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  • Lost and Loaded Oct 28, 2011

    That's just the point - all the ABCer's will not look at both sides of UNC violations issue. They only trump the negative and that makes them irrevelant.

    The NCAA is skylighting a school that doesn't deserve it, a school that has already self-imposed far more punishment than any big name football school would have done for similar infractions, a school that for centuries has been known to play by the rules while other universities skirted them to establish football reps over academic reps. UNC comes within a whisper of ascending to top 10 status, upsetting the status quo by playing by the same rules every other top ten caliber team uses, and suddenly everyone starts throwing darts at it.

    Well, I hope the system is shook up - now every conference will probably vote to give athletes a stipend in addition to tuition, books, fees, room and board. A change that has been needed for over 20 years, suddenly only gets done after UNC has the spotlight shone of it. That, in itself, is a victory more important than winning the national championship.

  • early exit Roy Sep 26, 2011

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    Once the administration got wind of what was going on the administration came clean.They haven't been clean on anything. Remember they said he (Butch) didn't know anything about it. On page 62 or 63 of the report it states that Thigpen talked to Blake about what was going on and Blake wouldn't stop so he (Thigpen) went to Butch and told him what Blake was doing. Butch let Thigpen go to Auburn instead of doing something about it. Now where has unc said publicly that Butch knew what was going on? They haven't!!!!

  • SEC Baby!!! Sep 26, 2011

    Listen!! Little pretty girl from UNC, this is just another cry baby column by another cry baby UNC grad. I'm a fan of the greatest conference in the world. The SEC!!! We have had alot of heat over the years except we actually can play ball. Oh!! Don't forget that the SEC is making the NFL that much better.

  • bretttarton Sep 26, 2011

    I love when cheaters claim to be victims. Unc already benefited by the cheating. Vacating wins is comical, the already gained to benefits of winning those games with recruiting etc. Nobody, nobody cares about vacated wins, especially going forward. 3 schollys? Also comical. Nobody will notice a difference whatsoever losing 3 schol a year. They already benefited by having Blake as coach for years hooking players up for years and getting those d recruits. They also benefited by having their players cheat and Unc offering bogus academic programs to keep them on the field.

  • packfan1752 Sep 25, 2011

    Erin, take off your carolina blue thong, PLEASE! You are an embarrassment to the local media. Yes, the NCAA is being fair. Every team they have visited, HAS CHEATED!

  • VT1994Hokie Sep 23, 2011

    There were a lot of people associated with UNC's football team that broke a bunch of rules. Some of the people that broke the rules should have to appear in court.

    The NCAA hasn't been consistent in their rulings, and this goes back for a long time. I'm talking about their involvement with many schools. Politics always has a way to get it's nose into anything involving judgement calls. The NCAA doesn't have a concrete plan in place for various infractions.

    Last year, Ohio State was allowed to play in a Huge Bowl, and then suspended players at the start of this season. Anyone knows that this is a sham. No consistency. This is perhaps one of the worst decision-making deals ever by the NCAA in my opinion. Just when you think they are trying to become more credible, and they do this.

  • genesmith2 Sep 23, 2011

    The NCAA is like the inquisition, they rely on someone else to carry out the punishment that they decree, in this case the schools. What would happen if a school like UNC, when told to ban a Devon Ramsey for life, refused and played him anyhow. (The facts were that he did nothing wrong.) The NCAA would try to prevent other teams from playing UNC. What if the conference went along with UNC and played the games. A snowball effect could happen, and the NCAA would be exposed as powerless. Do you think they would then try to ban UNC from basketball games?
    Note: Devon Ramsey did nothing wrong but initially was banned for life by the NCAA, mission most of a season, while Tyrell Pryor at Ohio State was obviously guilty and allowed to play in the Sugar Bowl. Is the NCAA fair?

  • genesmith2 Sep 23, 2011

    Why the NCAA acts the way it does.
    Ohio State and the Big Ten are very independent, they really don't need the NCAA (no one really does). They were the driving force that took the football money away from the control of the NCAA and gave it back to the conferences through the formation of the BCS. This was millions lost to the NCAA, and a lot of power. If the same thing happens in basketball with March Madness, the NCAA is without its final cash cow, and will be powerless and broke. No more million dollar offices, and huge salaries with special perks. You don't bite the hand that feeds you.
    The press has been publishing reports of Ohio State players getting sweetheart car deals for years. Former star players admit to the facts. Pryor, even though he come from a poor, single parent home, bought 3 cars from the same salesman named by other players since he was at Ohio State. The latest was a Nisson 350 Z valued at between 16 and 27K. Pryor's mother has also purchased two cars from the same Columbus salesperson. The NCAA asked Ohio State to investigate, and every time the salesman swore he gave the Pryors the same deal he gives all of his customers, nothing special. NCAA agrees with Ohio State, nothing there.
    Carolina opens up, reports everything, and gets off easy. Ohio State reports nothing, and gets slammed! Did I get that right?

  • genesmith2 Sep 23, 2011

    Please explain to me why you would play a game when you know the game will be a forfeit ahead of time. The NCAA found a way to allow Ohio State to use players known to be tainted in the Sugar Bowl, win the game because of those players, and now, that game is a forfeit because of those very players. The NCAA claims that forfeits are as if the games never happened, then why did the '11 Sugar Bowl happen with those players? Why forfeit the game now? Why forfeit any game?
    Ohio State was slammed with this punishment because they were on probation when some of their offenses occurred. The PAIN that Ohio State and its fans must be suffering! Forfeited the season! Forfeited the Sugar Bowl! Ouch! The pain and suffering! Darn the NCAA! They are so unfair!
    Yep, Carolina skated while Ohio State was slammed!

  • bh4 Sep 22, 2011

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    WRAL has been on the forefront of making sure that UNC gets everything it deserves and more...countless negative articles based on sources and speculation and simply wanting Butch fired. WRAL is a direct contributor to finishing off the damage to the school's reputation that was already caused. WRAL magnified the situation locally and state wide. ESPN didn't give a hoot about any of this.

    Trust me, WRAL has done everything it could to make sure that UNC's reputation was tarnished, and do it under the guise of the public good. How many taxpayer dollars have been spent defending WRAL'S request for documents, which turned up nothing new.

    I have been to Columbus, and it is a different story there. There are no rival fans living in your neighborhood to make sure that you are rubbed into the ground and destroyed, even if you don't deserve it. The local media doesn't write it because it doesn't sell in Columbus. The local media here has Duke and State fans and everyone else that hates UNC to sell to.

    Same deal with 99.9 the fan...a maryland grad and a state grad basically roasted UNC for over a year now, especially when they need callers.

  • bh4 Sep 22, 2011

    Sorry Duante but you guys broke the rules. You can't say what is fair or not fair because you put yourself in position to be questioned. And ESPN hasn't really covered the story, it's been mainly the local media agenda.

    But next time you want to make a comment about the NCAA, save it for AFTER the hearings if you don't mind.

  • branimated Sep 22, 2011

    Laughable mang, HAH!

    If WRAL would quit blowing UNC at every turn, I might have a bit more respect for their sports reporters.

  • RochesterRedWolf Sep 22, 2011

    Wow, just wow. Is the NCAA being fair?????

    What this ought to show is just how much stonewalling UNC has been doing all along. UNC dismissed Marvin (so he didn't have to talk to the NCAA), Blake Resigned (AFTER LSU game, so he didn't have to talk to the NCAA), and Wiley refused to talk to anyone except her high-powered UNC lawyers (how is an elementary school teacher paying for that???)

    Throw in the sham education for the athletes at UNC, at least the really good ones i guess, i'm sure someone over there MUST be doing something besides plagiarizing, and the UNC has a lot of stuff to go thru.

    Get over yourselves UNC, there never was/is a Carolina Way.

  • shepherdofwolves Sep 21, 2011

    Nothing like watching a Tarhole point his finger at others' wrong-doings to rationalize his poor decisions, ain't nothing like listening to a Tar Hole whine that life isn't fair, ain't nothing like hearing a Tar Hole make excuses and rat out other people to excuse his behavior instead of accepting the consequences of his actions, no, there ain't nothing like a Tar Hole to make me proud I went State.

    GO PACK.

  • adambrock Sep 21, 2011

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    That was a joke aimed at unx to make fun of the diploma mill that is the afro-american studies department.

  • one00proof Sep 21, 2011

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    In PACKFAN's defense, despite his obvious bias, Summers pretty much opened the floodgates to be discounted with her little article above.

  • yurnodiffrent Sep 21, 2011

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    You can't, PACKFAN. So don't even try. You are genetically predisposed to discount everything ever written by every journalist who graduated from UNC.

  • PACKFAN08 Sep 21, 2011

    Poor, Poor

    How can I take this story from a UNC grad serious?

  • cutclifferules Sep 21, 2011

    The kid speaks the truth. If you put your personal distaste for your rival aside (that's gonna be difficult for much of the anonymous internet community to do), you can see how unfair it really is.

    Once the UNC administration got wind of what Butch and Blake were up to, they came completely clean. And the NCAA saw it as weakness. This scandal doesn't compare at all to other scandals of the past year. But Miami is still playing all their guys. And Auburn still has that crystal football.

    If the NCAA ever comes knocking on Duke's door, I hope our AD has the gumption to tell them to take a hike.

  • boposke Sep 21, 2011

    Erin really...UNC cheated and tried to get away with it....but didn't. Even after everything they kept am Agent as a Chair.....what do you not get. UNC is full of a bunch of cheats and liars.

  • tjdebord Sep 21, 2011

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    Yet you took the time to read it. It's easy to make a knee- comment disparaging someone's credentials. It's much more difficult and takes a bit of intellect to back up the comment with reasoned, what makes a good (or bad) journalist.
    Incidentally, what part of her writing would suggest she got her degree in afro-american studies?

  • tjdebord Sep 21, 2011

    Duenta said, "I really feel like the NCAA is capitalizing off a situation that isn’t fair to a lot of people."

    You wanna know what's really unfair? Players cheating and making it hard on their brothers who are doing it the right way. That's what's unfair. The players who keep their noses clean and work their tails off get punished for what a few did outside the rules. Let's not forget why the NCAA showed up on the doorstep in the first place.

  • gopack54 Sep 21, 2011

    You can't do much worse than having an agent's employee on your coaching staff and the academic issues that have been uncovered.

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