NC State, Hurricanes scheduling conflicts continue

Posted June 3, 2013
Updated June 4, 2013

In a situation that arises nearly every calendar year, the Carolina Hurricanes and North Carolina State University are currently in a scheduling conflict for events to be held in the PNC Arena.

The Wolfpack have priority in scheduling at PNC Arena, although there is an agreement between the two parties for NC State to finalize all their dates by June 1. The National Hockey League attempts to finalize their schedule for the upcoming season on the first of June, and without committed dates by the university, the NHL calendar is further held up.

“Hopefully we can work through this and get this resolved,” Carolina Hurricanes President and General Manager Jim Rutherford told Mike Maniscalco on 620 the Buzz Monday morning. “Over the last 12 or 13 years, we’ve had a system that’s not ideal for either side, but it has worked pretty well. All of a sudden, it has appeared to have changed here in the last year.”

An NC State spokesperson said in a statement that these negotiations transpire every year and that the university is committed to making all parties happy, although much of their scheduling is out of their control.

"The challenge for NC State is that our ACC schedule is not in our control. Each year NC State receives our ACC conference football schedule in February and our ACC basketball schedule in late August or early September, and we cannot release dates until we receive these schedules from the conference," the statement read. "As far as the fall non-conference schedule, as of last week NC State has scheduled nine games and released all but four other dates needed to complete the schedule through the remainder of the calendar year."

The timetable set forth by the ACC is in direct conflict, however, with the NHL and their scheduling system.

“If there are still dates on hold as of June 1, it really complicates the system,” Rutherford said.

NC State said that the June 1 date is a "best efforts" agreement "where NC State essentially agreed to make our best efforts to deliver as many basketball schedule dates as possible to Gale Force (operating company of PNC Arena)."

In past years, the Hurricanes and Wolfpack were able to resolve scheduling conflicts by playing on the same day. NC State’s basketball team would typically play first because it is easier to change from floor to ice, but even then, that is no guarantee.

“It’s not automatic that basketball games will play first because it’s dictated by television,” said Rutherford.

Rutherford indicated that meetings will be planned in the near future to better deal with the scheduling issue. He said that meetings have occurred in the past with little or no resolution.

"We feel NC State has gone above and beyond contractual obligations to do all we can to make concessions wherever possible and release dates as quickly as possible, and feel confident we can continue meeting and get any remaining issues resolved," NC State said in their statement.


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  • energized Jun 4, 12:26 p.m.

    I would imagine hockey brings in way more revenue than state b-ball. Honestly it's just state... View More

    — Posted by kbkline

    ...Good point except nobody other than you and the mini van soccer moms and SW programming dads... View More

    — Posted by 123dnih

    Yet hockey is a world wide sport. Stop showing your ignorance.

  • unc70 Jun 4, 11:29 a.m.

    I would just like to remind everyone that The University paid a 1/3 of the cost of that Building... View More

    — Posted by jamesraynor

    Country boy....when the location for the arena was being discussed, the Canes WERE going to be ... View More

    — Posted by tired2

    Check your History -
    The roots of the PNC Arena can be traced to the early 1980’s when local... View More

    — Posted by jamesraynor

    There are two related timelines to that of the ESA/RBC/PNC. The very visible and well known one involves Carter Finley Stadium, its expansion, parking, practice fields, the Dail Complex, etc.

    The second timeline involves the EPA Superfund toxic waste site at the edge of the CFS parking and next to the Dail practice fields. This site has been on the EPA's National Priority List for nearly 30 years. Places like Love Canal were at the top of this list, and only the most hazardous sites in the US are on the NPL. NC has 35 NPL sites, most at industrial sites though the best known is the Camp Lejeune water supply.

    The CFS site (AKA NCSU Lot 86) has a strange timeline. I can not fathom why, but in 1969 NCSU began burying toxic waste next to parking for its shiny new stadium, just digging 10ft trenches, dumping everything in, some in containers, others just poured in, along with animal carcasses and whatever. Then covered with 2ft of soil. Separate trenches for low level radioactive waste. Stopped in 1980! Placed on NPL a few years later. NCSU only took action after forced by EPA around 1996, not "completed" until 2006. Effectiveness of ground water remediation received a grade of OK in 2008 5-year assessment; more hope than fact that custom system would work as designed and that the design would be effective.

    Except for the official EPA documents, only a couple of N&O articles, 4-5 blog posts in 20 years. Nothing re RBC or its funding. A couple of us dug into this in a sports discussion recently. Lots more there w/links. Read my posts and a few related ones. Afraid rude, crude posts are mixed in.

  • busyb97 Jun 4, 10:51 a.m.

    Last falls hockey strike should show who brings in the bucks. Wthout the Canes, PNC arena would be a money pit. So they seem to have it backwards on schedules.

    And for all those bashing the Canes, ticket sales speak for themselves. If the arena is full or nearly full for Canes games, you cant argue that when compared to NC State a whole. I sm sure a few games fill the seats (local matchups). NC State at least has a backup location they could use just fine! And truthfully, I bet a game at Reynolds is more exciting if it feels full, than a game at PNC with empty seats.

  • Wags Jun 4, 10:35 a.m.

    Over the 10 years that I worked at the (then) RBC Center for hockey and BB'L games, the Canes always...ALWAYS... out sold the Pack. If I was unlucky enough to have to work the 3rd floor for a basketball game, I could usually spend most of my time watching the game because there were so few people on that level. The Canes, on the other hand, drew 11,000 to 20,000 per event and people spent more on food and beverage. State needs to get over themselves and release these dates.

  • common tater Jun 4, 9:50 a.m.

    Sounds like State and ACC are trying to change the rules all of a sudden. Yeah the canes bring in way more is just way more exciting to watch and brings in more fans who have moved here from other markets. Generally the fans at a basketball game go to -or went to- one of the schools.

  • weakened back Jun 4, 9:19 a.m.

    they should just have state play over at the dorton arena.

  • ummyeah Jun 4, 9:16 a.m.

    Well at least there is hardly ever a conflict for either on post season scheduling!!

  • Bob Sidel Jun 4, 8:21 a.m.

    I would imagine hockey brings in way more revenue than state b-ball. Honestly it's just state... View More

    — Posted by kbkline

    ...Good point except nobody other than you and the mini van soccer moms and SW programming dads... View More

    — Posted by 123dnih

    Yet they drew more fans over more games than the basketball team that was ranked # 6 in the country to start the year.

  • Bob Sidel Jun 4, 8:02 a.m.

    I wonder what would happen to the arena if the Hurricanes were no longer a tenant...wait, no i... View More

    — Posted by Bob Sidel

    Ignorance is bliss. State's attendance was ranked #20 of all division 1 schools in 2012 with UNC... View More

    — Posted by rherring23

    UNC was second rate this past year talent wise, but you know that, right?. And Duke's attendance? Cameron indoor resembles a high school gym, ignoring the details makes you look ignorant. ACC basketball isn't all its cracked up to be except in the Triangle so that might explain the Pack being 2nd in attendance even if the Canes, the HOCKEY team in NC, drew more fans.

  • doser Jun 4, 7:53 a.m.

    There is an easy solution to this problem, who put the most money back into the tax system. NCSU with their 20 home basketball games and on average 6 home football games or the Canes with their 41 home games, and the other numerous events that Gale Force books. Priority should be given to those who produce the most benefit and revenue to us the tax payer as we funded a good deal of this building.
    The organization that brings the greatest benefit to the tax payer should get the priority!




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