk across the street going to lunch today and I'm hit and killed by that proverbial bus this program and this organization will "roll right on" as if I had never existed. I hope that I would be "missed", at least for a moment, but I am NOT "the program". YOU are NOT the program. NO ONE person is the program! Don't flatter yourself that way.

    Hairston can be replaced. Roy Williams can be replaced (not suggesting at all this is necessary now.) Any player, any coach can be replaced. With regard to players - far too many have a sense of "entitlement" as they anticipate a career with the "big bucks" lifestyle at the NEXT level, and they want to begin to live that lifestyle NOW - indeed they feel like they are entitled to it! That, along with having been admitted to the University even though they were NOT prepared, did not have the requisite academic prowess, skills and knowledge for success even without spending most of their time practicing/playing a sport. As I've stated previously - Universities MUST stop admitting academically "unqualified" athletes and they MUST do a better job vetting those they recruit with regard to "character". Just because a high school athlete can run, jump, shoot, hit, tackle, block, throw, catch, etc. better than most - DOES NOT mean they have a "right" to a college scholarship just to have a "shot" at the NFL/NBA!




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