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Semin, Sherman and other notes

Posted January 25

Alexander Semin has been on a tear after being called out publicly by Hurricanes President and General Manager Jim Rutherford. Only the winger can say for sure if the comments have impacted his play, with six goals the last five games since Rutherford said he felt Semin could be doing more, the forward has equaled his season total. He had scored the same number in the previous 34 games. It should come as no surprise that the Canes have won four of those five games.

NHL overplays outdoor advantage

The NHL is proving you can have too much of a good thing.

The Winter Classic on Jan. 1 had become a ratings bonanza. It created a must-watch television show with HBO’s 24/7 Countdown to the Winter Classic and the game itself, all this by holding a hockey game outside on New Years Day, but that wasn’t good enough.

Be honest: Did you even know that Anaheim and Los Angeles were playing outside this weekend or the Rangers and Devils were doing the same? Gary Bettman and the powers that be decided to attempt a bigger money grab with the “Stadium Series,” putting games at Yankee Stadium and Dodger Stadium in addition to the Winter Classic.

While the NHL needs to increase revenue streams, does the league really need to have more than one game outdoors a year?

Sherman has calmed down, so should media

It is still a week away from the Super Bowl, and I am already tired of the complaints about the weather. No one was concerned about the weather conditions during the AFC or NFC championship games. Both teams come from cold weather cities that produce snow (and in Seattle’s case a ton of rain). The weather will be a factor on Sunday, but weather is a factor for those teams at home all year long.
It does stink for the fans who shelled out a lot of money for the tickets, but you are spending a week in New York City.

Hopefully media day for the Seahawks will not be all about cornerback Richard Sherman’s postgame interview with Erin Andrews. Having talked to players moments off an emotional win I can tell you that it is hard for them to find the ‘off’ switch. The choke sign and running up to 49ers receiver Michael Crabtree were far worse than his Ric Flair-like interview. For those of you who are football and wrestling fans, you know what he did was no different. And that’s what it was. Sherman didn’t cuss, he called out a rival player who he clearly doesn’t like.

I had no problem with what Sherman said immediately after the game. If he had continued it in the two other interviews he did live on FOX, that would be taking it too far. But in a heated moment Richard Sherman said what was on his mind, which is what we as media and fans want, until we actually hear a player say those things.

Brady still among NFLs best

Who in the world thinks that Tom Brady has lost it? He is 8-8 in his last 16 playoff games since the Patriots last won the Super Bowl. How many elite quarterbacks have eight playoff wins in the last eight seasons? While it wasn’t his best season statistically, Brady is still an elite signal caller.

Pro Bowl is no one's fantasy

The NFL had a fantasy-type draft for the Pro Bowl that lasted two days and did zero to raise the interest in the game. However, it will still pull in monster rating for a game that hardly looks like NFL football. Proving once again the NFL really is king.

Coach K takes cue from hockey

It looks like Duke has found their style of game. All it took was for Mike Krzyzewski to employ a hockey tactic of line changes. The Blue Devils have done a five-for-five swap at the start of the most recent games, and the defensive intensity has picked up along with a balance of offense. While a complete change of line-up has been done before in college hoops, it’s hard to say that any of those teams could throw a second starting lineup on the floor like Duke does.


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  • jscott13 Jan 26, 1:04 p.m.

    I wasn't happy with Sherman after seeing the Erin Andrews interview either, but listening to him in the last few weeks...I think he is OK. Crabtree caused a good bit of the problem, but nobody seems to think that he did anything wrong.

  • common tater Jan 26, 8:10 a.m.

    Sherman is just another hot-headed roid-rager which all the teams seem to have more of now...makes me care even less about watching the game. Semin is a goal scorer but he still needs to move his feet when he doesn't have the puck. You can see it coming, when he's just standing around on the ice, it impacts the whole team, and often an opposing goal soon follows. Outdoor NHL game in LA...just ridiculous.

  • Gunnstigator Jan 26, 6:38 a.m.

    I don't care "why", I'm just glad Semin is scoring because the Canes need every goal they can get. I loved the winter classic, but if there are more outdoor games, the classic won't be as special. Having an outdoor game in LA - with temps close to 80 has to be a nightmare for the guy in charge of the ice.

    There's another side to Sherman than what he showed during the Erin Andrews interview, and I'm glad people are realizing it isn't wise to interview a player seconds after he makes the game winning play that sends his team to the SB. Can't stand Belechick, but he's a heck of a coach and Brady a heck of a QB to get the Pats as far as they did this season missing so many key players.

  • Toddler10-21 Jan 25, 8:44 p.m.

    Please calm down, and next time don't interview someone that just made the play that sent his team to the super bowl. At least wait five minutes. Nobody is perfect like Peyton.

  • iron fist Jan 25, 7:01 p.m.

    "Sherman has calmed down, so should media" SO stop talking about him he can do enough of that himself.

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