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Summer storyline cocktail: One part P.J., one part Pirates

Posted July 3, 2013

— The summer wind - thus far - has blown in.

Yet another thunderstorm of anxiety for UNC fans, this time in the form of basketball player P.J. Hairston.

Until the details become clear about the junior forward’s June 5 arrest in Durham for driving without a license and marijuana possession, Tar Heel coach Roy Williams, and the school, are right to reserve judgment.

But my guess is that Hairston is a long shot to play another game for Carolina.

Hopefully, I’m guessing wrong. Hopefully, Hairston will turn out to be in no serious trouble and will back on the court to continue the surge that helped the Heels turn around their fortune last season.

That said, the entire situation involving Hairston and two other men - Miykael Faulcon and Carlos Sanford - royally flunks the smell test.

Police found a pistol outside a 2013 GMC Yukon rental driven by Hairston. Who put the gun there - and why - isn’t known.

Again, hopefully the weapon was never in the possession of Hairston or anyone else in the car. But the longer the gun isn’t linked to someone, somewhere, the worse it looks for Hairston.

At the very best, Hairston has established that he’s playing fast and loose on the lifestyle front. If he was driving without a license, that alone is proof of poor decision making.

More speculation about realignment and conference hopping

The ACC seemingly has stabilized, thanks primarily to its recently signed grant of rights covenant. And at least for now, the Big Ten seems content with its East Coast additions of Maryland and Rutgers.

But don’t trash your redistricting map just yet. There’s too much backstage noise going on in the SEC and Big 12 to assume the landscape has completely settled for the foreseeable future.

With the ACC soon to be at 15 members, and Notre Dame perhaps trending toward full-time membership at some point, it’s difficult to imagine that the SEC will stay at 14 members or that the Big 12 is locked in on 10.

The SEC is the primary force, of course. But with the ACC outposts apparently secure, it’s not easy to predict where the king football league will scout.

The most obvious prospect is either Oklahoma or Oklahoma State of the Big 12. Given the cable TV market impetus behind expansion, the SEC doesn’t need both the Cowboys and the Sooners.

But since there’s a possibility Oklahoma legislators could tie the two schools to a common conference future, the SEC may not be able to bring aboard one without the other.

The two glaring geographical voids in the SEC’s cable portfolio are Virginia and North Carolina, which has led to some speculation that ECU will at least be in the conversation at some point.

The Pirates have recently committed to the new American Athletic Conference, but would be most viable option for the SEC to dent the North Carolina and eastern Virginia cable markets.

ECU certainly doesn’t have the tradition of most SEC schools, but the football-first profile and enthusiastic fan base factors have been in place for decades.

Regardless of what the SEC does, the Big 12 is almost certain to add a second East Coast base if for no other reason than to give West Virginia a reasonably close league neighbor.

It’s all probably a pipe dream for ECU fans, but there’s no law that pipe dreams can’t come true.


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  • PiratePhish Jul 9, 3:15 p.m.

    Big 12 schools recently signed a grant of media rights similar to the ACC, Oklahoma and Oklahoma... View More

    — Posted by lewiskr45

    Not a valid comparrison, but adding East Carolina to the SEC would be pretty similar to adding NC State to the SEC.

    Pretty much the same football tradition & accolades.... with a lot of hope.

  • PiratePhish Jul 9, 2:55 p.m.

    Party at Party U! Even the SEC can do better academically than EZU/ EasyU, tho.....

    — Posted by Alex25

    Several people I know from Raleigh started out at college at East Carolina, but couldn't keep their grades up due to poor time management.

    They eventually moved back to Raleigh with their parents & finished at NC State after 6-7 years.

    Not making any suggestions, but this was the case more than it should be. Once people that are fans of UNC or NC State quit being delusional (when they grow up & quit acting like biggots), they will realize that no matter where you went to school, what you majored in, etc., that time management & efficiently completing your task/job matters the most in how successful you are.

    Bandwagon fans don't understand this, but most well educated graduates do.

    After getting in to the other NC colleges I applied for (NC State & Davidson), I selected East Carolina for continutiy of my studies through grad school. It didn't hurt that I grew up pulling for East Carolina, that my parents & uncles went there & that East Carolina was more cost efficient. So, please throw your old stereotypes out the window because they do not apply anymore (besides the one that we have tons of hot girls).

    Do you think that everyone that goes to UNC looks like they are in a fraternity, act like snobs, or could easily get a free membership at a gay bar? ...... well?

    Do you think that everyone that goes to NC State rides on a tractor to class, has red hair, act like hill-billies any chance they get, or have a big, red jacked-up truck with their name across the windsheild? ..... hmmmm?

    I will glad to discredit any stereotype you have with my own personal experiences from either of the schools.

    Bandwagon fans, please feel free to correct any gramatical errors, because we know you don't have anything else to do besides trolling these weak boards.

  • PiratePhish Jul 9, 2:31 p.m.

    Have you ever noticed that anytime East Carolina gets mentioned in an article that you always... View More

    — Posted by Mustang


  • 4tarheels Jul 4, 11:15 a.m.

    Did they kick Sweezy from the team?

  • Dreamchaser Jul 4, 10:44 a.m.

    How much longer do we have to read Tudor's nonsense?

    — Posted by fergie

    This is just the beginning of a thousand more articles on P.J. and Carolina.

    — Posted by 903 crybaby

    Tudor is awful, I hate that we have to read his garbage.

    Bring on the P.J. articles. I'm all for... View More

    — Posted by aoakley336

    You should emigrate to the USA. We are celebrating our Independence today and all of the rights that came with it. One of those rights is the freedom of the press, they have the right to print what stories they want to. Another right is the right of the people to decide what stories they want to read. I'm so blessed that I don't live in your country where someone comes to your home and forces you to read sports articles. Happy 4th to all :)

  • aoakley336 Jul 4, 7:10 a.m.

    How much longer do we have to read Tudor's nonsense?

    — Posted by fergie

    This is just the beginning of a thousand more articles on P.J. and Carolina.

    — Posted by 903 crybaby

    Tudor is awful, I hate that we have to read his garbage.

    Bring on the P.J. articles. I'm all for exposing the cesspool that is UNC athletics. The "Carolina Way" has always been to do things the wrong way, but UNC's been able to cover their tracks until now thanks to the Internet, so we can hear the truth from someone other than all of the UNC journalism grads in this area.

  • Kegger Jul 3, 11:02 p.m.

    well said "mustang" they are afraid of us

  • Hokies94 Jul 3, 9:50 p.m.

    With due respect to our new writer on here, Mr. Tudor. I don't see any connection to PJ Hairston and ECU at all. Write two seperate story lines. You will get more hits, and writers will have to choose.

  • lewiskr45 Jul 3, 7:47 p.m.

    Big 12 schools recently signed a grant of media rights similar to the ACC, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State aren't going anywhere anytime soon. Someone asked, would the ACC risk allowing the SEC into the NC and VA market with the addition of ECU. The ACC owns NC & VA with the major schools in those two states as members. The SEC adding ECU would be similar to the ACC adding South Alabama.

  • Hokies94 Jul 3, 7:47 p.m.

    I have always liked ECU. I thought that Skip Holtz was building something special up there. He left for the money, and see what he got too. Fired. ECU should have matched the offer, and the stands would have been over-flowing. Jeff Lebo has done one of the best jobs in the History of ECU. He can recruit, but the guys today want to be seen on the tube. Not going to happen for ECU for a long time. The academic profile for this University doesn't match up with some conferences.




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