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The Mitchell Report: Coach K, Polite Tebow and a Cheetah

Posted July 28, 2013

Thoughts on the sports world I can't share in a 5 minute sportscast. Some Triangle news. Some not.

K considered retiring?

Mike Krzyzewski is starting to reveal more and more about why he decided to return as head coach of Team USA. Coach K told The USA Today this week that he wasn't planning to coach in the 2016 Olympics because he assumed he would be done at Duke by that time. Apparently last year's Duke team really gave him the push to keep the career going longer than he had originally planned. Those retirement thoughts came after a season with a loss to Lehigh, so that's not terribly shocking.

Strap a Cheetah to his back?!

 There's been a lot of talk about  cheetahs at Titans camp. Running back Chris Johnson raced a cheetah for an upcoming special on Nat Geo Wild. The best part of the story is when Chris talks about the precautions that were taken before the race to keep the cheetah from eating him. They had to put a barrier between the two racers.

"The crazy thing is when they first set it up and they did a test run before we got there, the cheetah actually jumped over the barrier," Johnson said. "So they had to make it higher."

Johnson wouldn't say who won the race but I am going to bet safe and pick the animal with four legs.

Doing your job

We have to ask uncomfortable questions as reporters sometimes. It's not the most fun part of the job when you have to ask a guy something you know he doesn't want to answer. I truly appreciated Tim Tebow's response to one of those questions this week. He was being asked about Aaron Hernandez, his former Gator/Patriot teammate. He answered the first time saying it was "heartbreaking". As reporters asked him to elaborate, he said he understood they were just "doing their jobs" but his job was to "follow instructions" and he's been told not to talk much about the situation. In typical Tebow fashion, he was able to be polite while blowing off a question.

Mahan's weekend

It was pretty cool to see Hunter Mahan withdraw from the Canadian Open this weekend to be with his wife who was in labor. Mahan had a two shot lead in the tournament, but gave that up for a chance to see his first baby born. His tweet today summed it up:

Hunter Mahan ‏@HunterMahan

Both Baby and Mom are doing great. Thanks to all to my sponsors who appreciate what's important in life and all my fans for being Awesome!

Worth Reading

I probably would have enjoyed this as a 5-yar-old.

John Wall on his time at Team USA Camp.

Worth a watch. Memphis QB Jacob Karam in a duet to remember.




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  • Sauras69 Jul 28, 9:08 p.m.

    Sorry. I left out Mahan. He did what a great dad would do in going home to be with his wife and child. He's one of the best in apprecating this great game on the tour. A gentleman on and off of the course.

  • Sauras69 Jul 28, 8:34 p.m.

    Nice topics Mandy. Coach K still has the passion of most young coaches in the game today. He hasn't slowed any time since his surgery many years ago at Duke. He still recuits some of the best, and having Parker will certainly bring Duke to the elite once again. They have talent up there. It was a breath of fresh air when he stated that he was going to coach the USA team one more time. No one in this game has done what Coach K has accomplished.

  • Gunnstigator Jul 28, 8:29 p.m.

    Well, I am stunned that K thought he wouldn't be coaching at Duke in 2016. Of course, since he agreed to coach the Olympics in 2016, he'll still be at the helm at Duke, and that's a good thing for the ACC and college basketball. I dread the day that K and Roy retire - the rivalry just won't be the same.

    I look forward to seeing the "Cheetah race", but I agree the four legged animal will win easily. As long as he doesn't have "dinner" during the race, it should be interesting. Good thing they did a test run first!

    Great story about the little boy whose Dad built a baseball field in their backyard and named it after his son. How cool is that!

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