Mandy Mitchell

The Mitchell Report

Posted February 9, 2014

Thoughts on the sports world I can't share in a 5 minute sportscast. Some Triangle news. Some not.


Marcus Smart

Let me start by saying this. I obviously do not condone what Marcus Smart did during the Oklahoma State game. You can not go into the stands and put your hands on a fan. You can't put your hands on anyone during a game without getting a punishment. You must have better control and walk away. Now I will get to the one thing I want to say about this. I am truly surprised this does not happen more often in college basketball. I sit with my butt on the actual court when I cover college games in this area. I shoot video of the game so I am right in the action. I hear what some fans think is appropriate to say. That's why I am shocked more of them do not get a good shove. For whatever reason some people think it's ok to say whatever they want to others.  It is not. Just like it's not ok to shove someone, it's not ok to run your mouth. I am not talking about generic sports trash talk. That can be fun. I am talking nasty, personal attacks on human beings. I do not know what was said to Smart, but it was enough to cause him to lose his temper in a very serious way. Again, this is not excusing his actions. You have to let whatever is said go. I just hope we learn something on both sides of this ugly incident. He is suspended for three games. He got his punishment and he apologized. It is possible to be a good fan and heckle and create a home-court advantage for your team without crossing the line.

Bulldogs meet

That got me fired up. Let's calm down and watch a  video about what happened when the Georgetown mascot met the Butler mascot.


The Winter Olympics fascinate me because I am often wondering, "how in the world did that person learn to do that"? The ski jump has always been a favorite. That seems like something that would have a painful learning curve. The luge is another one. Easily the most intriguing moment of the games so far has been the Indian luger who made this ridiculous save. The guy saved his run, but may have saved his life too. There isn't a lot of room for error when you are traveling that fast. It is just interesting to watch these obscure sports every four years and know someone has dedicated so many hours to the skill. Most of the time I don't know what to think about most of the sport or who did "well". Let's just say I am looking forward to the start of hockey!

Richard Jewell

Speaking of the Olympics, we learned this week that the Richard Jewell story will be made into a movie. Jewell was the guy who was accused of setting the bomb off at the Olympics in 1996. I remember this story better than most. I was about 14 and my family was traveling to Atlanta for the Olympics at the time of the bombing. We first heard about it on the radio. The games went on and Jewell went from the hero to the villain. I was already a news buff at the time so I watched hours of coverage about the event. I was watching Atlanta's local news and the national broadcasts. When I eventually learned Jewell was not the bomber, I remember feeling pretty angry. I couldn't understand why everyone would say he did it when he didn't. It was the first time I remember thinking journalists should have more sense for the person behind the headlines. Too many people believed unreliable sources. This was in a time long before the internet boom and social media. I can't even imagine how this would spread now. It was an unfortunate start to a really fun week as a sports fan to learn there had been a bomb. It made walking around Atlanta a bit scary. I am glad there will be a movie to tell a truly sad story of a man who did not deserve to be treated in that way.


Worth Reading

This is a fantastic story about Marquette basketball coach Buzz Williams. Definitely lets you learn more about the man.

A good look into the state of Texas Basketball and what Rick Barnes is doing in Austin.



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  • Jeanne Gunn Feb 11, 2014

    Great piece, Mandy, and you changed my opinion of two men as a result: Greg Doyel and Rick Barnes. That article Doyel wrote about Buzz Williams is very moving, and Coach Buzz is a remarkable man with such compassion!

    I never liked Rick Barnes, maybe it goes back to the days he coached at Clemson, but to have the standards and morals he has in what can be such a dirty business is commendable.

    Thanks for opening my eyes, Mandy!

  • vt94hokies Feb 10, 2014

    Solid writing on each topic.

  • Hammerhead Feb 10, 2014

    Those Olympic sports are learned just like any other. Baby steps.

  • Hal Price Feb 10, 2014

    Concerning the Richard Jewell paragraph. Newsflash, this is what the media is notorious for, guilty until proven innocent, and sensationalistic content. Pitiful, the people that naively believe what CBS, NBC, ABC, MSNBC and the rest of mainstream media spew.

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