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  • fzero Nov 29, 2011

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    Whoa there, fanboy. Staal doesn't do much at all. He doesn't backcheck (as evidenced by his plus/minus rating), he takes poor quality shots and he doesn't even skate hard some shifts. Watch him. I know you'd probably like to cuddle up with Eric's jock strap at night, but seriously watch just him on the ice for an entire game. Tell me how many shifts he takes off.

  • StunGunn Nov 29, 2011

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    The more I think about it, and the more I read about Muller, the better I feel. I still like Daniels, and I think he's a good coach. I thought it would be a benefit to have a new coach who knows the system/players because the learning curve would be a lot shorter, but the result may have been similar to what we've been seeing on the ice. Bringing in a guy with fresh ideas and an aggressive game plan may just be what the Canes need.

  • mosleytim Nov 29, 2011

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    Um, if anything Staal was trying to do TOO to see him gone, what are you f'n stupid?! He goes, like Francis did with the Whale back in '91, then this team is SURELY done. Staal will be fine, and people like you on his back all the time don't help. I hear the half-cheers when his goals are announced from people like you and then yell wildly when Skinner scores. Go be a fan of the SABRES then if you're gonna be like that, jer*face.

  • kbkline Nov 29, 2011

    I love the Canes but I'm glad I didn't renew my tickets this year.........

  • Jakethesnake Nov 29, 2011

    why would we want jeff daniels a guy who last played the maurice system and knows all the players. we needed someone new and Muller was an awesome choice. Francis and Brindamour are not good coaches and do not have any experience(besides francis one year). Muller was a star nhl player, assisted coaching in a canadien hockey town for a good team, and has run his own team. Great choice here.

  • StunGunn Nov 29, 2011

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    Good points, and I feel better about Daniels staying in Charlotte after reading your post. I had heard part of JR's presser yesterday, and he did say something about not wanting to disrupt the development of the young talent. At first blush, I thought it was PR BS, but there might be merit to it. From what I've read about Muller, he seems to have a lot of potential.

  • StunGunn Nov 29, 2011

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    Rutherford did keep the Cup team together, and they didn't even make the playoffs the next year. Each year that the Canes have had a really good season (and there haven't been too many of those) Rutherford does try to keep the team intact. Unfortunately, his efforts haven't been rewarded.

  • same ole story Nov 29, 2011

    Another of the Rutherford cost cutting moves. Going low end on the salary wages to get a new guy. Noticed the price of tickets, parking, concessions didn't go down. You have not put a quality product on the ice for years! Until we get some good players on the roster my money will stay in my pocket.

  • ed taylor Nov 29, 2011

    Well, one thing is for sure! Time will tell. I hope we can look back a few years from now and say this was a great choice.

  • StunGunn Nov 29, 2011

    I, too, had hoped Jeff Daniels would be named the new Head Coach. JR wants ideas "outside the organization". I thought it would be beneficial to have an "inside" guy who knows the players and system, but maybe getting in some fresh ideas is the way to go. At any rate, I hope Daniels is happy in Charlotte, because I'd hate to lose him; there will be a day when he's ready to move up to Raleigh.

  • joeBob Nov 29, 2011

    This is a start. Now it's time for some trades that JR hinted at last week. How about some D men that make hits, I mean checks when the clock is running.

  • Ohprah Nov 28, 2011

    Franlky, I'm going to be PO'ed if they all of a sudden start playing well. Like if Staal all of a sudden gets a hat trick like he did right after he got the C.
    He is just a brat and I'd like to see him gone. I've already paid too much to see his kind of effort.

  • brysontharp Nov 28, 2011

    Thank god they did something to help this team. I love my Carolina hurricanes but it sucks watching them loss. Lets all hope Muller can help this team.And i will also like to said bye to Paul

  • unaffiliated_voter Nov 28, 2011

    Maurice's record as head coach of the Whalers/Hurricanes: 384-391-145.

    That's 384 wins and 913 points in 920 games - a 41.7% winning percentage and 49.6% of possible points.

    Rutherford should put a big banner with those numbers on his wall just in case he ever starts thinking about bringing Maurice back again.

    Laviolette by the way was 167-122-34 (368 points in 323 games) for a 51.7% winning percentage and 57.0% of possible points.

    So if we have to recycle a former coach at some point in the future, we need to hope it's Lavi.

    But let's hope Muller does even better than that. With a few tweaks to the roster, I think the guys on this team and in Charlotte have the talent to be a good team. Hopefully Coach Muller will motivate and utilize them in a way that turns that potential into reality - something Maurice has never been good at.

  • rfred16 Nov 28, 2011

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    I like this coach.....tough and requires players to have accountability to each other (unlike Lowe)....Also, we needed someone from outside the organization, so that we can completely change the system without any leftovers from Mo's tenure. Daniels is successful, but he has a loaded AHL team....I am afraid if he took over, the players would feel comfortable and play the same kind of game....It has been said, Muller will quickly let you know where you stand on the team...He even said, don't ask me if you don't want the truth....

  • rfred16 Nov 28, 2011

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    I love basketball.....but I also love the rest of your post....That guy needs to come out from under his rock...

  • wolfpackMSP Nov 28, 2011

    One would think by this order of events that NCSU/and or Lee Fowler had a hand in this decision making process. Hire a coach, then fire him, then hire him again, then fire him again, then Hire an ex-player/ assistant coach (Sidney Lowe). This is awesome, great Monday laugh!

  • justiceforall Nov 28, 2011

    Staal is a head case. He either needs to get shrunk or man-up and quit. He isn't doing the team any good moping around on the ice.

  • ajoplin Nov 28, 2011

    Daniels has secured a high quality position in Charlotte and is our source of good young fundamentally sound players. Really watch Faulk, Brett Sutter, etc, etc. His players come ready to skate hard and read the ice very well. It's the veterans that are screwed up. Too far from fundamentals. Trade Staal and his lazy game, ditch Pitkanen and Kaberle. Keep Faulk, Brent, Sutter here. Play Joslin every game. Keep McBain progressing at holding the blue line, one-timers and smart pinching. Give the C to Brandon. He has truly earned it. Make Skinner a lifer with the Staal cash. The rest of the team is good enough to follow with vigor and ability.

  • jscott13 Nov 28, 2011

    Just listened to the press conference and this guy is a keeper. He actually has a personality and he smiles. I like his emphasis on accountability...everyone is responsible for everything that happens out there. Looking forward to the rest of the season.

  • unaffiliated_voter Nov 28, 2011

    FINALLY! Now there's hope for improvement. I'm looking forward to seeing some better hockey.

    Though I was kind of thinking Daniels would be the guy IF they finally made the move, going outside the organization might be a good choice. The recycling of players and coaches hasn't worked well, so some fresh ideas might be helpful. Muller never played or coached for Toronto, so that's a plus. We've not done well with most of the former Maple Leafs we've acquired (e.g Maurice, Kaberle).

    The Montreal fans mostly seem unhappy that we got Muller and they didn't, so that's a good sign. I also found a few quotes from him in recent years that sound good. Here's one: "I really stress for the guys to be a very aggressive forechecking team, and I tell my forwards that if they want to play here they gotta work." Aggressive forechecking and hard working forwards sounds good to me.

    I'm looking for to tomorrow night's game (though I know that Muller can't make too many changes in one day).

  • enjoytheride2011 Nov 28, 2011

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    Evidently Rod is close to being a coach because he works with the forwards.

  • enjoytheride2011 Nov 28, 2011

    Rod coaches forwards for the franchise.

  • ajaugenti Nov 28, 2011

    I'm glad this guy is gone! I don't understand of why they've rehired him to be the coach a second time again. Brind'amour should be hired as a coach, and would have done a great job!

  • hurricane04343 Nov 28, 2011

    Let me help try to clear some things up.

    Kirk Muller has had no NHL head coaching experience, but he is considered among "the hockey circles" as the next coaching prodigy. Many were shocked that he was not given a coaching job over the summer, but that has been attributed to teams unsure about his lack of NHL experience. But don't be tricked by that. He coached four season as an assistant for the Montreal Canadians. These Montreal teams were actually pretty good and went to the playoffs each year. If you recall the run Montreal made two seasons ago, Muller was the coach who (essentially) single-highhandedly devised a defensive system that completely stone-walled Alexander Ovechkin. In the AHL this season, his team, which isn't exactly high on talent, are doing a great job and their special teams have revitalized.

    Muller stresses a system in which all players work hard to play defense and offense together, where every player is accountable for everything that happens. He likes aggressive offense and responsible defense. Not dissimilar to Laviolette's system that won the Canes the Cup and likely the system this team needs.

    As to why Daniels was not brought up, JR spoke with him but they felt he was not ready for a coaching job in the NHL. And that is probably correct. Bringing him up would also disrupt the development of our prospects. Not to mention, what this team really needs is an overhaul started by someone with an outside perspective. You don't want a ex-player who knows everyone to really does not work. Muller has few preconceived notions of the teams and will make all decisions on their play, not their pedigree.

    As for why Rod and Ron are not coaching. Rod is nowhere close to being a coach and I don't know where that suggestion was pulled from. Francis has also commented that he dislikes coaching and he is more than likely being groomed for the GM job, not coaching. He was removed from the bench for a reason recently.

  • male1000us Nov 28, 2011

    the Canes need to make a trade and get more players and they need to go oust and spend some money and get some players.far as Paul Maurice out it was time they need to get the young player in and play them the old guys of this team need to go get ride of them team need to get younger player and play younger they need to stop giving up to many goals that what hurt the team they need to change their defence the defence lets the hurricane down my name is joseph and I am a big hurricanes fan love the canes they my team and watch them grow and their younger players seemds to play better than their okder players fat as the offence is pretty goood can be better i love the canes they need better defence that what they need to trade for they should have kelp eric cole he ws one of thier best player and paid they never found a player to replace eric cole or ron francess till they find a plater to replace those too players then they will have a hard time winning the gm need to spend money and get great plarer great offiance players to help the team too it the gm falt that the team bad did not go out and get great players

  • mgeorgevich1959 Nov 28, 2011

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    Pitkanen can't check even you you gave him a plow!! He can scate but cannot play defense. Did you see the 4th goal on Ward the other night where the forward just shoved Pitkanen out of the way and scored.

  • They call me CATMAN Nov 28, 2011

    The canes are making Maurice to be the Billy Martin of Hockey.

  • jscott13 Nov 28, 2011

    luvshockey...STAAL is playing with very little passion, intensity, desire. He needs to shape up or be benched. Staal didn't get along with Lavi because Lavi didn't put up with poor performances and he was vocal about it. Can't upset your star, right? Staal likes Mo because he caters to the star and makes him happy. Staal is talented and is not playing even close to his potential. He needs to be told that if he doesn't shape up, he will sit until he gets himself together.

  • Jakethesnake Nov 28, 2011

    Raleigh has a hockey team? When did this happen?

    Hey americanceel, 15-20000 people go to these hockey games 3 times a week and love every second of it. we won the stanley cup 4 years ago and hosted the allstar game last year and it was one of the best ones ever according to the hockey world. go watch your wimpy college basketball. I've never ever seen a sport so made for girls.

  • americaneel Nov 28, 2011

    Raleigh has a hockey team? When did this happen?

  • imback Nov 28, 2011

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    Um. Im guessing you dont know much about hockey. His stats are not impressive.
    Hes ranked 51st in GAA and 41st in SV% (.905 - not that impressive)

  • moogies Nov 28, 2011

    I'm sorry for Mo, but knew it had to come to this. Staal isn't going to get any better or more effective unless someone puts the fear of God into him or threatens to trade him, franchise player or not. If the new coach can solve Staal's production issue, teach the 'Canes how to effectively pass, and teach them to have a plan during power plays and score, then we may have a chance at getting well above .500 this year.

  • JPack Nov 28, 2011

    I'm sure this has been said fifty times....but why the h€// did they not bring on Daniels!!?? Yet another Ruthy screw up. Just when he had a chance to fix things and make the team better.

  • Chapel Hill Caniac Nov 28, 2011

    I totally agree with you tplatania, sometimes the guys pass the puck to neverland and Staal, don't even get me started. I look forward to a more agressive style with a kick *** attitude.

  • n4dxa Nov 28, 2011

    All I can say is its about freakin time.

  • ssgoodlife Nov 28, 2011

    Sure its the coaches fault when the players are not good enough, are underachievers or cant score with a man advantage 7 times.....LMFAO what clowns they should be embarassed for themselves for getting the coach fired.... he aint playin folks!!!!!!!!!!

  • caniac1717 Nov 28, 2011

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    Alright sounds great to me

  • scot30 Nov 28, 2011

    About time!

  • ncguy Nov 28, 2011

    what's next? Peter coming back LOL!

    Let Ron and Rod run the show

  • scientistjo Nov 28, 2011

    Maybe Muller will win the cup and then Maurice can come back!

  • evenflow2005 Nov 28, 2011

    Alright. This is what all Canes fans have been wanting for the last 2-years. It will be very interesting to see what happens.

  • Southern Girl Nov 28, 2011

    All I can say is, "what took you so long."

  • AlphaTraz Nov 28, 2011

    A necessary blood was needed.

  • tplatania Nov 28, 2011

    As a long time hockey fan and former follower of NJ teams, Muller will bring an aggressive, skate hard and give me 110% effort or sit on the bench. He will enlighten Skinner. LaRose and Stewart type players. He will have to kick Staal in the ?????? and get him going. Muller has been a captain in his career and players really looked up to him. We are getting a future great coach and I am glad to see he was chosen. Karmonas approved because he comes cheap!!!! His biggest challenge is to get this incompetent defense to start helping from the blue line and score. The defense has 5 goals in 25 games. Get rid of Kaberle and bring up our young talented defenseman in Charlotte. Also, find some guys who can stick handle. I dare you to watch Staal every time he comes up the ice and how many times the puck is stolen from him and how many times he passes blindly to no one or the opposing team. He needs to be moved to the wing and bring in an old center veteran who can pass him the puck. He is pathetic with the puck on his stick. He has 7 assists the whole year and he is the first line center!!!! GOOD LUCK KIRK with JR mishaps and PM leftovers.

  • ktstcanes Nov 28, 2011

    Read this article, then read the comments. Hockey fans that appreciate the game and Kirk Muller. Regardless, they wish he was in Montreal. Enough said. Give the guy a chance. Cann't be any worse than MO RON!!!!!!!!

  • NCSU84 Nov 28, 2011

    no NHL head coaching experience..seems Hurricanes went on the cheap with this hire.... Hope I am wrong with this cause this franchise need fans to buy tixs to succeed here.

  • luvshockey Nov 28, 2011

    First of all it's spelled Staal, not Stahl. If you can't spell his name you probably shouldn't be commenting on his playing ability. He may be in a scoring slump but he makes plenty of great plays and I seriously doubt anyone on this board could fill his skates.

  • Cragsdale Nov 28, 2011

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    check your stats bubba. Ward only has so many scored against him because the D leaves him hanging out to dry 90% of teh time. teh guy has an incredible GAA considering the quality of shots he has to face. (IE break aways and 2/3 on 1's. go back to sleep kid.

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