Joe Ovies

The death of an ACC logo

Posted July 1, 2013

The old Atlantic Coast Conference officially died on Sunday, June 30th at 9:28 p.m. with the arrival of an email.

The press release wasn't a grandiose declaration ushering in the new and improved ACC coming from commissioner John Swofford. That moment will happen as the conference takes over New York City on July 1st with a series of publicity events, which includes closing the Bell to the NASDAQ Stock Market and a press conference hosted by ESPN.

This moment was more subtle, with the ACC Associate Director of Communications updating the "Brand & Style Guidelines" to the conference.  In an effort to simplify ACC logo usage, the release instructed all interested parties to utilize the ACC's sleek 3-letter logo. Gone was the classic "seal" logo, which featured a map of the conference with dots to signify the locations of member universities. ACC logo -blue on white

It makes sense. What's the point of a map in the new age of realignment? But it was tough not to look at the demise of the original logo as symbolic. The ACC's initial mission statement and a bit of history are gone along with that logo.  ACC logo - white on blue

It's been replaced with a slick, corporate look that's soulless and lacks charm. Not unlike the new world of college athletics, but that's the cost of doing business these days. 

Old school pundits will likely write another round flowery prose in honor of the conference that got them into the business similar to what happened in 2004 when Miami and Virginia Tech joined the ACC. They'll say the flooding rains over Tobacco Road were actually the Heavens weeping as the ACC officially became Big East 2.0 and we're no longer the center of the world. 

They'll come to bury the ACC, not praise it. That would be foolish.

This was all necessary for the survival of the Atlantic Coast Conference. Adherence to the old ways would have left the conference in the position the Big East is in today. A tip of the hat goes to the forward thinking coming out of Greensboro, but let's pour one out for the old ACC. It's been a long, strange ten years to get to this point.


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  • tigertown63 Jul 2, 11:58 a.m.

    Not totally happy with the changes, but I will be ok as long as they keep the rivalry games in tact in football. And what's also, a little dishearting is the ACC Tourney may end up being played way in New York.

  • Spartacus Jul 2, 11:15 a.m.

    The ACC is bush-league now. Any conference that allows one or more members to not play football, BECAUSE THEY PREFER NOT TO, cannot be considered a major conference.

  • Tunaboy Jul 2, 9:57 a.m.

    This weeks and next years expansions could not have been better timed for the future of the ACC. Our conference is now in a perfect position to control it's own destiny and greatly improve football and basketball competition. The ADs who have their act together will know how to leverage their programs to higher levels with this change in landscape and those who don't/can't will be winnowed out. This will be a huge benefit for the ACC schools that emphasize non-revenue sports like UNC, ND, and Louisville.

  • NEVER apologize for being white Jul 1, 10:14 p.m.

    Poor joe Ovaries, The logo died when they put a dot in Boston. Long time ago. Wake up Bra

  • TarHeel4Real Jul 1, 8:48 p.m.

    I hate the new ACC. There are too many teams in the conference. 8 is the perfect number for a conference. I hate not playing every team in football and every team twice in basketball like the old days. This is all about money. I understand why this happened, but the NCAA could have prevented this a long time ago if they just went to a 16 team playoff system like the playoff division has. I wish the big teams would have just left the NCAA and done that. Like someone else mentioned, now App State is going to leave the SoCon and enter the bowl division, and that is going to be a big mistake. Instead of generating more excitement by being in the playoffs, now they will have to go to a little no-name bowl. I just hate it. It all could have been avoided. The only reason we have these 14 and 16 team conferences is because of football, and the conferences could have been left alone if they just had a playoff. And I hate to think what is going to happen to basketball when coaches like Roy, K, and Patino leave.

  • StunGunn Jul 1, 7:52 p.m.

    Well, not all that exciting. Some are saying the ACC had 4 more great coaches in Basketball... View More

    — Posted by lec02572

    You just know Duke is going to try the UNC experiment and go with a K alumn to replace him.... View More

    — Posted by hi_i_am_wade

    I can see Duke going after Brad Stevens. I just don't see Carolina going after Mark Turgeon. Ever. Truth be told, I dread the day that K and Roy retire. It just won't be the same.

  • StunGunn Jul 1, 7:50 p.m.

    Darn a mistake. I meant fsu.

    — Posted by Toddler10-21

    Thanks for clearing that up, Toddler! I was trying to think how an airport had total dominance:-)

  • StunGunn Jul 1, 7:42 p.m.

    Ageee with 2001. The acc will be much tougher now in basketball. Some fans don't like it because... View More

    — Posted by Toddler10-21

    Toddler, I welcome - and respect - the competition, but I hate the tradition and rivalries that are put aside for the "new ACC". Makes me ask, "What price progress?"

  • hi_i_am_wade Jul 1, 7:40 p.m.

    Well, not all that exciting. Some are saying the ACC had 4 more great coaches in Basketball... View More

    — Posted by lec02572

    You just know Duke is going to try the UNC experiment and go with a K alumn to replace him. Problem is, the Duke coaching tree is more like a blade of grass. UNC has plenty of great coaching alumns to draw from, but the best are in the NBA or too old (Larry Brown) right now. I doubt UNC goes to an unproven alumn again to replace Roy Williams. UNC and Duke can get the pick of the litter for future coaches, but Duke will try a K protege first. After he fails, then Duke will ask someone good and they will be right back up there.

    Although I could be wrong about UNC. Maybe they will ask George Karl, Greg Popovich (Larry Brown protege), or Mark Turgeon (Roy Williams protege).

  • StunGunn Jul 1, 7:35 p.m.

    I like the "Old ACC" much better, but I understand and accept that change was necessary. I'd feel a lot better about the "New ACC" if the rivalries were kept alive instead of dismantling them in favor of "new rivalries". The Big Four should be playing twice a year in basketball and every year in football; they are the backbone of the ACC.




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